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Vulpine Cunning is a Nature aligned enhancement ability that increases the user’s speed and ability to predict the opponent’s movements, derived from either a Kitsune heritage or use of Nature magic.


In general, Vulpine Cunning enhances the user’s speed and allows them to react and plan against their opponent’s moves more efficiently. When active, faint green sparkles appear around the user. This aura also extends out behind them, forming the image of a number of tails corresponding to the level of power.

However, the increase in speed does not account for the user’s body, and so unless they are used to moving at high speed the user is physically drained much quicker than normal. Oddly, it has been noticed that users are more easily distracted by things using this power, although no one knows why, not even the users themselves.


Note that the level descriptions detail the ability’s effects on a Mobian without super speed.

  • At first level, the user has an almost unearthly grace and moderately enhanced speed. They are able to predict exactly what a single opponent is about to do, but can’t factor in other things like multiple people or the environment.
  • At second level, the user’s speed increases even more and can predict exactly the next movements of a small group of people discounted from the environment.
  • At third level, the user’s speed has increased to a level that allows them to run on walls. They can also predict the immediate movements of a group of people exactly including their environment.
  • At fourth level, the user’s speed has increased enough to perform a version of the homing attack.
  • At fifth level, the user’s speed has increased enough to run on water.
  • At sixth level, the user’s speed has increased enough to create illusions using motion blur.
  • At seventh level, the user is able to use the Tornado Attack. Their prediction powers have also turned into a limited future sight, able to see exactly 1 second into the future.
  • At eighth level, the user’s speed has increased to dodge bullets point blank. Their future sight is now 2 seconds into the future.
  • At ninth level, the user’s speed has increased to the point that they can move roughly as fast as Sonic does under normal circumstances (not boosting, not breaking the sound barrier, etc.). Their future sight is now 3 seconds into the future. Users at this power level often (whom are few and far between) often report acting almost on instinct and feeling like they were in a dream, with their brain moving slower than their body.

How to Obtain

This power is usually gained through having a Kitsune relative. That relative may have been 1000 years in the past or the user’s father, but what matters is that the power is there. Note that this power only manifests the way it does because of how the Kitsune’s genetics affect a normal mobian’s: Kitsune themselves rarely have this power, although it is possible. It can also be obtained by a ritual using nature magic, but it takes time, a large amount of rare herbs and is rarely a comfortable ritual for the user.


Technique Ranking

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