This is an article about Vuxo the hedgehog, a character created by Dionisio Garcia on 12/3/2014.


Now that Star has absorbed the Soul of Darkness, Vuxo has turned Jet Black on his fur,crown,cape,shoes,gloves, and now he carries a black sword, black bow, and a black spear.


He has a sadistic,dark and gloomy sense of humor. He also has no real good side. He has no empathy for any one. He also has a twisted meaning of the word fun. He will use any means he has to in order to complete his objectives. He shows no emotion whatsoever, except for madness and hate. He can kill his opponents without any second thoughts. He does belief that his master will turn on him if given the chance. but, so will he if there's a chance.


He was created by a combination of chaos energy from the chaos emeralds, another kind of chaos energy that comes from anarky beryl, and the master emerald's negative energy. He defeated Shadow,Silver,Knuckles,and Tails twice each. He also fought Sonic and Scourge at the same time and defeated both with a gigantic Chaos Ball. But was beaten by Hyper Sonic and Hyper Scourge after failing Chaos Terminate. He would return after 5 months and would have even more powers than before. He returned to life, which surprised everyone that was there when he was beaten.(Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Scourge, Manic, and Sonia.)He would then say a new quote he has now "So... did you miss me"? He would waste little time showing some new powers, including shapeshifting, time and space manipulation, and the ability to create and manipulate stars. He would be injured before he could use his new deathmove, the dreaded Supernova. Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Scourge, Manic, Sonia, Amy, Tails, and Knuckles would all reach hyper forms in an attempt to destroy Vuxo. He would take all they could give, thanks to his new healing factor. Shadow then would use a hyper-powered Chaos Blast, which would do critical damage to Vuxo. He would start regenerating and while he was, Sonic and them were getting ready to leave when he got back up,with only one foot, he stood. "I can't lose to you, my objective WILL be completed, even if I have to kill 9 fools who stand in my way". He then would defuse into the four brothers that he was made from. They were Star, the oldest and the Lord of Stars is his nickname, his star powers is where the Supernova was created. The 2nd oldest, Yomaz, who can warp time and space, he's called The Controller. The third child, Cycosis, has omnikinisis, which means he can use the eight elements. He's called The Creator of Magic. The youngest is Epersio, who can shape shift, he also gets his targets abilities once he shifts into them. His nickname is The Mimic. Manic and Sonia fight Cycosis, Tails and Knuckles fight Epersio, Shadow and Silver fight Yomaz, meanwhile, Sonic, Scourge, and Amy all team up to fight Star. Before long, Yomaz, Cycosis, and Epersio are beaten and killed in front of Star, who says "Yomaz... Cycosis... Epersio... my brothers... all I cared about... gone". Then all 9 of the heros got ready to attack him. But when Silver tried to hit him with a meteor, he punched it back in piecies. " Whoa, where did he get that kind of strength?" wondered Sonic " You all killed my brothers, the only people I ever cared about, so now since there's no one left I care to protect, I'M GONNA KILL YOU ALL AND TAKE YOUR SOULS TO MY MASTER AS PAYMENT"! Then he would reach Ultra form, in which if he reached, it would be the end of the world. Sonic and them would all go hyper form and brawl. They tried their best, but Star outlasted all 9 of them and said " I told you, victory was my destiny." He would then be shocked quite a bit when Sonic would, for the fate of the world, fuse with Scourge, they became Axel the hedgehog and fought Star. After a hard-fought battle, Axel would begin to win, then as everyone watched, thinking victory was theirs, Star became Perfect Star, who grabbed Axel by the throat, said "GOODBYE TO BOTH OF YOU FOOLS, I DON'T CARE IF MY MASTER WANTS YOU ALIVE"! Then he trapped them inside the Supernova and blew it up. Then he would look at the other 7 fighters and say" That's an example of which I can do, are you scared"? He then proceeded to beat up Shadow, Sonia, and Manic." When will you fools learn that I'm too powerful for you now, you ended my family in front of me, so now I'm gonna end all of you". He then would attack Amy and Silver, and he defeated both." Where is your confidence now"? "Did I beat it out of you already"? Then when he went to finish the job, a laser blasted him," Who did that"? Then Axel appeared in front of him," That's quite a technique you got there Star, you almost ended us". " So you still live, well than, that means that I need to pick up the pace with you". Then they fought again, Axel beating Star with little effort. Then they fought once more, Star eventually losing at full power and says " My brothers... I ask one last thing of you, please grant me your powers, so that I can become a almost Vuxo"! Then as all 9 heros watched, Star became Vuxo and said " It's been a while now hasn't it, since you all were terrified so much at the same time". But before he could attack, a shadowy hand appeared and grabbed him, " Master"? said Vuxo before the hand dragged him away through the portal. The last thing that is said is from his master to him, " You have done well my apprentice, well enough to please me". " So I see they have killed your brothers, they also could have beenstrong, strong like you". " It's been a long time since one has managed to defeat 9 hyper-powered fighters, plus you beat Sonic and Scourge". " You are going to help me when I choose to attack their world, I would like to have a worthy partner fighting at my side, besides, I'll need help