Not to be confused with the various Packs of the Wolf Tribe, the Wolf Pack of the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics, or the Wolf Packs of other users' continuities.

Cquote1 It seems trouble always follows a lone Wandering Wolf Cquote2
Ash to Vernon about the bad luck of his Pack

The Wandering Wolf Pack is a group of nomadic Wolves that live in Mobius. Unlike the Wolf Tribe, these Wolves are based off of the Wolf Avatar from 2017's Sonic Forces, and are therefore not realistic in design. The Pack were captured by the Dark Legion, but rescued by the warriors in Hunt for the Lost Pack, and later recaptured by the Legion in Aftermath of War, though Ash and a pup named Percy escaped to warn the warriors in Shadow of Time.


Ranks in The Lone Wanderer(prequel story)

Leader: Daniel; Pale gray male(formerly; deceased)/Evan; Brown male with a long scar running from his left shoulder to his right hip(over his belly), a scarred face, ripped left ear, and scarred right knee

Deputy: Ingram; Black-furred male


  • Specs; White-furred male with gray-framed glasses
  • Singe; Red male
  • Collin; Pale yellow-orange male
  • Hannah; Dark gray female
  • Harvey; Red male
  • Spark; Yellow male with black streaks
  • Samson; Young pale gray male
  • Wilson; Young pale gray male
  • Anna; Young black-furred female
  • Allan; Yellow male
  • Mole; Black-furred male
  • Maple; Orange female
  • Lacey; Brown female


  • Muck; Brown male
  • Rocky(wolf): Dark gray male
  • Lisa; Pale gray female
  • Baxter; Black-furred male


  • Aster; Blue male with a blue muzzle
  • Benji; Brown male

Ranks in Wandering Secrets and beyond

Leader: Ingram; Black-furred male(deceased)/Samson; Light gray male

Deputy: James; Black-furred male


  • Ash; White-furred male(Samson's son)
  • Tyler; Pale, gray-white male(Samson's son)
  • Anna; Black-furred female(Samson's mate)
  • Muck; Brown male
  • Specs; White male with gray-framed glasses
  • Singe; Red male
  • Hannah; Dark gray female(Specs' mate)
  • Conner; Yellow male(Specs' son)
  • Rocky(wolf); Dark gray-and-white male
  • Collin; Pale yellow-orange male
  • Miriam; Pale brown female(Muck's mate)
  • Bella; White-furred female pup(Muck's daughter)
  • Vernon; Pale yellow-and-white male
  • Aster; Blue male with a blue muzzle
  • Benji; Brown male
  • Lisa; Pale gray female
  • Harvey; Dark red male
  • Allan; Yellow male
  • Christopher; Very pale blue male(brother of Nathaniel and uncle of Martin and Stripe)
  • Arrow; Blind red male with white stripes
  • Percy; Purple male with yellow-amber eyes(Christopher and Lucina's son)
  • Bumble; Black male with yellow stripes(Allan and Lisa's son)
  • Brick; Red male
  • Arch; Red male with white stripes
  • Paco; Black-furred male
  • Kevin; Brown male
  • Violetta; Purple female
  • Jane; White-furred female
  • Baxter; Black-furred male
  • "Wally"; Pale brown male with amber eyes(Mimic in disguise)
  • Bramble; Brown male pup
  • Michael; White-furred male pup with green eyes
  • Roxanne; Purple female pup

Ash's Pack

(split apart from the main Pack due to trouble with Mimic)

Leader: Ash; Young white-furred male with black stripes

Deputy: Muck; Brown male with amber eyes


  • Vernon; Pale yellow and white male
  • Jay; Yellow male
  • Morgan; White-furred female
  • Arrow; Blind red male with white stripes
  • Arch; Red male with white stripes
  • Paco; Black-furred male
  • Percy; Purple male
  • Bumble; Black-furred male with yellow stripes
  • Tyler; Pale gray-white male with black stripes
  • Jane; White-furred female
  • Violetta; Purple female
  • Kevin; Brown male
  • Durango; Old, scarred red male missing an eye
  • Snowfall; Deaf white-furred male with blue eyes
  • Julie; Pink female
  • Nicki; Black-furred female


  • Striker; Orange male
  • Rockslide; Dark gray male
  • Briar; Pale brown female
  • Ramsay;Pale blue male

Honorary Members:

  • Jani-Ca; Female Echidna, daughter of Knuckles and Julie-Su in the Dark Mobius universe(main Pack)
  • Jones Smith; White-patched black German Shepherd with pale blue eyes, grandson of Austin Smith in the Dark Mobius universe(main Pack)
  • Whisper; Female wolf, known as the "Guardian Angel" to some, she is a very quiet and shy person, however she was willing to help Ash and his friends when they had trouble with Mimic, first when Arrow was badly wounded, then when the white loner split off from his Pack with some of his Packmates to get to the bottom of Mimic's troublemaking
  • Tangle; Female lemur, a very excitable person eager for her own adventure, she helped Ash's splinter group when they came to her village seeking help in dealing with Mimic, who had turned the Wandering Wolf Pack on Ash and his friends.

