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Cquote1 I am Vrai, the knight. Protector of the lost, and founder of the knowledgeable. Cquote2
Vrai's introduction.

Vrai the Fox is a theist believer who set himself on a path to find his God. His life goal is to become the Messiah, a divine savior of the world. It is through his belief that he is powerful and of value to the world.


General Appearance

Vrai appears as a shaggy haired fox with a collective appearance. He has goldish-orange eyes (previously blue-green), platinum curly hair (formerly black) that does hang to at least his lower neck, a grayish muzzle and belly, and a black small nose. Much of his fur remains black with white/platinum accents. His curly hair is very puffy and does happen to hang over his clothing some times, other times it covers his forehead entirely. Vrai has a clean smirk with shining teeth. This fox is very well maintained, as just about every feature about him is clean. Not to mention, Vrai has a very athletic build.

Attire & Clothing

Vrai is old fashioned, very old fashioned. He wears vintage glasses (similar to 1950s spectacles), a poet's shirt, black trousers, and shin high combat boots. He comes equipped with two sword holders and sheathes at his waist, and even another great sword holder and sheathe at his back.

Vrai also has his own piece of armor titled Le Dieu. It completely covers his body with an alloy armor, full to the brim with holy crosses and some sharp shoulder blades. His helmet has two black horns protruding from the upper right and left of the helmet. A black star is embedded on Vrai's helmet.


Vrai is described as a cunning, yet good natured fox. He has high morals and a great sense of dignity in him. He is very obidient to what is told to him, especially if its of anyone with power. But despite all this, Vrai has great leading skills. This is because of his empowering speeches. He is a great with handling the confused. Quite often does he manipulate others to join his beliefs through kind gestures and genuine behavior.

Vrai is also a very curious fox. He loves to find out the unknown and delve further into things than most others. It sorta makes him unique in his family since no one really behaves like he does. Along with his curiosity, he has a psychological need to understand others; with or without their cooperation. He always tries to find a motive/emotional strain in his allies and enemies, simply because he wants to know. His craving intellectual mind actually assisted him in becoming a future genius in the long run of things.

While he sounds like a good guy on paper, Vrai is quite the opposite. He has a dangerous philosophical view of the world that he will do anything to achieve. He can be quite gullible and even then he doesn't care that he was betrayed/taken advantage of. He doesn't take denial good either. He's not even a good listener to top things off, he could care less of what you think/believe in, all that matters is if you're helping him or not. Vrai is extremely power hungry as well. He has an extreme need to feed his ever lasting ego. He's incredibly narcissistic and nonchalant.


A Prophecy Is Foretold

Vrai was born into the Daviau family, a religious family with heavy ties to power in Arasia Coast. He was the first born son of Loi and Lex, the heads of the Daviau family. Lord Lex was a prime minister and high priest of the church of Bonumura. Before Vrai's birth, there was a family prophecy that the fifth generation of a family with high standing will give birth to the Messiah.

Vrai was thought to have been the messiah of the Daviau family, and thus was raised as such. From childhood, he was trained with all the aspects of his family's religion. He read the book of Bonumura so much that he had nearly every verse inscribed in his memory at only the age of eight. His grand father took great care of him and always warned Vrai to do good at the hands of Bonumura.

Training To Become The Messiah

Being a skilled reader and having a wonderful memory at such an early age gave his parents hope that they did indeed give birth to the prophesied messiah. His family knew that they had to make a wondrous knight out of their son so that he can spread the word of Bonumura across the land. By the time he was in his teens, he knew how to lead and supply for himself and was learning how to defend himself.

His family put him under huge training with the Clerics of Arasia Coast. They taught him how to wield any weapon available to him, showed him how to mobilize himself in heavy armor, acrobatic skills, and how to manifest the power of God. Vrai passed all courses of combat and only failed one field, archery and accuracy. The young fox down right refused to be taught how to fight from a distance as he detested the sport, he focused on close ranged combat. Since he was the "messiah", the clerics had no choice but to agree and dismiss the opportunity of marksmanship.

With his newfound training, power, and strength, Vrai was seen as the ultimate warrior of Arasia Coast. His name echoed to far regions of Azima. He became a respected character even in Mavenland. He was feared for having an innate influence over people, something that caused his religion to be outright banned in Hordaiquan.

All of his influence made Vrai a very dangerous person with strong followers. Within only years, Vrai climbed to the top of his family's social order and was respected as the messiah of Oris. He was the savior to those who requested assistance and was a knight to Arasia's service. Vrai and his knights slayed the blood demon Aryun, and he only accomplished this when he was roughly sixteen.

