"Fellow soldiers and inhabitants of Metaspace, I must once again address how proud I am toward all of you for your recent victories. Because of your undying support for all that we hold dear, Cyberspace settlements have been razed, and new recruits have been coming in quicker than we can handle. You all know the truth about operation Silver Beam! It was those misguided cyber-trash following the hollow words of a golden toy robot that has become dangerously deluded. Because of you, we can convince them that we, and we alone, can make the wrong right again. WE can correct the mistakes of our misguided kinsmen. Only WE can offer the hope! We can change! WE ARE THE FUTURE, AND THE FUTURE IS US!!"

-Translated Speech Vultra made to the Metaspace Comet Battalion.

Vultra, originally known as Vulcan, is a fictional, anthropomorphic character made by Nitrogen218. She was originally a male vulture who was highly devoted to the Metaspace Comet Battalion and Metaspace as a whole and sought to help fulfill Za Nakrota's ambitions. Vulcan often sought to claim the Raggadak Gems through either brute force or by using strength in numbers. He was appointed leader of the Metaspace Comet Battalion given his highly disciplined childhood, and his personality. Though the numerous times this has been tried in order to gain Nakrota's favor have failed. Threatened with execution, extortion, and even discharge, Vulcan decided to take an extreme approach to start over by not only giving up his soldier status, but his own identity as well, thus becoming Vultra and having his memories replaced in the process. She is also a Meta-Mobian.


Vultra is currently a 20-year-old female vulture that stands at least 3'6" inches in height, and weights 37lbs, leaving her with a petite physical frame. She has magenta irises and two eyelashes on each eye, which are oval shaped. Her feathers are colored mahogany with dark red pointed tips and her beak color is grey.The feathers are short on the sides of her head and stop at the shoulders, and get progressively longer as the feathers make their way around the back of her head. Her feet are gray talons with sharpened toes. Her tail is made up of mahogany feathers too.

For attire, she wears a silver circlet on her head with one large point on top, two smaller 9n the side and a tiny point on the back. She also wears a silver nacklace that wraps around her "neck" area and is embedded with a amythyst colored gem and a sapphire gem. Underneath her necklace is a gray top that has a white hemline and a green circle in the center of the hem at the front of the top. Said top is also sleeveless. Secured at her waist is a layered skirt that has a white hemline at the tip of the skirt and has a grey circle in the center. She also wears a silver sash over her skirt that is adorned with rings and trinkets.

As a Meta-Mobian, her age is the same, but she is 3'7" and weighs 41lbs. She also wears Mahogany colored Cybrexium Plating more fit for a leader in her fortress rather than the battlefield. On her chest plate, the image of three rings with an "X" through them symbolizes her status as commander.


In terms of personality, Vultra is very ambitious. She often pushes herself to outdo anyone she deems to be competiton. She's not only out to supercede the competition, but to also prove that she can handle herself and her followers in any type of situation. Alongside being ambituous, she is also very goal driven. This was developed after she had developed her ambitious attitude. As for goals, she intends to get to the specified objective and to either meets it's demands directly, or exceed them. In Fact, her goal driven nature has been under Za Nakrota's eyrie, as her goal is to achieve a familial status as she is rather devoted to the side she serves.

She is also an effective leader when it comes to giving orders to the Metaspace Comet Battalion and often helps direct the battalion into fulfilling their given directives and is able to make sound decisions. She is also passionate, often trying to make her followers feel empowered and imbued with the strength to fight.

However, their is a dark side to her passion, as it can be the fuel for her to become very aggressive and quick to anger whenever a mistake is made. Her aggression has also gone hand in hand with ruthlessness and impulsiveness. She can be very ruthless by viciously gutting her target with her bare hands, snap their neck joints, and often force soldies to attack each other with the threat of their own existence being terminated. Her next biggest trait is impulsiveness. This is brought on when her stress levels reach their peak and believes that letting all the tension out in the form of impulsive actions such as slamming her fists into something, shouting at the top of her lungs, and many other things.


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