"Wake the wind" is a fanfiction by Leeprower1012. It is a re-written version of his series Team Boom.


Flyby freeborn and his A.I. companion face an entire city turned against them when a new enemy appears and the person who saves them may be the last one they expect...

Included Characters

Chapter One

Mobotroplis state had once been a shining metropolis of kindness and security, but even the greatest cities eventually fell to the standard. Nowadays; it's full of people who care nothing of others, looking out for their "number one" Genuinely kind individuals are few and far between, those with grand positions cling to them as if their life depended on it; while the less fortunate do whatever they can to survive.

A teenage hedgefox sits peacefully on top of a skyscraper, watching the sun set in a literal blaze of glory. Flyby freeborn was rather neutral on the sight, A female lynx appeared next to him. "The sunset really is something isn't it?"

Flyby couldn't be less interested now that the spectacle was nearly over; but Nicole loved watching it, and he loved Nicole. She'd been with him as long as he could remember, Flyby suspected the A.I. was something his parents left him. She'd become something of a sister to him, the local police force (A group which he was rather iffy with) called the two of them "Chuck and Jive"

Nicole tapped him on the shoulder "Flyby, it's over now, let's go home."

She vanished back into her handheld; he got into a running position "Ready to give these people some wind?" Nicole's screen displayed the word yes. Flyby jumped off the side of the building, spreading his arms in a free-fall pose.

The mobians below panicked when they saw the hedgefox in free-fall, more so because they did not want to clean up a mess than worrying for his safety.

Much to their surprise; Flyby planted a foot on the building's steel structure and began running, straight downward. The crowd split as he caused a sonic boom, successfully going top speed. Crossing the distance -and causing scattered gale force- in a nearly impossibly short amount of time, he screeched to a stop in front of the Mobotropolis scrapyard. At first view, the scrapyard looked like mountains and mountains of city garbage. Although, Flyby knew that you could hide a village in here. He wasn't hiding a village in here though, just his house. A small door was concealed in one of the further piles. Flyby had spent every cent not used for sustenance on making this place livable. He often participated in illegal activities; acting in the employee of everyone from the local gangs to the "upstanding" Kable the fox. He opened the door; revealing a suitable home inside. Flyby hopped down the small hatch, landing a foot or so down and placing Nicole in the charger he'd rigged up for her. He'd built most of the furnishings here himself, using whatever he could get his hands on; the "fox-den" as he had dubbed it, received it's power from a downed generator that still got juice from the main station. He opened his fridge, pulling out a container of oriental noodles and dropping them onto a stove to cook.

Nicole generated herself and plopped down onto one of the seats, thinking about something that had eluded her her entire life: She couldn't remember where she came from. Her past escaped her memory records, whatever event left Flyby without parents had wiped everything about them as well; the only thing she could remember was that she was placed in charge of the young fox. To always be there for him, no matter what. Flyby's past was a bit more confusing.... It was centered around a wolf named Jones.

Jones had found Flyby when he was just a toddler, and had taken care of him. He was the one who taught the fox everything he knew; from how to read to pick-pocketing. But he was a member of a gang more than he was Flyby's father; in the end, that was what finished him. After Jones died, Flyby decided he wanted no part of the path his life was taking, and struck out on his own.

Just out of hearing, several motorcycles pulled up and ended their terrible harmony.

Chapter Two

Sledgehammer the dog stepped off his motorcycle, looking around to make sure there weren't any witnesses; he'd done some terrible things but kidnapping always made him uneasy. The phobia linked back to something he'd done when he was younger. Sledgehammer was the leader of a local gang, headquartered in a stretch of street called Evil's playground, it was a terrible and abandoned place. Decent people began moving in and cleaning the place up, most of them were seniors; except for a young couple and their firstborn. With these new residents came a rise in police activity, a threat to Sledgehammer's business. To solve this problem, he decided to burn the houses to the ground. It went off without a hitch, until Sledgehammer heard a child's cry. He listened to it for a moment, and then it stopped. Quickly finding where the cry had come from; he smashed his way into the flaming structure. Sledgehammer found two badly burnt echidna's wrapped around their child, shielding him with their bodies. His conscience got the best of him, and he found himself carrying the young echidna to safety. He left the child outside for the police to find and left before he was found; but seeing the parents, burnt to a crisp, was something he would never forget. He shook away the thought then motioned to his followers "Let's find this kid."

