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Wade is a skinny wallaby with patchy yellow fur. His face is freakishly scarred from an injury as a toddler.  


Wade usually wears a red and black hoodie which often has the hood up accompanied by a pair of worn down jeans. The main piece of his attire is his mask that he rarely takes off, which is red with black lenses from sunglasses. The mask covers all all of his head and is made of red dyed nylon.


Wade is rather random. Wade has several mental problems which cause him to seem insane. When meeting new people, Wade will often mess around with people by saying random things and poking them. If anyone aggravates Wade he will often become violent and get into fights. He treats his friends very kindly but can turn against them if they annoy him or fall out with him.

Wade can be rather indecisive and usually asks other people what they want to do. If he offers someone something he will constantly insist they take it even if they don't want it. Wade also has an obsession with incendiary things; he collects them and stores them in his infinite space pouch. He often tries to solve his problems using these but the results are never very good.


Most of Wade's life was terrible. His first three years in this world were fine however at the age of three he was involved in a bombing which sparked an obsession with incendiary items and injured his face, the operation caused his face to have extreme scarring and magnify his mental problems. After that Wade became more and more obsessed with explosives. At the age of eleven he built his first bomb using gunpowder he stole from an ammunition factory. Which he used to blow an abandoned house up. For the rest of that year he continued making more and more types of bombs. His parents realized what Wade was doing when on new years eve there were fireworks coming from their back garden despite them not buying any. When they went to investigate they found Wade launching the fireworks. (The fireworks were simple they had no special features or colors they were just explosions in the sky.)  

After they asked Wade about how he got the fireworks they realized that they could make plenty of money by using Wade's talents. They took Wade out of school to have him make bombs which they sold to gangs. They worked Wade to the bone. He spent almost all day every day making bombs for his parents. This isolation combined with his mental problems caused him to create the character of Logan. Eventually Wade left a timed bomb in the shed he made bombs in, took his equipment and fled his family. After he fled he joined the gang (Or organization as it's leader would like to call it.) Azure Veil, that his parents supplied before he left them. They accepted him when he demonstrated his skills.  

He found his place in the gang rather quickly, befriending the gang leader's son, Mark who was the same age as him. After being with the gang for four years they decided to pull of their greatest heist yet. Involving stealing scientific drugs which gives the ability of accelerated healing from a lab in Veil City. During this heist Mark's father was killed. Only two samples of the drug were taken. Another item was also taken from the lab, it was a small pouch that somehow had the ability to store a seemingly unlimited amount of things. Due to Mark being in charge after his father died he used one on himself and gave the other to Wade. Wade of course used the drug. Wade stayed with Azure Veil for five more years until he was gravely injured. After this happened Mark kicked him out for his own safety. 


  • Accelerated Healing: Ability to regrow body parts and heal injuries more efficiently. (His healing factor doesn't kick in if beheaded or if blunt force trauma is used.)


  • Is able to make explosives with ease.


Wade is very self conscious about his appearance. He insists on wearing his mask and never takes it off willingly unless someone he considers a friend asks him to. He feels extremely lonely all of the time. Thinking the only person he has is Logan.


  • Infinite space pouch: A small pouch with infinite space.


Casey Moza: The two of them recently started dating. They met one day randomly in a city. They discovered they had several things in common, like the love of fire and past. Wade fell in love with Casey later in the day and asked her out on a date. The first date was a success.

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