Arisen Leader of The New World

Cquote1 He's left God's light.. We have to demote him now. The messiah would not try to destroy our enemies and enslave his people, he'd bring us together! Cquote2
Lex to grand church of Bonumura.

During his adult years, Vrai became leader of the Daviau family, surpassing his father and grandfather as grand headmaster. He led Arasia Coast in many sieges against Odium Valley and was genuinely feared as a warmonger. The once beloved and respected Messiah had given his people fear of a regime. He forced Arasian citizens to obsessively read the book of Bonumura, spread propaganda through out Azima, he even caused his own crusade spanning three years to purge the world of the Arcanus family.

His father Lex had begun fearing his own son and begged the church to demote him in power, claiming that Bonumura's light left Vrai. Unwilling were they all to listen to Lex's demands, Vrai eventually caught wind of his father and exiled him from Arasia Coast. Vrai chose not to kill his father as it was strictly against Messie credo to do so and he was the man who birthed him. His mother Loi was sentenced to punishment by association and locked in the Daviau castle for the rest of her life.

Vrai carried no regrets or remorse for his actions, he saw that he was doing his family a great service by cleansing the weaker links. Whatever remains of Vrai being a kind and forgiving hero were erased from his kingdom, he was no longer found to be on the same plain of existence as everyone else. He felt he was the single link to God himself, being above all else beneath him. Vrai was so corrupt he changed the manuscripts of his religion's bible to suit his new crusades and agendas for conquering Azima and converting it into a land of submissive peace.

Karma's a Bitch

Vrai's exiled father had relations to Odium Valley since before Vrai's birth. Lex has been a constant advocator for stopping the war between the Arcanus and Daviau family. The once proud prime minister was known to visit Arcanus manor and discuss "religious" matters outside of Daviau order.

Unbeknownst to the family, Lex had an affair with another fox from the Arcanus family. Even going as far as to mate with the woman as a counter to the Daviau family. He did this as he knew the family and the religion was out of control, reverting a man who once stood as prime minister of Bonumura into a man with no religious path.

During this time frame, Lex and his maiden had conceived a child to be born as Vayle Arcanus. Refusing to adopt his last name and former first name, Lex had changed himself legally into a pseudonym to hide among the people of Odium Valley. Lex had raised Vayle up to be a child of free thought but he also taught the boy of the Daviau lineage and Arcanus.

Lex trained Vayle until his adulthood to eventually counter his elder brother Vrai in future.


The Almighty

Also known as the Blessed Power within the group of Las Messies. The Almighty is a world bending skill that uses great divine strength. These powers are made up of anti-matter creation, but with a hint of light. They consist of highly damaging explosions and radical beams. This is vastly different to photokinesis because it causes a much more deadly ray that does not bless or cleanse enemies of their evil. Anything related to this power is highly damaging because it's non-elemental or physical, it varies and is highly unpredictable. 


Messaens Way

This is a sub-group of combat that Las Messies study. It's a sort of civil like combat with many rules to it. This ties in with a moral system in the group. It is not exactly a brutal type of combat. The main goal is to subdue your enemy by hitting them in the weak points of the body. The Messaens Way is used to paralyze enemies, ensure that they will not rise up for a long time. This form of martial arts can lead to the death of the opponent if done excessively or brutally, however most Messies do not go to that limit. Vrai is very skilled in this art and often teaches the newer members how to get concentrated for fighting.

Chivalric Sword Art

Based on the old way of great sword combat, Vrai spent much time studying this art at his leisure. He's become quite good at this art as well. He takes a noblesman way of fighting with swords. Often does he spare his opponents and he doesn't kill with his great sword. He fights with an honor system, he does not like to break such a thing either. Though besides this, he does indeed strike furiously and very fast, but never brutally.


  • Statistics are ranked from 1-10. 1 being the lowest, while 10 being the highest. The higher it is, the more skilled a character is in that specific genre.

Attack: 9- Vrai is a great fighter with swords in hand. He's not too shabby with out them either, his feet make sure of that.

Defense: 7- Vrai is spiritually protected by his almighty powers. His guard is also amazing.

Reflexes: 7- When it comes to pulling out that sword, or dodging; Vrai's got that covered.

Magic: 9- His abilities are a detriment to anyone foolish enough to toy with him.