Flyby flipped his radio on, while going through the channels, a news broadcast from another city was playing. "Eh, sure why not?" It said an robotic chameleon and a giant teenage fox-girl were fighting it out. "PSH….. Yeah, I totally believe that. Let's find some music." He said, changing it again. A instrumental began playing "Hmm… what?" Nicole had taken his hand and was dancing to the music, he reluctantly went with her lead. They were spinning around somewhat to the theme, purely having fun rather than knowing what they were doing. When the tune ended, Flyby and Nicole collapsed in a laughing, giggling heap. He looked at her, just smiling "That was fun. Let's do it again sometime" She stood up, turning the radio off and grabbing Flyby's noodles for him "Maybe sometime." Nicole said, handing it to the fox.  Sledgehammer heard the youth's music playing in the middle of his searching. "Heh heh heh…" He walked over, gripping the door with one hand and proving something to his group: Sledgehammer the dog was a freak. "Freaks" as they were called, were mobians with powers of any sort, be it offensive or defensive, good or bad. Some freaks with weaker powers simply hid them, those with strong powers, well, let's just say what was inside came out.

The monstrous figure that was Sledgehammer stepped out holding Flyby in one hand and Nicole in the other. He turned to Flyby "Not surprised you ran away!" His gaze changed over to Nicole "If I had someone like this, I'd run away, too!" He burst into mockative laughter, as did Sledgehammer's group. Flyby blushed furiously and glanced into the crowd; most of these guys he knew from his time in their gang, but they were different back then, More innocent, less sinister. The people who stood in front of him were not the mobians he knew. ..

A female hedgehog came running through rows and rows of mobians dressed similar to her "Sir, Sir, Sir!" She opened a large ominous door and peeked through it. Tidal the echidna, Mobotropolis State Security Administrator, was starring at an entire wall of screens and monitors that showed nearly everything in Mobotropolis State  "Come in." He said to his visitor. She stepped through the door; on either side of the bridge Tidal was standing on was a seemingly infinite void, she moved carefully, so not to fall. "Sir, the scrapyard manager is reporting some gang members running around." He seemed not to care "Send a team, I don't care." The hedgehog pulled out a tablet and flipped it around. "Sir. He's there." He turned to her, his silver mask reflecting the dim light like a mirror. "I'll take this. Prepare a troop carrier." Tidal pushed past her, walking out of the dark room.

"What do you want, Sledgehammer?" Flyby asked his captor. The massive canine stared at the young fox. "Word on the street is someone's looking for freaks. Says we get a share of the city if we join." 

"And how does that affect me?"

Flyby replied "Simple, you join my crew"  He raised a enormous fist to Flyby's chest, touching his bandanna. "Or things get rough for you."

"Doesn't seem like much of a choice." He said after a few seconds. "I didn't intend for it to." Was Sledgehammer's immediate answer.

Nicole began using their signal code, saying "We've gotta get out of here." He used it back. "Don't worry, I got us covered." She smiled and rolled her eyes, before finishing the conversation. "Always a plan with you, isn't there? Let's see what you got up your sleeve."

sledgehammer's patience was running out. "What are you DOING?!?" Both of the teenagers looked at him. Flyby spoke "Fine. We'll go with you."  

Chapter Three

Sledgehammer had just succeeded in recruiting one of Mobotropolis state's freaks, that meant whoever was looking for them would be very pleased;  "Speeds" as those of Flyby's type were called, were some of the rarest and more dangerous. He dropped Flyby and Nicole onto the ground. The massive figure turned, facing the outer reaches of the scrapyard he was in. Sledgehammer briefly sniffed the air "Pack it up, Losers! We're blowing this joint!" 

