Vyne the Margay is a character by Monk the Cat

He is a fifteen year old Margay who has the ability to manipulate plants for attacks and other things, he was born with his ability.

Vyne the Margay
Vyne the Margay
Leaf Boy, Copy Cat
He is a 3' 4" tall margay, with light brown fur with white fur on his stomach and muzzle, with a few black rosettes on his shoulders and upper back, a black stripe down his back, and black spots on the rest of his body and tail.
Several small vines braided and tied around his head like a headband, Homemade basic gloves, Moccasins
Unnamed Parents
Romantic Interest
Venom the Ocelot
Hero (most of the time)
Friends, plants, swinging, climbing, annoying people by mimicking them( a little)
Being hurt, seeing people get hurt, pollution, machines(that cause pollution), fire(elemental weakness)


Vyne is a sly, shy and secretive margay who is very kind, he usually is very alert to his surroundings.  Being shy he has a hard time making friends. When he is in battle he will fight trickily often using vines to trip or snare enemies. He is known to do anything to get the job done. Sometimes he just gets in a mood where he wants to irritate someone by mimicking them. He is usually calm and elusive, keeping his distance from people.


Vyne has the ability to manipulate plants, using it to enhance the strength of his bow, or to trap enemies or make weapons. He fights using a large wooden bow to pick off enemies, or clubs and other basic wooden weapons for close combat. He also is good at swinging own on vines to hit opponent with extra force, and setting traps. Also being a margay he can mimic other peoples voices.

Items in Possession

  • A Large (2 inch thick) Bow with braided vines for the string.
  • A Quiver, that can hold about 30 regular arrows, or about 40 wooden arrows.
  • Several Wooden Clubs, of varying sizes that he made in situations.


Vyne grew up in a jungle south of Station Square with his best friend, Venom. His life was very ordinary until a comet crashed into the jungle...(this is a part that I will reveal later)...he became part of the "group" and has made close friendships with Aspen, Gabriel and Blind.

Relationships with Other Characters

My Characters:

Venom the Ocelot: They are best friends and have known each other as long as they can remember.

"Blind": He respects Blind because of his ability/disability, they are good friends.

Austin Willow: He enjoy spending time with "Aspen" partly because they think similarly and also because they work well as a two part combo: Vyne summoning herbs and Aspen using them.

Gabriel ???: He sees his as a trustworthy ally and a good friend.


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