when it comes time to keep them busy so that my resurrection can come to pass". " Don't worry master, I'll keep them busy for you". " Good, I knew I could count on you". When it comes time, Vanguard, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver face and defeat Gabranth. however, Star would go on to absorb Gabranth's evil soul, a move he learned from Gabranth in case of emergency. He entered his true final form and said "Now, I will purge the light and destroy your souls"! After defeating all of them, he would be slashed by a new hero. This new hero, Ty, would use a sword the size of a boulder and cut Star in half, but even that couldn't kill him. After everyone left, he regenerated and said" Now I just have to create my new apprentice". He later steals the knowledge of his master Gabranth, which he uses to create Alpha and Omega, his two so called sons. He gives Alpha pyro, cryo,aero, and umbra kinetic powers. Omega was given hydro, electro, geo, and photo kinetic powers. They both got super strength, super speed, extreme durability, eye lasers, and chaos-powered attacks, such as Chaos Ball, Chaos Beam, Chaos Laser, Chaos Spear, Chaos Lance, Chaos Shot, Chaos Control, Chaos Terminate, and the last move Star created, Chaos Nova, a combination of Gabranth's and Star's energy, it's a chaos-powered Super Nova, capable of destroying planets, and with mastery, galaxies. He was then seen looking down at the world, preparing his invasion. He attacked and started destroying all resistance. He beat Sonic, Shadow and Silver down and left Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Blaze for Alpha and Omega to beat up. He went to the center of the world and made the Super Nova. But, he stopped it because of the time traverler Ty appearing. "You again"? "This time you won't survive". They fought each other tooth and nail. Untill, Star ended it with a flash of darkness. Ty fell from the atmosphere down to Mobius. Star started laughing as he made the Super Nova one more time. "Finally, I can destroy this worthless planet"! He then became Lord Star and made a sun-sized star supernova. Mobius started to crack and break. Untill, a black hole opened up and pulled the entire planet in. Inside the black hole, Star had been blasted by energy of the supernova and the black hole. He became the God of Stars and made a hypernova. He blew up an entire dimension while he was in this berserk form. Vanguard and Shadow made a chaos megalaser and used it to blast Star into the void. Alpha and Omega were both beat by the combined power of Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Amy, Tails, Knuckles and Blaze. However, Alpha and Omega fused into one body. They became Universe the Infinite. They declared that"We are the alpha and the omega, we are the beggining and end of things, we will end your world and begin the next". Everyone went up against this world destroyer and fell. Sonic and Ty fused and became Ryu the hedgehog. They used their new power to create a sword of energy that could defeat Universe. "You would stand up to your new god"? "For our friends, yes". Then the final battle begins. They used all their strength to try to save their world, but it wasn't enough. Universe kept coming back and dealing more damage."Is this your true power"? Universe said to them. "No, we can win this"! They became Super Ryu and tried one more time. They started to win when Star returned. "YOU FOOLS, YOU THINK YOU'RE A MATCH FOR US"? "Then Star fused with Universe to become Galaxia the Immortal. Ryu's new power was nothing to them, as they beat the crap out of him. Ryu saw the end of the world and it gave him a new form, Savior Form. He now equaled Galaxia. Now it's the final battle. Ryu and Galaxia battled above the planet as all living things watched. Ryu tried his best and was still losing slightly, Galaxia took all they gave and came back for more. Eventually, people started doubting that Ryu could save them. But, Ryu used the power of mankind to blast the Infinity Laser, which blasted Galaxia into the sun, and through it. They kept following him and blasting him until he finally snapped out and made a hypernova above the planet. "You can't stop me"! But, Ryu flew into the hypernova to destroy it."Goodbye everyone". He said as he rammed into it. The explosion destroyed Star and his two sidekicks. However, it also destroyed Ryu. The planet however, was fine. Afterwards, it was revealed that Star was still alive somehow and he would return in one year. Shadow and the others had to carry on without Sonic and Ty. They trained and became strong enough to possibly have a chance. They then trained more and waited. Then finally the day had come. The sky went from blue to black, the water became black, the grass died, the planet started to crack. Shadow and Silver went to fight Star. Star gave them a brutal beating and then attacked Mobius. He was crushing all resistance in his way. He then made the hypernova once more above the planet. He was then attacked by heroes from other dimensions and times, he beat all of them and then when he tried to detenate the hypernova, he couldn't. He yelled "WHAT"! "Why can't I finish this world"? Then Ryu appeared and said "They bought me enough time to get here, so I can finish you for good". "Finish me"? "HAHAHAHAHAHA"! "You couldn't finish me last time". "I'm stronger now Star". "I'm still a god you fool"."Gods can be slain". "COME TRY IT"! Then, they battled one more time. Ryu made a laser but Star dodged it. Star started to lose but then he blasted Ryu with a mind paralysis attack. Star became Vuxo and made the deathball above Ryu."THIS IS IT, I'M GONNA FINALLY BE RID OF YOU"! Ryu then took out Ty's sword and transformed into his final form. Vuxo threw he deathball down at Ryu, who sliced through it and cut Vux in half. 


