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Weiss the Cat
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Weiss the Cat is a Mobian cat and a drifter within Station Square. He is a fighter, mainly fighting for prize money, and was born with a difficult life. Having endured his life in the detention center at an early age, Weiss is often considered an uneasy individual to interact with. He was also a former friend of both Calvin and his younger brother Micah.


Early Life

Weiss' life was a tough one; his parents were often abusive towards their own son and even considered him a "mistake". His father was an alcoholic, whereas his mother worked in a brothel. He had no siblings and his only friends he had at 8 years old were Calvin and Micah, both who felt sorry for and cheered him up... though these were short lived as officials had soon taken Weiss away into the correctional facility in Station Square, where he was given harsh discipline as a result of his own parents who officially disowned him.

As a result of this, the duo were devastated and tried to stop them from taking Weiss away to no avail as they were held back by the guards. Soon enough, his life was turned upside down. During his years, he was frequently picked on which eventually set him off by throwing a fist at another inmate's face, thus inciting an all-out brawl with Weiss just barely surviving and prevailing, amid leaving himself several scratches and bruises. This, of course, resulted him in being taken into the isolation room for a few years.

In turn, he became vituperative and impulsive those around him and if one were to provoke Weiss, it almost always end up in a one-on-one fistfight, but if it ends up more eager to fight against him, he'd simply call it unfair and call them cheaters before backing away, but not before provoking them, which led to a brief chase before being stopped by guards.

It didn't stopped him from inciting fights, especially when one referring Weiss as a "pussycat" and even beat the unknown individual to a near pulp before being stopped by guards once again and be sent into an isolation room once more. While he was shown some respect, he was also feared by others as well. Still, he wasn't overall proud of his actions yet it was enough to send fellow delinquents a message.

Present Life

After having lived six years in the detention center, he was finally released back into the streets of Station Square, albeit without his parents reuniting back with him. Still fed up from having to live life on his own, he was forced to live his life as a drifter by living in and out of motels without a reasonable income, and is still irate that the duo didn't provide assistance.

To his day, he usually participates in unsanctioned street fights for him to make a profit. It's not something he enjoys, but has grown used to this anyway.


Weiss is a dark purple-colored cat with bright yellow eyes. His only outfit is dark, brown shorts and doesn't actually wear any shoes or gloves. Both of his hands and feet are covered in bandages that reaches towards both his shins and his forearms (which likely indicate that he had fought against others before), and also possesses scars across his chest and his face from his previous fights against other delinquents back then, thus resembling those of a Muay Thai fighter. And a part of his ear was also covered by a bandage as well, also hinting from his past altercations, and his tail was also covered by a bandage as well, and the tail itself was stiff as a result of the nerves of his tail being damaged.


Weiss is a very difficult individual to interact with as he never had any friends besides Calvin and Micah, even if he holds a grudge against the two brothers, and usually comes off as hotheaded and easily-provoked, even lets his fists do the talking though he doesn't really attack unless if provoked with insults. Because of his hard life from both his abusive parents and his hard life at the detention center, he is obviously misunderstood with no clear goals, besides fighting for money.

Despite his violent nature including his obvious flaws, however, he will never attack children or other people who don't deserve to be beaten, especially those who never wronged him before, which strongly hints his code of honor. Even if he were to be insulted, he doesn't go out his way by beating others to a pulp.

He especially doesn't attack females unless they're a threat to him. Still, he's obviously reluctant in attacking them even when pressure starts to mount. He also doesn't steal things, and if one were to become caught stealing his things, he usually resorts with punches and kicks with extreme prejudice. Deep inside, he is obviously alone and insecure, and the only "friends" he has, are his own hands and legs that are intended for fighting.


A pure street brawler, Weiss can be quite a tough opponent to face, especially with brute force and strong kicks and punches. He is also quite agile and has excellent reflexes in avoiding incoming attacks. If his opponents are armed, he can grab whatever objects he can find and use them as improvised weapons for him to defend himself.

Weiss also has excellent endurance by enduring a lengthy battle without tiring himself out too much. In turn, he has quite the tenacity by overwhelming his opponent (unless said opponent has far more skill). In addition to his ability, he can scale on elevated areas such as a tall building or crevices, without so much as losing his concentration or even losing his grip.


As Weiss possesses no Elemental powers, he is very vulnerable against others with Elemental powers. As he has no immunity against any type of Elements, he can be too easily dispatched with ease, thus his endurance isn't that great if facing off against Elemental-wielders. He isn't that strong either, and can be easily pushed or knocked away by bigger, heavier opponents, and even become outnumbered by enemies in far greater numbers. And if his tail were to be caught with enough force, this can cause total paralysis until let go, leaving him completely vulnerable to being attacked.

Friends and Foes



  • Calvin the Cat - Former friend turned rival. Close to enemy, though the only reason why he doesn't consider him and his brother as such is because they felt sorry for him. Because of this, he still shows sensible and genuine respect towards them and isn't willing to throw them under the bus that easily.
  • Micah the Cat - Former friend turned rival. Close to enemy, though the only reason why he doesn't consider him and his brother as such is because they felt sorry for him. Because of this, he still shows sensible and genuine respect towards them and isn't willing to throw them under the bus that easily.