Cquote1 Just think about it, Krys~ With your awesome magic, my awesome athleticism and Valarie's awesome powers, we're probably the most formidable trio in Gaudia! Cquote2
Wendy talking to Krys about how to win the University War

Wendy the Pegasus is a character created by Darkest Shadow. She is a pegasus from Hermenes City attending the Trixtelberg Architecture Branch of Gaudia University.

General Info

Wendy Skyler Kaspius is a twenty year old pegasus residing in Room 2014 in the Gaudia University. She is currently rooming with the two best friends she made, Valarie and Krys. Her dorm room is bigger than it usually would be. She has enough room for her bed, two nightstands, a dresser, a television, a desk with her laptop and writing bins, a couch, two chairs, a love seat, a table, and a coffee table. Most of the time during college, she resides there.

Before college, Wendy was known as many things back in Hermenes City;she was the assistant project manager for an architectural company, working at that place for six-seven years. She was also known to be an amazing actress, who had a love for performing arts. She was always in her middle school's plays as a lead role.

But most of all, she was an amazing softball player. Playing the sport since she was seven, she has a true burning passion for the game. When high school started, she transformed from a nerdy performing arts kid into the captain of the MCA Allstars Softball Team, taking them all the way to regionals.

Wendy was also always seen flying. She attended flight camps over the summer to improve her speed, agility, evasion and defense against weather to become an ultimate flyer. This helped her over the years to become the amazingly fast pegasus she is today.



Wendy acts like your typical jock. Having skills and not afraid to show what she's made of, she is seen often as a show off, dribbling and tricking with her soccer ball during and after practices. She has a great attitude towards sports and high hopes for her teams.

She also is seen as a very determined and confident player. Focused and brave, she plays the game like she's up by fifty on every point. She is absolutely merciless when playing, doing the best she can at all times.

When she's not playing sports, Wendy is seen as a typically outgoing and social girl. Obsessed with shopping, she likes to go to the mall to buy beauty products. She is almost never alone, whether it'd be in the halls of her school or out at a party.

Wendy is a very smart person when it comes to money. She likes to stay organized with how much she spends and how much she saves. After all, one of the main reasons why she liked architects so much was because of their pay.

Physical Appearance

Wendy is a tall light green pegasus standing at 3'7 and weighing in at 92 pounds. She has naturally curly Sienna hair that goes below her back. She keeps two parts of her hair in the front of her shoulders. She has a long curly green tail and green large wings. Fur covers her arms and tummy as well. Her eyes are disconnected with green irises.

Her clothing is popularly described as very basic. She wears a dark yellow tank top with a white collar. For pants, she wears plain white shorts that go a little above her knees. Finally for shoes, she wears pink shoes with pink soles and orange highlights towards the ends.

Powers and Abilities


Born a pegasus, Wendy has always had the ability to use them to fly. Flying ever since the day she was born, Wendy knew that she'd become a very speedy and talented flyer by the time she was grown up. She flies high, far and for long distances at speeds as high as 120 mph!



Ever since Middle School, Wendy was inspired to become an architect. She liked the concept of the job, and especially how much money she would make. She decided to work as a helper ever since she was fifteen years old at a building company and became assistant project manager by the time she was sixteen.

She has been working out building houses for a long time. She knows exactly what materials she will need to build the house. She is a huge help on high walls and rooftops due to her being able to fly up and give a hand. She likes to take time on her work, because she wants her clients to be satisfied.

Mechanics and Engineering

Since she started college, Wendy started taking courses on how to build machines and engines. She is best at working on cars, as she is able to fix broken engines, leaking gas, and a messed up motor.


Wendy loves everything about sports. She plays two sports;soccer in the fall and softball in the spring.

Playing soccer, she is the right forward. Already fast, she is able to dribble the ball and make tricky plays so the ball is in her control. She is usually passes the ball a lot, as she doesn't feel confident in kicking it into the goal. She is ranked #6 on the team.

With softball, she is far more experienced at this sport. She is the first basemen, able to catch the ball 97% of the time. She can throw the ball up to sixty miles and hour, fast and far. When at bat, she normally hits the ball after the first strike and hits it with force. She is the second best player on the team.


Attack: 6- Wendy was never really born a fighter, but she can throw a few good kicks and punches here and there

Defense: 8- Using her wings, Wendy is able to block physical attacks and knock back spheric magic attacks sometimes as well.

Speed: 9.5- While her running speed isn't as fast, she can fly as fast as 120 mph. with ease, determination and style.

Magic: 0- Wendy possesses no magic ability whatsoever

Evasion: 8- Wendy happens to be very good at evading attacks due to her good speed and agility, mainly by simply flying higher.

Intelligence: 8- Working towards becoming a full-time architect, she has to have the mathematic smarts in order to do her job right.

Skills: 6- Average

Accuracy: 4- During soccer, while she always knows who she passes the ball to, she is completely clueless on what her foot is doing when hitting the ball into the goal.

Stamina: 8.5- Along with flight training, she has been working on breath control and learned how to go far distances without breaking a sweat.

Tolerance: 5- Similar to her attack, if she can't defend with her wings, she is an easy target to hit and deal damage to.



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