Walker is Knight of Chaos 1. Before becoming a member of the Knights of Chaos he was the leader of the anti-mech special tactical platoon in the Rebellion Army during the Shadow Rebellion and is the only survivor of the team. Unlike most members who lost faith in Rutan, he remains faithful and eventually becomes the Knight of Chaos 1 for that.


Walker Enerjak Form

Walker is a tall mobian horse with silver hair. Walker is themed similar to the style of western cowboys and bounty hunters in the late 19th century, he wears the signature cowboy bucket hat and seems to have the usual gunner theme that most outlaws and bounty hunters in the west were known to posses, he also wears fingerless gloves and dons a cloak with several guns strapped to it along with his shirt and pants, symbolizing his status as a sniper.


Walker cares deeply for his men and his comrades, when he protested against his superiors into sending his team to fight against mechs in Shadow's army and revealing to them the nametags of his fallen comrades, though he failed to claim all to them. He also shows regret when unable to save a comrade in front of him.

He dislike stupidity among the ranks, when a squad in the platoon were stationed on a water tower, despite it making them easy targets. He shows great hatred to Shadow and the government due to their corruption, Sonic for being a failure at being the Hero of Mobius and refusing to kill Shadow after the Coup d'état, Knuckles who was the leader of the mech team that killed his platoon, and the Future Freedom Fighters for not taking the events seriously.

Unlike most of the members of the Rebellion Army, Walker remains loyal to Rutan and his cause, despite the others saying Rutan abandoned them. He was also the first to recognize Rutan, despite Rutan's Enerjak form being different. He is also an honorable warrior.


Abilities and Power

Walker possess incredible eye sight that surpasses even the range of the DYNAMACs. In fact he was on the other side of the planet when he fires his shot. Furthermore he is very fast at triggering his weapons when he killed ten men while they were aiming at him in close range.

He also possess superhuman strength to lift up heavy weapons and superhuman speed. He trains himself in knife combat. According to Rutan, Walker's skills are equal to him.

He also possess strong chaos energy that he could control tanks with his mind, but at a limit of thirteen. Six assault tanks, six support tanks, and one command tank.


  • Chaos Sniper Rifle: Custom made by Walker himself. It possess rapid firing capabilities. If fired at full blast it's power is equal to a nuke, but requires a time of five minutes to charge.
  • Rail Rifle/Chaos Saber: A miniature version of the rail cannon, but just as powerful. It is equipped with a chaos saber as a bayonet.
  • Four-Tube Rocket Launcher: An anti-ship weapon. If necessary it can be equipped with nukes.
  • Chaos Knife
  • Machine Gun: As the Sniper Rifle is not suitable for closer range combat, Walker is armed with a machine gun
  • Atomic Bazooka: One of Walker's most powerful weapon. The atomic bazooka can load a single chaos nuclear warhead, limiting the bazooka to a single shot in battle. The nuke was once a weapon of MARIA, until the Knights of Chaos got a hold of it. The nuclear warhead must be used carefully, for even Walker's armor and cooling system can only protect him from the edges of a nuclear explosion.
  • ShieldThe large shield serves not only as additional protection for Walker against physical and chaos weapons, but it also features a powerful liquid nitrogen cooling system designed to help protect Walker from the edge of a nuclear explosion of the Chaos Nuclear Warhead. Walker mainly uses it when he uses the Atomic Bazooka.
  • Chaos Gatling Gun: Walker is armed with two in each arm, shoulder, and legs.
  • Twin Bazooka
  • Missle Pod: Walker is armed with two in each arm, shoulder, and legs.

Super Form

See: Walker's Mega Enerjak Mode


In his base form Walker carriers thirty pistols and keeps them hidden under his clothes.

In his normal Enerjak form


Honda CB550 and Sidecar: Walker's main use of transportation. The sidecar mainly carries Kiba.

Tanks: Can control them with his mind through the Chaos Force, but up to thirteen tanks.

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