He has access to a variety of chaos abilities, like Chaos Spear,Chaos Blast,Chaos Lance, and Chaos Laser, which is a laser that he has used in order to clear roomfuls of enimies. He also uses new chaos abilities,like Chaos Ball, a ball of chaos energy that acts like a spirit bomb if it's charged enough. His last chaos move is Chaos Terminate, which is like a instant death move, it can kill any normal people, or super-powered characters that have been weakened to about half their strength. On his return, he learned how to manipulate stars, which gave him a new deathmove called Supernova, which he traps his opponent inside a star and blows it up while they're inside. Other star abilities are present, like Black Hole, which he creates a black hole and throws his opponet into it. He also has Starstorm, in which he sends down countless stars onto foes. He can use a move called Stardust, which he uses magical dust made from pure chaos energy, to confuse his opponets and turn allies against allies. He also uses a move called Chaos Blitz, which is a chaos- powered spin dash.


He has so much chaos energy inside him, he can use Chaos Controll to teleport, travel through time, and defy time and space.. He also can use Chaos Control without a chaos emerald. He also had the ability to master weapons quickly, as he now manages to wield 3 different kinds of weapons.


He has learned almost nothing, he strongly believes that he doesn't need help.(He mastered chaos abilities on his own).


His first weakness is his greatest strengh, chaos abilities, they will drain his powers more than any other ability. He also is weak to light powers. His last weakness is that since he doesn't think, he can be beaten by a strategist, if they can last long enough.


"Time is nothing more than a window, death is but a door, I'll be back" - said to Sonic and Scourge upon defeat.

" I told you, victory was my destiny." - said after defeating 9 hyper-powered characters.


1.Vuxo is actually a fusion, he was created by the fusion of 4 brothers, which explains his power.                     

2.Vuxo's quote about time and death is from Skyrim.

3.Vuxo is my first fan-made character

4.Star's Super Nova was inspired by Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth after I fought him.


Reborn- He reaches this form after returning from death, this is the form he's in when he defuses into the four brothers, and the form he reaches when Star obtains his brothers's abilities before his master takes him back to his lair.

Final- The form that was defeated by Ty, who cut him in half.

Lord-The final form he has before he dies.


1.In his testing from Gabranth,he caught a meteor that was about to hit the training field.

2.He defeated 9 hyper-powered characters 1 on 9. .

3.Survived a black hole in his testing

4.Can breath underwater longer than a whale.

5.Took a full powered Chaos Blast from Shadow and didn't flinch. 6.Despite being tired out from the rest of his test, he still managed to outpower a dinosaur

7.The only person who survived Vanguard's Infinity Laser, a move made of infinite energy. 8.Survived an underwater attack from a Great White Shark, while having a blindfold on.

9.He basically became God.

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