W.R.P.U.-1, or Worldwide Robotic Protection Unit 1, is a robot created by Miles Tails Prower. He is more commonly called Harry. He has a dark and haunted past, and Tails only participated in his rebuilding. As of now, Tails is his current founder and owner.


Harry was built as a combat machine by Eggman to (of course) take down Sonic once and for all. During their showdown at the Morrow ruins, he was held back by Sonic, thinking he was a roboticized subject. Along him were his supposed brother and sister, who were solemnly destroyed at a GUN attack. Tails tinkered with his systems, and figured that Eggman built him, and reconfigured him to take out Eggman instead. But at the Shadowflame valleys, Eggman threatened to bring Eggmanland to the world, and having all bow to him. When he fired his transformizer ray, Harry sacrificed himself, keeping the world from it's demise. Along the way, he developed emotion algorithms to better understand his purpose. In sonic adventure 3, Tails rebuilt his salvaged parts into his old body, so that he could assist their spirit hunt. Even so, he journeys out to other regions, with his own friends. He even finds his long lost sister, Jenny, who was seemingly destroyed during the events of Shadow the hedgehog. One of his more known journeys was at Westopolis, finding the long lost legends of the Shadow lord and his eternal Shadow orbs. It turned out to be manifestations of Shade, although they never found that out. He was with his 2 machine friends, Sharin and Voxarus, his sister Jenny, Danny wolf, who resisted the darkness's manifestations, A long lost machine race, called Machina, subject simply named Mecha, Mecha Sally (who came as a pure robot from an alternate timeline, not the sonic world's), King Sammer, a ruthless king, Zega, an alien queen, his long lost brother, Sammy, and a royal knight of the elemental knights called dark knight, who was part machine. (real name is Vladimir) After an investigation of a meteor attack on westopolis, the team of 4, (the former listed above) head to Jeeva palace for answers on the infestation of creatures. They then take their cruise ship with Sammer, Sally, and Zega, over to Hazzai bay. Fortune teller Mina was looking for them. She then cast a hypnosis spell on Harry and he was suddenly in a black void with nothing but a man, the Shadow lord, in the infinite darkness. He then began his long and prosperous journey to find the orbs. He then later finds out that the Shadow lord was the villan the whole time, but it is revealed that the dark parts of his soul have corrupted his body, and still seeks to help them. He them eventually seals his soul away so that he can do no more harm. But then, he hooked himself up to the built in power generator in the seal, and downloaded his spirit into his memory, now becoming a part of him. Due to this, Harry has more malfunctions in his body.


As any robot created by Eggman, Harry has many weapons in his arsenal. He has laser blasters, plasma shockers, and electricity claws. His primary weapon is a pair of energy filled blades. He is also able to disguise himself as a normal human.


Harry has a jet black helmet covering his head, and a dark grey body, covering everything but his face. He has beige skin, and black eyes. His body is full of slits, with different panels covering his body, all dark gray. In his human form, his hair is uncovered, being brown and flowing down to his back. He wears a dark red shirt, with a hot red vest, with spike designs and a pocket. He has black leather pants and shoes as well.


Initially, Harry was a cold and emotionless machine, only loyal to Dr. Eggman. But when he sacrificed himself for the world, he was loyal, protecting Sonic and friends from their demise. When Tails rebuilt him, he changed. He was a fun loving adolescent, playing with the kiddish members of the team, mostly Charmy. He is still loyal, trying to keep them from any harm. However, he is easily intimidated by most, and looks up to Shadow and Espio as mentors of sorts. He sees Silver as his best friend, only leading him to rash decisions, and never learns from them.


His theme whenever he stands alone against an enemy, Tragic decision.

Tragic Decision - Xenoblade Music Extended

Tragic Decision - Xenoblade Music Extended


  • "I understand your concerns now. Very well. I will accompony you to your battle. It will be yours."- after first joining with Sonic
  • "When I said I would protect you at all costs, it meant my own friends should be protected as well, being it well worth my sacrifice!"- During his sacrifice
  • "Hah, well, at least a challenge will be accepted!"- During the ARK core boss battle
  • "My duty has been fullfilled to it's maximum point!"-S rank
  • "It is done now. Now we shall proceed!"-A rank
  • "Not bad! All is accepted!"-B rank
  • "I would expect more from my own effort!"-C rank
  • "Daaagh.... I cannot go like this..."-D rank
  • "It is not this way I will step out..."-E rank
  • "No... I have ultimatley failed.... "-F rank
  • "It looks like these shaded creatures have brainwave interference; one that can fend even the strongest of minds off."-In for repairs at Tail's workshop (1st time)
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