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Wechnia the Echidna
Full Name
Wechnia the Echidna
Demon Echidna
16 (physical); 1,947 (chronological)
Team Demon (Power type and Leader)
October 15th
Angel Island
English Voice Actor
Jason Griffith
Japanese Voice Actor
Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Voice Just Like
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Unleashed)
Theme Songs
Endless Possibility (main theme); The Deadly Six Theme (encounter theme); Wii U Bowser's Castle (battle theme); VS. Mad Jack: Toxic x Eternity Metal Cover (transformation theme)
Cquote1.png The fact that I'm a were-echidna is kinda weird. But I'm also a demon echidna, so I'm used to being abnormal. Cquote2.png
Wechnia's opinion on being a were-echidna

Wechnia the Echidna is a character created by MewtwoLucario. He is an anthropomorphic demon echidna from many years in the past. The reason he's in the present is because he tried using Chaos Control, but ended up sending himself 1,947 years into the future. Wechnia is the Power type and Leader of Team Demon and, ever since the Shattered World Crisis, a were-echidna.

Unlike most of MewtwoLucario's other characters, Wechnia will be used for roleplay purposes only.



As an echidna, Wechnia looks similar to Knuckles, in terms of build. However, instead of red fur, Wechnia's fur is white. Each of his dreadlock-like spines have three red stripes, while his muzzle is the same color of red. His eyes have red irises and black sclera. He has a black crescent-shaped mark at the top of his chest. Across the back of Wechnia's right hand is a black birthmark shaped like a flying dragon. His tail ends in a red, triangle-shaped point, making it resemble a Dark Chao's tail. During the winter, his fur becomes slightly longer and thicker, while in the summer, it gets shorter and thinner.


Wechnia wears gloves similar to Knuckles'. Instead of white, though, his gloves are dark red. Due to wearing them, the right one covers his dragon-shaped birthmark. His choice shoes are also similar to Knuckles', only they are dark red and dark green, with black cuffs.

Alternate Outfits

During the cold winter months, Wechnia will wear dark red mittens that look almost exactly like his gloves. Additionally, he'll wear a pair of snow boots that look similar to his normal shoes, a black scarf around his neck, dark red earmuffs, and, occasionally, a dark green snow coat. In the summer, Wechnia is often seen without his gloves, and wears a pair of black sandals instead of his shoes. When taking place in aquatic activities, he wears a pair of dark green goggles with a dark red snorkel on the left side.

Powers and Abilities

Since Wechnia is a demon echidna, he has several powers and abilities from both species, as well as a few that he picked up from other species.

Echidna Abilities

Like Knuckles, Wechnia is incredibly strong. However, he's noticeably a lot stronger, being able to break through substances such as wood and thin metals with ease. Tougher materials can easily be dented, but take time to break through. He also has a very large amount of stamina, being able to fight up to 4 foes all at the same time. Additionally, Wechnia can trap air under his spines and glide, but prefers using his power to levitate instead. He can detect the energy of the multiple emeralds in the Sonic series (Master, Chaos, Sol, etc.), and use his spiked knuckles to burrow into or climb up any type of material.

Demonic Powers

Wechnia has many demon powers-----in fact, he seems to have more of those than regular abilities. Perhaps his most used is his ability to levitate. With this power, he can walk on air as if it was solid ground. Wechnia is a pyrokinetic, telekinetic, and umbrakinetic. His pyrokinesis is demonstrated by the fact that he often uses black fire in the forms of balls, rays, etc., while his telekinesis is shown by his power to pick stuff up with his mind and teleport. Wechnia often uses his umbrakinesis to blend into shadows whenever he has to hide or eavesdrop. This makes him super stealthy. Wechnia has several other demonic powers, but he doesn't show them that much.

Other Powers and Abilities

Being around other species means that Wechnia has learned some of their powers and abilities. On one of his adventures with Team Demon, they met a clan of magical crocodiles, who granted Wechnia with the powers of night and infrared vision. After encountering Sonic several times, he gained the abilities of running at supersonic speeds and having incredible agility.


Wechnia often uses three words to describe his personality: cocky, adventurous, and awesome. To be honest, he's not wrong. In addition to those, he is also heroic, loyal, and positive. Insulting his opponents with phrases such as "What, am I fighting a baby duck?" shows his cockiness, while his heroic side is demonstrated by the fact that he'll stop at nothing to protect Mobius. Wechnia's unquenchable thirst for adventure describes his adventurous parts. His loyalty is shown by his hatred to have to leave a man behind. When things look bleak, he is always the first one to cheer up his friends, telling them that the fight isn't over yet.


Early Life

2,850 years ago, the Master Emerald sat on its alter, never bothered, never threatened. However, it was emitting an unusual glow that gradually grew brighter every day and night. One day, the light grew to a brightness so great that it could be seen by anything within 2 miles of Angel Island. Once the light died down, a white echidna stood in front of the Master Emerald. It was completely unaware of its sudden existence; all it knew what that its name was Wechnia and it was supposed to be the Guardian of the Master Emerald.

Days of a Guardian

In the many following years, Wechnia guarded the Master Emerald, day and night. However, he didn't take the job as seriously as Knuckles would many years later. His curiosity got the better of him, so he spent more time exploring Angel Island than guarding the Emerald. Whenever he left Mystic Ruins, Wechnia created an unbreakable force field around the Master Emerald, to prevent it from being stolen.

Into the Future

One day, Wechnia discovered a small, red jewel in the ruins. He remembered seeing something like it on a mural in the ruins. Excited, Wechnia tried using an ability that was mentioned on the mural, which was something called "Chaos Control". Unfortunately, the emerald produced an unusual amount of light, which surrounded him. All of a sudden, Wechnia found himself in an unfamiliar location, facing a huge sign reading "Welcome to Station Square".

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Alternate Forms

Super Wechnia

File:Super Wechnia.png

Super Wechnia

Super Wechnia is Wechnia's most powerful form, achieved by forming the seven Chaos Emeralds. In this form, Wechnia becomes red, while his muzzle, tail point, and spines turn white. All of his powers and abilities are increased tenfold in this form.

Theme Songs

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  • Wechnia's birthday is the same as MewtwoLucario's.
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