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Vorvadoss Stonecutter

Biographical Information
  • Phys.: 24
  • Chrono.: Unknown
  • Vor
  • Vorvadoss Stonecutter (full name)
Physical Description
SpeciesUnknown (known as a "Cavern Dweller")
  • Fur: Slate gray
  • Eyes: Red w/ yellow irises
  • Scale armor: Black
Attire (pending)
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Himself
Super Forms (pending)
Other Information
American V.A.Alan Averill
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
AppearancesRoleplay:Vengeance From Below The Earth (debut)
Original CreatorRyushusupercat

Vorvadoss Stonecutter is a strange being that resembles a bipedal reptile with sharp, armor-like plates covering certain parts of his body. Instead of scales, however, fur covers the rest of his body. He is known for his almost absurd hatred of technology, robots, electronics and anything related, believing they are responsible for mortalkind's abandonment of "The Old Ways".

He especially despises G.U.N, seeing they were the ones responsible for driving his people into near extinction; the only Cavern Dwellers left alive apart from Vorvadoss are his little sister, his brother and a handful of others.

Physical Description

He resembles a bipedal reptilian of sorts, but instead of scales, he has thick, slate-gray fur. Sharp, armor-like plates, black in color, cover certain part of his body, including his arms, legs, thighs, tail and chest. His eyes are red in color, with yellow irises. He has two horns on his head, as well as another sharp plate to protect it. Two long "ears" droop down behind him.


Under construction

Early Years

Vorvadoss was part of a race of beings known as "The Cavern Dwellers". They were a secretive race, living far below the surface of Mobius in caves and grottoes. While normally peaceful, they were hostile towards any outsiders.

G.U.N Intrusion

Researchers using organi-probes, which are designed to seek out unusual organic structures that have not yet been seen, soon found signs of the Cavern Dwellers' presence. An excavation team was sent to a large cave, where the signs were strongest. They used massive mining machines and vehicles to bore down into the stone, eventually breaking through into a huge, naturally formed cavern, where they found a fairly large community of the Cavern Dwellers, Vorvadoss among them.

Not accustomed to surprise visits from other species, the Cavern Dwellers attacked the G.U.N forces. Casualties were heavy on both sides, but sadly, the G.U.N forces prevailed. What few surviving Cavern Dwellers there were had no choice but to retreat deeper into the cavern; this included Merimoth and Ashtorek. Vorvadoss did not flee, however. He managed to trigger a massive rockslide that crushed the few remaining G.U.N soldiers and mechs to death.


Vorvadoss is very powerful in terms of physical strength, and his hard, sharp claws are able to dig through earth and stone with ease. He is also able to climb up walls much like the Pokemon Heatran, scaling them with great speed. He usually does this to leap upon his foes from above and tear at them with his claws.

The sharp, armor-like plates covering his body are diamond hard, capable of deflecting bullets and certain other projectile attacks with ease. There is also a plate on his head, from which three sharp, straight spikes protrude; these make effective stabbing weapons.

He is not only capable of using Pyromancy, Fulguramancy and Geomancy, he can also use two Advanced elements; Magma (Earth/Fire) and Plasma (Fire/Electricity).

Forms and Fusions



He is resistant to Fire and Electricity-aligned moves, and, for a strange reason, Poison-aligned moves as well. He has no known immunities.


He is weak to Water and Earth-aligned moves.

Friends and Foes






Vorvadoss is a rather zealous pagan, who despises technology for making everyone forget about "The Old Ways". He cares deeply about the environment, and will become enraged if anyone harms it. His respect for the earth (which his people called "The Mother of All") fuels his hatred for technology even more; he has seen forests be destroyed to make way for today's civilization. He is also very protective of his little sister, Merimoth Diamondsun.


  • The environment


  • Technology
  • People who harm the environment
  • People that don't believe in 'a power greater than us'
  • People that try to harm Merimoth

Biggest Fears



  • He is named after a Lovecraftian deity, an Elder God that resembles a wall of flame with the face of a man in it.

Theme Song(s)

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