Template:Construction/New Water Tongue is a Water-element counter-attack move.


The first step of this attack is the user taking in a deep breath, in turn inhaling all ambient water, or as much as possible. Once the maximum amount of water has been taken in, the user lets the water loose as a powerful high-stream blast of water, which has high piercing power. Users of this attack don't have to be hydrokinetics or hydromancers, but those who are can supplement their own water as well. Those who control multiple elements are able to mix additional elements to increase the attack's power and add additional effects, and cryokinetics can even make the water into ice-spears. When no body of water is around, more advanced users are able to take in water from the air, or even from the ground or plants. However, taking in contaminated water can greatly injure the user.




  • Due to requiring a large lung capacity and/or great control over water, this attack is ranked as a B-Rank attack.


  • This is one of the few, if not only technique that can be used without being a hydrokinetic or hydromancer.

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