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Not to be confused with any wars of a similar name from other users, the War for the World from Sonic Forces(referred to as the Great Rebellion in The Legend of Fox the Brave), or the popular story War of the Worlds.

Cquote1 So this is it? You're just going to turn your back on everything we worked hard to protect? You're going to go back to being Tommy Thunder's toady? Tundra told me you called yourself Zero because Tommy Thunder always called you 'Zero-aura', like some low-budget Lucario. But now I see that your name describes everything you are. You're a zero now. It's a wonder Austin let you join. Cquote2
Lucky arguing with Zero, Fall of the Worlds

The War for the Worlds is an event that happens in Rise of Ruin. It is a long, dreadful war between Lucky's Resistance and the combined Infinite and Dr. Finitevus after the tired and battle-worn Alliance split apart, and Infinite and Finitevus effectively took over.

What Happened

Setup/Fall of the Worlds: After Metal Sonic's attempted rescue of Dr. Eggman(who was then relocated to a different prison, the warriors suddenly had to deal with uprisings around the Worlds from Eggman's Dark Egg Legions-often in two places at once-who were also demanding the villain's release. This wore down the Alliance terribly, making tempers short and warriors incredibly tired. Because of this, Finitevus' latest plan went under the radar until a sudden and brutal attack from the combined forces of Lycus' Gang, the Destructix, and Infinite's army of clones on the Base forced the warriors to split apart and flee, effectively solidifying Infinite's takeover. Afterward, a small group of warriors, consisting of Lucky Smith, Tundra Smith, Rock the Wolf, Simon Komm, and Dimitri, hide out in the forest. Lucky tries to find his and Tundra's adopted father Austin, who had been forced to stay at the Storming Base, but is chased off by a sullen and regretful Austin, who bites at Lucky, tearing his ear. After Lucky flees back into the forest, Simon suggests starting a Resistance likes Knuckles did during the Great Rebellion, and the others agree, naming Lucky to be their leader despite the young warrior's protests. He finally reluctantly agrees, and decides to start strengthening the Resistance in New Mobotropolis, and they set out.

Resistance Rising: As the group are traveling, they stop off at Hedgehog Village, where Lucky meets Zero, who is now a loner. Lucky tries to convince the sullen Zeraora to join his Resistance, but Zero refuses. Hurt, Lucky lashes out at Zero, and leaves the Village, taking his Resistance the rest of the way to New Mobotropolis. There they get help from the Knothole Freedom Fighters and find Pebble the Lycanroc, Aria the Zoroark, and their adopted children. The Freedom Fighters eagerly agree to help them, and the Acorn Council grants them asylum as long as they remain within city limits while hiding, and whenever they visit while out on future journeys.

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