Water Clan of Neso

WaterClan Crest
Water Clan of Neso

Current Leaders

Tsunamos Riverspell - leader
Nabiku the Chameleon - second-in-command

Location Golden Cove
Alignment Hero, Neutral
Current Status Active

The Water Clan of Neso is one of The Elemental Clans, and they reside within the Golden Cove, located on the western edge of Soumerca. They are centered around Neso, the Goddess of Water.



A long time ago, the founder of the Water Clan, Sir Zacchera Riverspell lived in peace with the other nine founders. Arguments about who's Element was superior arose, however, and eventually the ten friends split away from each other, traveling their separate ways.

As Zacchera traveled, he came across like-minded individuals, those who worshiped Neso and were proficient at manipulating the Water Element, just like him. These new "followers" of his accompanied him to the Golden Cove, the spot where the Water Clan would be founded.

Early Years

Like all new settlements, the early Water Clan village was small, comprised of Sir Zacchera and his roughly 20 followers. By using their collective power of Water manipulation, the early Water Clan controlled the sea water sitting within the Golden Cove to erode and shape the rock face, making large ledges and walkways where some of their homes could be built. The lower areas of the main chamber had excess water moved deeper into the Cove to allow for more living space.

The Elemental Wars


Allies (good to fair terms)

Neutral (purely ambivalent)

Enemies (poor to bad terms)



Only certain plants can grow well in the soil of Golden Cove, due to it having a high salt content. Some of these plants are quite special, as they appear to have ties to the Elemental Realm of Water; among them are Aquapetal Hibiscus and Sea Roses.


With the Water Clan's home based in Soumerca, they are able to trade frequently with both the United Federation city-state of Station Square and the resort known as Harbor Heights. They also trade with the Wind Clan of Khazri, who live in the Windy Valley.

The Water Clan also trades with Pais Misterioso (informally called the Mysterious Cat Country) on occasion.

The Water Clan has become one of the few actively seafaring Clans in order to trade with the allied Ice Clan of Kyanos, who live on the continent of Artika (located south of Soumerca).


  • Neso - The Water Clan's main deity, Neso is the living embodiment of the Water element.
  • Tiamat - A primordial goddess of the oceans. Resembles a massive sea dragon.
  • Akheilos -
  • Ryujin -
  • Mizuchi -
  • Kyogre - A god of the sea.
  • Suicune - Labeled as a deity of the northern winds, this Pokemon can purify any body of water it touches.
  • Keldeo -
  • Dialga - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Palkia and Giratina.
  • Palkia - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Dialga and Giratina.
  • Giratina - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Palkia and Dialga.

Notable Members

Tsunamos Riverspell

The current leader of the Water Clan, a member of the Riverspell family and the descendant of Sir Zacchera, the founder of the Water Clan said to have been spiritually connected with Neso.

Nabiku the Chameleon

The current second-in-command of the Water Clan.

War Council

Alongside the leader and second-in-command, the Water Clan's War Council consists of the Head Soldier, Head Battle Mage/Magess, Head Summoner, Head Knight and Head Tactician.

Members are;

  • Tsunamos the Possum - Leader
  • Nabiku the Chameleon - S.i.C
  • Hydrella the Crocodile - Head Soldier
  • Vrochi the Shark - Head Knight
  • Navegar the Galago - Head Battle Mage
  • Inzuppare the Seal - Head Summoner
  • Paduvihm the Hedgehog - Head Tactician

Honorary Members

While they don't live full-time at the Water Clan village of the Golden Cove, nor were they born there, Honorary Members are singular allies of the Water Clan, having gained their collective trust through various means (often through helping them numerous times).


Weapons Vault

Like the other Clans, the Water Clan has a well-guarded vault containing powerful Water-aligned weaponry. The purpose of this vault is unknown, but it can be speculated that the weapons contained within are only to be used in dire circumstances.