Speed: 4- Vrai is not a very fast runner. He relies on vehicles or contraptions to suffice.

Intelligence: 10- Vrai is a master of psychology, good enough to read enemy motives just from simple chats. Not to mention his never ending curiosity will keep him moving forward in his attempts to be the messiah.

Skills: 8- Being a master of the Messaens Way and a graceful swordsman, Vrai is definitely one handy tool.

Accuracy: 3- Vrai honestly hates side arms and long range weaponry. He barely uses them, if at all!

Stamina: 7- As a knight, Vrai is nothing short of what's required. He's not impossible to tire out, but he can be relentless for a pretty good duration of the battle. 

Tolerance: 4- With out armor, Vrai is pathetic.

Overall: 68%


La Ange (Great Sword)

Armed with his beautiful sword, La Ange; Vrai is a force to be reckoned with. The sword has a sleek, lengthy design with angelic wings carved around the blade. The cross guard has two symetrical wings, symobilizing that of an angels. The hilt has a fancy French quote "Un avec le Chevalier" embedded in its center. It then ends with a circular gold pommel. The sword is roughly 3'7" long and weighs about 100 lbs.

Les Gémeaux (Twin Swords)

These two fancy swords are curved and less detailed compared to La Ange. These are Vrai's quick alternatives to his main great sword. They are very sharp and almost weightless, great for impalling targets too. Vrai uses these twin swords quite often in battle, they only get replaced when Vrai wants to do significant damage.


Vrai has a bunch of weaknesses that make him the character he is.

To start things off, his honor in fighting makes him very open to retaliation of the enemy. He is open in fights and almost never guards himself well besides some thick armor. He will never crack his chivalric code, making him a very feeble fighter. His no killing rule unless it absolutely calls for it also plays its way in his combat. Distracting him is very easy as well.

While trying to fight against his almighty powers is almost pointless, Vrai does have a moment when he charges these powers for their maximum use. It also heavily drains his over all strength and stamina. Keeping this in mind, it will be very easy to hold yourself against him if you make him waste his power. Though do note that Vrai can instantly dodge while charging, if not lightly counter with an upper cut powered by the Almighty.

Making Vrai break into emotion is a great way to make him crack. While he appears non-chalant and calm, he does indeed harbor care and love for certain things besides his goal. While he'd hate to admit, he still loves his brother wholesomely.

Using this information and striking a loved one will surely aggrivate him. Really cracking him is when you point out the flaws in his philosophical views. Also discussed in his personality, Vrai is generally gullible. This can make him easy to subdue in a trap or even to his own death if he continues to be careless.

Why Was This Character Created?

Vrai was created to kinda voice my opinion of what a true follower of the law would be like. Honestly, I didn't know where to start with this character. Many concepts went into his base, and I came out with the perfect mix; a cultist knight. Vrai has a brother for the simple fact that Law has to battle Chaos in some way. I've also been meaning to make a knight for a while, and I decided to start with this little power hungry theist.

Personal Quotes

[These quotes were made off the spot haha.]

  • "Freedom, such a dangerous ideology. One that consumes the mind and shatters whatever remains there may be. For we were born to be led; to be followers. Not to decide for ourselves."
  • "Incompetence! That's what you follow, brother!"
  • "As a boy, I knew my life's worth as soon as I reached age ten. Absolutely nothing will stand in my way to teach the world right from wrong. I follow the path of god."
  • "Me? Power hungry? How absurd. Hiding behind excuses to resist me as your leader, cute."
  • "Ignorance is not blissful! Knowledge conquers all!"
  • "You have sinned, your time has come!"
  • "Would you want your world in the ruins of chaos? To watch all you love burn before you. A blissful outcome, no? Of course not. Stay within the light of the divines."
  • "May the afterlife have mercy on thine soul, for I shall treat it with none."
  • "For as long as you rebel, the longer I fight until I am satiated with your behavior."
  • "To think I was naive enough to consider you as a brother, you've become nothing but a disappointment to not only me; but your family. Vayle, I disown you."


  • Vrai's name is French for Truth.
  • Vrai is left handed like two other characters.
  • Vrai was made to purely be lawful in the highest context.
  • The name of Vrai's twin swords are actually French for Gemini.
  • The name of Vrai's great sword is French for Angel.
  • Vrai refers to his weapons as females.
  • Vrai was born on September 19th, making him a Virgo.
  • Vrai's religion is not at all based on Christian beliefs, it is actually it's own sort of religion.

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