• Vort is a dark and light green Isolis, standing at 4ft tall with giant, shaggy green hair and has no mouth,ears or nose. (this is why it breathes through its skin.) Vort has giant, spider-like red blood-shot eyes and a black mouth area. (which is made out of really rotten flesh.) Vort also has a Suit card symbol on his chest, which gives Vort power and immortality.


    Vort is an un-caring, selfish, disrespectful, doubtful, and pure evil being, and has no feelings for anyone nor anything. All the being cares about is the destruction of Shreak The Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog and will do whatever it takes to destroy them, even destroying itself or its race. Vort craves death and sorrow, wanting everyone to be evil and un-caring like itself. (Read Vort's History to see what happened in its past.)


    Vort lived on the planet Vortazea and was the ruler over billions of Isolis's, but it soon fell apart after they went to war against the Freedom Fighters and lost, and the planet was sucked into a black hole. Eventually, after 12,500 years, Vort decided to escape the black hole and get revenge on the Hedgehog that ruined its life, Sonic the Hedgehog. Vort managed to escape by switching the hole
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    What Vort looks like. (Normal form.)

    's dimensional routes to Mobius and before Vort and its people knew it, they were at Sonic's House. Vort smashed the door open and interrupted a major party with all of Sonic's friends, which caused Sonic, Shadow and Silver to attack Vort, but Vort shot a Suit card at Silver and he was stuck onto the card forever. (Or so they thought.) Vort then deicided to kill Sonic where he stood but Shadow front flipped and knocked Vort to the ground, where Vort supposedly got knocked out. Next, Vort woke up at the Solar Prison and received a life-sentence for something as minor as that. But when the Prison was going to crash into the sun (Read Shreak The Hedgehog) Vort just managed to get to an escape pod and headed for Earth, where he joined up with Mephiles the Dark, Shade the Echidna, Mecha Sally Acorn, Chaos 0 and E-101 Beta to form the Khaos Klan.


    Vort's powers are to: 1. Be able to turn beings into Suit/Tarot cards 2. Drain any beings life-source and take there form, powers and voice 3. Control beings minds 4. Open it's mouth hide to reveal a giant, bug like mouth made of rotten, stinking flesh and eat it's victims whole and 5. Smell its victims fear. </li> </li>

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