Other Members

Wolves who appeared in Tales of the Wanderers, but not either of the above stories; Tales of the Wanderers has no Allegiances

  • Tiger; White-furred male with black stripes
  • Amber; Yellow-orange female
  • Finbar; Dull brown male with slightly darker stripes
  • Drake; Pale brown male
  • Daisy; Yellow female
  • David; Brown male
  • Tony; Black-furred male
  • Jonas; Pale brown male
  • Jane(TotW); Dark gray female
  • Zachary; Blue male
  • Tobias; Gray-white male
  • Carter; Brown male with black stripes


The Pack function somewhat similarly to the Tribes, but aren't as strict, due to their nomadic nature. In their Camps, apprentices are commonly tasked with keeping the dens clean when not patrolling with older members. In fights, the warriors prioritize defending the oldest and youngest members first.


It's possible that the Wolf Pack believe in The Spirits in the Stars like many other inhabitants of the Worlds.


The Wandering Wolf Pack are nomadic in nature, but have camps where they spend the summer and winter, commonly traveling between these each year.


The entire history of the Wandering Wolf Pack is unknown. In the events of The Tale of a Wolf, the Jackal Squad had been trailing them for some time before attacking them and kidnapping the young Wolf Ash for ransom. They demanded their ransom from the Pack, but due to the Wolves' nomadic nature, they had no money and were unable to pay. The Squad's leader then decided to keep Ash as his prisoner until the Pack paid. The Pack tried to raid the Squad and steal back Ash, but failed, leading to the Squad moving away to keep their hold on him. The leader continuously taunted and bullied Ash during the youngster's imprisonment, later revealing his intentions to destroy the Pack since they failed to pay the ransom. The Pack are attacked and split apart by the Jackal Squad, with Samson calling for them to meet at the Summer Camp. After escaping moons later with Vernon the Wolf, Ash realizes he's leaving his life in the Pack behind, but knows he has to leave to keep Vernon safe. Ash and Vernon are later found by the warriors when they begin their restoration of Red Gate City, while the Wandering Wolves themselves are captured by the Dark Legion when Lien-Da makes an alliance with Infinite. Muck escapes the prison camp the Legion are holding them in, and alerts the warriors, who rescues them after a setback. When the Dark Legion attack Stalagmite 17, the Wandering Wolf Pack assist the warriors in driving them off, though Dr. Finitevus escapes and kidnaps Arrow. After the Battle for Stalagmite 17, the Wolves return to their well-worn paths while the warriors work to rescue Arrow and send him off to the Wolves after he has a vision telling him to go there. In Aftermath of War, set just after the events of Journey of Brothers, the Wolves encounter a strange Shadow the Hedgehog who reveals himself to be the "scorned king" of his Zone. He stays with the Wolves for the allotted one moon Samson gives him, but is furious when the Wolf leader tells him to leave. Vowing vengeance, he later returns with the Dark Legion, who capture the Wolves once more. Shadow has the Wolves moved to an abandoned facility he takes over, though young Wanderer Ash and the pup Percy both escape during the attack and alert the warriors. In retaliation, Shadow attacks the Base, recapturing Tyler and Vernon and simultaneously kidnapping all the other children(Gunnar, Winnie, Scrap, Petunia, and Simon), and injuring Braveheart and Austin(with the latter ending up with a black eye and half his face swollen). Back at the facility, Shadow severely punishes the Pack for the two pups' escape, having the pups themselves locked in solitary confinement. The Pack are later finally freed when the Alliance and the furious Red Fox, Jackal, and Coyote Packs attack and drive away Shadow and Lien-Da.


The Pack function somewhat similarly to the Clans of the Warriors book series, and subsequently the Tribes, but they so far have just two actual rules:

Mercenaries are not to be trusted, NO MATTER WHAT!

Guests may only stay for one moon(or one month), and then they must leave, unless:

  • If they are a Wolf, and they have proved themselves, they may be accepted into the Pack(it can be presumed that Christopher, Arrow and Vernon have done this)
  • If they are not a Wolf, and they have proved themselves, they may be accepted as an honorary member
  • If they are a Storming Alliance member(regardless of species or rank)


"You would really destroy a Pack of Wolves that have done nothing to you? You would kill innocent children? Do you really want that on your conscience?"
—Evan to Scourge, Tales of the Wanderers(Late Night Confrontation)


Despite being a Wolf Pack, the Wandering Wolf Pack are not apart of The Tribes.

In the Prologue of The Tale of a Wolf, it is mistakenly said that Rocky has a wife and child while Specs does not.

  • The opposite is actually true

Christopher and Arrow are the only loners to join the Pack.

  • Additionally, Christopher is the first citizen(coming from first Red Gate City then Metropolis), while Arrow is the only blind person.
    • Arrow is now confirmed to be the second member to be blind, as a Wolf named Glacier was created for the anthology story Tales of the Wanderers, and Glacier is blind. However, unlike Arrow, Glacier lacks any special powers.

In Shadow of Time, Harvey is mistakenly called Harley.​​​

Arch, Violetta, Kevin, Paco, and Jane are the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth members respectively(though all at the same time) to be former citizens, as they all come from Wolfhart City. They are also the only members to have previously known a Wandering Wolf, though they knew Vernon as one of their own before then.

Arrow and Snowfall are the only current members to have a disability; Arrow is blind, while Snowfall is deaf

  • Additionally, Snowfall's appearance is a reference to a gene in cats: White cats with blue eyes are often born deaf
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