Their escape soon became futile, as a all-too-familiar noise grew louder. A massive vehicle made with the combined uses of an armed helicopter and an armored troop carrier, the signature transportation of the Mobotropolis State Security Force, broke through the horizon. "Oh, sewer grate!" Flyby thought to himself, that was the last thing he wanted to see right now. Sledgehammer's gang scrambled, abandoning their leader. Flyby chuckled grimly; that was the extent of their "friendship", the minute things got hard, everyone ran off. 

Sledgehammer took the MSSF's arrival as a personal challenge. He began lobbing chunks of scrap metal at the airborne vehicle, each time, it seemed as if something was throwing them back. " You think you can mess with me!?!" He screamed in a moment of pure rage, he jumped at them, landing a grip like a vise near the opening from which they would dispense troops. The door opened and a masked echidna stepped out, holding fast to the side of the craft. "Yes." The echidna said, then hit him with a force Sledgehammer didn't think was possible. He flew off the vehicle's side and crashed into a mountain of garbage, while Tidal landed surprisingly graceful, almost like a cat of some sort. "Your reign of terror ends here, Murderer." He said, then rushed him and knocked him even further into the scrapyard. 

Flyby and Nicole had ducked into a crevice when the events began to unfold, he peeked out to watch Sledgehammer getting his tail handed to him. "I'm for skipping out on all this action and coming back when things cool down. How 'bout you?" 

"I agree, let's get out of here." She replied. 

He grabbed her hand and stuck his head back into his den, retrieving Nicole's handheld. "Alright, let's roll." He said, pulling himself out. 

"Flyby! Wait!" Nicole suddenly screamed. 

"What the Sol Zone?!?" He shouted without thinking about it. 

The now-empty troop carrier flew over their heads; Sledgehammer had obviously thrown it at his enemy.It landed where Tidal was standing with a disturbingly loud crash. 

Tidal was rather startled when Sledgehammer threw the entire vehicle at him, he smiled underneath his mask at the challenge. He held his hands above him, using the force he generated as super strength and actually catching the flying metal object. 

Sledgehammer didn't even expect his opponent to be able to do that. His temper flared and the monstrous canine went stomping and crashing at the echidna, that would be a grave mistake.

Sledgehammer felt his entire body pushed to the ground; Tidal had dropped the troop carrier on him, and it was crushing him. He heard a trigger release and something split the air. It was the last thing he would ever hear.

Now that his enemy was trapped, Tidal took the next step. He raised his left arm and fired a small charge from his glove, then he took a pace backwards as the carrier exploded in a shining display of fireworks, shrapnel and flaming liquid. He murmured something about "It is done." 

Meanwhile, Flyby and Nicole had begun their run for freedom, he'd scooped her up and taken off.  Tidal took notice of this and prepared to attempt to stop them.… 

Chapter Four

Tidal slammed his fist into the ground, causing a shockwave that made the entire scrapyard rumble and threw Flyby and Nicole through the air. 

Flyby landed in front of Tidal and Nicole landed several yards away.

"Give yourself up, a child of your age shouldn't be a part of such activities." Tidal said. 

Flyby stood up slowly. "I'm not, Now let me go."

"Why should I believe you?" His hands snapped forward like lightning, gripping Flyby's wrist. "Come with me before I have to use force." 

"No." The hedgefox said. He performed a upward spinning kick, knocking Tidal's mask off and causing him to clutch his left eye.

"ARRRUUGGGHHH!!" Tidal screamed in pain. He began shooting shockwaves at random, hitting and destroying whatever they hit.

Flyby dove to safety from the ensuing chaos, but Nicole was frozen in fear, she simply held her hands out in front of her, afraid to move. Tidal, still screaming, sent a shockwave directly at her. It got closer and closer; then a crackle surged and an orange blur knocked Nicole out of the way.

Flyby took the brunt force of the blast. Nicole stood up and looked to her companion.

"NO!!!" She shouted. She faced Tidal, who had stopped screaming ,and held her hands out again, unsure of what it meant. Black dust encircled her hands and then shot forward at Tidal, a projectile too fast to Dodge, knocking him off his feet and backwards into a pile of garbage.

Flyby managed himself to a standing position  

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