Warp the Hedgehog is a 16-year-old golden-furred hedgehog from the fanfiction Heroes From An Old World, with white tufts of fur on his the tops of his glove-less hands and on his chest. He has a ball-shaped scar on the right side of his head that is a swirl of black-and-grey, with a white outline on the edges of the scar. An interesting thing to note is that the scar reaches out to the tips of his quills three times: his highest quill has the black streak, his middle quill has the grey streak, and his lowest quill has the white streak; all three streaks connect to the scar.

Warp's quill style is similar to Sonic's in the way that his quills are pointing downwards; however, unlike Sonic, the quills are straight instead of curved. Warp also has shoes similar to Shadow's, except they are brown with a steel-grey outline on the edges. Warp has two silver cuffs on both of his wrists, with various buttons on them. Warp also has light blue eyes and a quaff of hair that lazily blows in front of his face in a wind-blown fashion.


Warp's personality is an ambiguous one, which seems to change depending on who he is with. Warp, when alone, is mainly full of guilt and angst about his unfortunate past. Whenever he is with Scott McCarthy, his best friend, Warp is a bit more laidback, but more easily annoyed from Scott's perverted sense of humor. He is usually trying to display leadership qualities, but he is typically one-upped by either E-1,000 Theta or his twin sister Candace Melanie. Warp is also a bit of a polite flirt whenever it comes to Nebula; in this sense, he will compliment her greatly, considering he harbors a crush on her.


Heroes From An Old World

Relations With Other Characters




Theme Song

Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin


Super Form?: In the first chapter of HFAOW, Warp nearly transformed into a Super form that looked like a blood-red hedgehog with a fully-black Scar of Darkness, but Warp forced the transformation out. He has not mentioned this again, nor has any transformation or reference to this ever made since. This may be his Super form, but it may also be like Super Sonic in Fleetway's Sonic The Comic, in the sense of it being a corrupt and destructive transformation.


Introduction: "I'm Warp. Warp the Hedgehog. Who may you be?"

Upon receiving an "A" Rank: "Right on time."

Upon receiving a "B" Rank: "Phew, made it."

Upon receiving a "C" Rank: "That was too close..."

Upon receiving a "D" Rank: "I'm too slow..."

Upon receiving an "E" Rank: "No excuse..."

Upon winning a boss fight: "You finished yet?"

Upon winning a minor fight: "Stop this pointless fighting!"


  • Warp's first actual love interest is with Nebula. However, Scizzy says Warp dated her before, but it was shown that Warp saved their lives from Dr. Madness once, and Scizzy mistook the speech Warp gave to them afterwards as a hidden proclamation of love for her.
  • Warp hates anything cherry-flavored, because he had a cherry-flavored birthday cake three days before his parents were murdered by The Scourge.
  • Warp's Scar of Darkness is assumed to be connected to The Scourge, although it is only assumed of this by Warp because of his flashback in Chapter 3.
  • Warp was once roboticized, and he is now (internally) part-cyborg because of being freed from Dr. Madness's control.
  • Because of Warp's roboticization, he was considered the one-thousand-and-sixth robot of Dr. Madness's army, giving him the nickname "E-1,006 Omega."
  • Warp may have been the inspiration for E-10,000 Ultranos's design.
  • Warp has improved powers over gravity and nanotechnology thanks to his partial roboticization, but this makes him weak to EMP grenades.
  • Warp was the first owned character coined together by INFERNOX.
    • Warp also is mentioned sometimes by Nick of Sonic's Reality Check. This is because Nick is INFERNOX, only OC-inized.

Appearances In Other Media


Warp appeared in the fanfiction Aero's Adventure by sprx777. Due to this being a Kingdom Hearts-based Sonic fanfic, the roles of the characters were similar to the roles of Sora, Riku, Kairi, and others in the normal Kingdom Hearts. Warp took the role of Cloud (Kingdom Hearts 1 version), with nearly exact dialouge as the original Kingdom Hearts game.

Warp appeared in both Chapters 4 and 5. It is unknown if he will be shown again, but it is unlikely.

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