Some of these weapons are;



  1. Tsunamos = Misspelling of "tsunami"
  2. Nabiku =
  3. Hydrella =
  4. Jezioro =
  5. Ezeras =
  6. Inzuppare =
  7. Bystrina =
  8. Torrente =
  9. Melvien =
  10. Resaca = Galician word for "surf"
  11. Navegar = Catalan word for "surf"
  12. Berselancar = Indonesian/Malaysian word for "surf"
  13. Plimovanja = Slovenian word for "tidal"
  14. Paduvihm = Estonian word for "downpour"
  15. Aguaceiro = Galician/Portuguese word for "downpour"
  16. Vodeni = Croatian word for "aquatic"
  17. Sepharayne =
  18. Vand =
  19. Kijito =
  20. Kaatosade = Finnish word for "downpour"
  21. Josiah = Biblical name
  22. Bubbles = English word for "the multiple of bubble"
  23. Mocenje = Croatian word for "drench"
  24. Tixrid = Maltese word for "splash"
  25. Gezeiten = German word for "tidal"
  26. Ciseleme = Turkish word for "drizzle"
  27. Majini = Swahili word for "aquatic"
  28. Hezekiah = Biblical name
  29. Pamuya =
  30. Platzregen = German word for "downpour"
  31. Acqua = Italian word for "water"
  32. Lengezohet = Albanian word for "liquefy"
  33. Rastopiti = Croatian word for "liquefy"
  34. Tekucina = Croatian word for "liquid"
  35. Kapalina = Czech word for "liquid"
  36. Flydende = Danish word for "liquid"
  37. Sulama = Estonian word for "liquefy"
  38. Vedelik = Estonian word for "liquid"
  39. Lusawin = Filipino word for "liquefy"
  40. Verflussigen = German word for "liquefy"
  41. Folyadek = Hungarian word for "liquid"
  42. Skystis = Lithuanian word for "liquid"
  43. Lichefia = Romanian word for "liquefy"
  44. Hylifo = Welsh word for "liquefy"
  45. Harisu = Kannada word for "splash"
  46. Zacchera = Italian word for "splash" (as a noun)
  47. Vrochi = Greek word for "splash"
  48. Kirisame = Japanese word for "drizzle" (as a noun)
  49. Yagmur = Turkish word for "rain"

Names For You

  1. Harrerako = Basque word for "splash"
  2. Pladistus = Estonian word for "splash"
  3. Sabuyan = Filipino word for "splash"
  4. Loraus = Finnish word for "splash"
  5. Tache = French word for "splash"
  6. Voutia = Greek word for "splash"
  7. Dikhava = Hindi word for "splash"
  8. Guyuran = Indonesian word for "splash"
  9. Macchia = Italian word for "splash" (as a noun)
  10. Percikan = Malay word for "splash"
  11. Espadanar = Portuguese word for "splash" (as a verb)
  12. Salpicar = Spanish word for "splash" (as a verb)
  13. Pleuvoir = French word for "rain" (as a verb)
  14. Lietus = Latvian and Lithuanian word for "rain"
  15. Straume = Latvian word for "rain" (as a noun)
  16. Malai = Tamil word for "rain"
  17. Shimesu = Japanese word for "water" (as a verb)
  18. Nurasu = Japanese word for "wet" (as an adjective)
  19. Unabara = Japanese word for "ocean" (as a noun)
  20. Furikomeru = Japanese word for "rain" (as a verb)
  21. Bochan = Japanese word for "splash" (as a noun)
  22. Daeyang = Korean word for "ocean"
  23. Hosu = Korean word for "lake"
  24. Sujeungi = Alteration of 'Sujeung-gi', Korean word for "water vapor"
  25. Soyongdoli = Alteration of 'Soyongdo-i', Korean word for "whirlpool"
  26. Mulgogi = Korean word for "fish"
  27. Sangeo = Alteration of 'Sang-eo', Korean word for "shark"
  28. Ineo = Alteration of 'In-eo', Korean word for "mermaid"
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