The Water Zone is the sixth and final zone in the Mobius Race. The Water Zone features many twists and turns traversing over the water, with some sections being partially submerged.


The Water Zone features many aquatic creatures under its surface. It also features rocks that have algae and other types of coastal aquatic plants growing off of them.


The Water Zone tends to be very sunny, with little or no cloud coverage. The temperature tends to be mild, and isn't humid. Bad weather is unknown in this zone.


The Water Zone is the final leg of the Mobius Race. After traversing through many different tracks, the racers must traverse the partially submerged and completely submerged track of this zone to reach the Chaos Emeralds, which lie at the end. Once the Emeralds are grabbed, the zone is complete, and anyone else left has 15 minutes to make it out or the zone will close permanently, leaving them trapped inside. Many believe this zone, along with many others, was created long ago.


One landmark is the large coral reef located under the track. The reef features many different forms of unnamed and unidentified marine wildlife. The Chaos Emeralds are located at the very end of the zone, and the only out is to retrieve them. They lie in a large temple, made with ancient Greek style architecture, at the end of the zone.

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