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Cquote1 G'day, mate. The name's Voltage Bouncealot... and before you say anything, I am A KANGAROO! ...Just sayin'... Cquote2
Voltage asserting that she is a kangaroo

Behind that short-tempered and sarcastic front of hers is a truly loyal companion. It's just really hard to get that side of Voltage Bouncealot to come out. She is a female kangaroo of Downundan descent and a major character in The Huntstonian Chronicles. Like the Von Fang sisters, Voltage is also a Hunter - an individual with the power to cast Huntstonian Magic spells - but her affinity lies with the element of Thunder.


Voltage is a Mobian kangaroo standing at four feet, eleven inches. She sports a slightly broad and stocky physical build, a pair of long pointy ears on top of her head, a long muzzle with three tufts of fur on each side and a round black nose at the center. Much of her body bears a reddish-brown color while a desert sand shade of brown rests around her chest, stomach, muzzle, and inner ears, and lush maroon hair can be seen propped on her head. Her eyes sport a dark, reddish-brown coloration and tufts of black fur can be seen at the tip of her ears and around her fingers.

Voltage wears a slightly form-fitting deep red soccer jersey, a pair of white arm sleeves with black stripes along their outer sides, matching white shorts with black stripes, black calf-length socks, and a pair of red and white athletic shoes with cleats on the outsole. She also sports a dark brown hat with teeth-like decorations on its ribbon at top of her head and her trademark bladed-boomerang can be seen holstered on the back of her waist.


Voltage is mostly defined by her short-tempered and generally unfriendly demeanor. She is quick to insult others, usually thinking most people she meets as being idiots, whether or not that is actually true. This often causes most people to be turned off and just try to avoid her. Behind that front, however, is someone who's definitely a loyal companion and ally, almost to a fault in Glacier's case. That said, her ill-tempered and sarcastic nature is almost always still present in some way either way.

Because of her short temper, Voltage is normally very quick to violence and can be seen strangling or even choking people half to death in a rather comical manner almost every few minutes more often than not. Although, this one trait also makes her a rather intimidating and deadly foe on the field, as her somewhat frequent bursts of rage, backed up with her incredible physical prowess and electromancy, make her a frankly terrifying bolt of lightning that can strike as many times as she damn well pleases.

She also sports an incredibly dry wit, making sarcastic remarks whenever the opportunity presents itself and is often the first to express her opinion on a situation, even when she has no knowledge about the topic. I guess you could say her mouth moves faster than her brain does, which has the unfortunate side effect of people having trouble understanding her sometimes. Though she is very practical in intelligence, she can act quite dopey in most days and not really think about what goes on around her.


Early Life

Voltage’s parents came to Huntstonia a few weeks before she was born. A few years after her birth in Royalcoast Horizon, Voltage soon became friends with the Von Fang sisters, with her closest friend being Glacier. Some time later, her parents gave birth to her younger brother, Wayne, who would unfortunately later die at the age of nine years from an unfortunate firearm accident, leaving her with much emotional trauma and a phobia for such weapons.

Sometime later, she enrolled into the Hunter Academy along with Glacier and was noted to be one of the best in terms of raw physical strength, making any drills or exercises that required that quite a breeze for her. Upon graduating, she and Glacier traveled to the Temple of the Hunt with Glacier. It is there that she received a blessing from the Huntstone of Thunder, granting her a strong affinity for the element of Thunder.

A few years later, after the deaths of the Von Fang sisters' parents, she joined up with them to find out just what went down, using it as an excuse to run away from her seemingly-uncaring parents and fulfill her desire of wanting to do something without them for a change. Little did they know that they would stumble upon something much bigger...


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Powers and Abilities

As a Hunter, Voltage is adept in casting magic spells through the manipulation of the mana flowing within her. With her strong affinity for the element of Thunder, she is exceptionally skilled in casting spells pertaining to that element. She also sports a level of electrokinesis with this affinity, allowing her to glide through the air by projecting electricity below her, or produce a powerful shockwave by crashing right into the ground feet-first after jumping high into the air with her signature Voltage Stormbringer technique.

Voltage is also sports a level of physical strength that's rather impressive for a girl of her age. In addition, as she is a kangaroo, she sports a pair of incredibly powerful legs, granting her an impressive level of speed and jumping ability as well. This means she can cover a lot of distance in a relatively short amount of time and can hit her foes just as hard, making her the party's fastest member as well as the best in terms of raw power, second only to Rocky Mackintosh.

Voltage also possesses an impressive proficiency with the usage of the whip, the alternate form of choice of her Hunter Staff. Unlike most other whip users, however, Voltage's usage of the weapon is rather unrefined and wild, for lack of better term. However, she does seem to have some semblance of precision with the weapon, since she doesn't seem to injured herself with it very often.

Some of her signature maneuvers with the whip include the Voltage Lift, in which she pulls herself towards a location of her choice albeit not too distant from her position by lashing her whip towards it, the Spark Thrasher, in which she knocks the opponent upward with an upward swing of her whip, the Shock Spiral, in which she dives downwards in a spiraling motion while twirling the whip around her person, and the Piercing Blitzer, where she wraps the lash of the whip around her arm before rushing in with a mighty blow coated in electricity as the lash quickly unravels and twirls around her arm.

Voltage also sports a mean throwing arm, which she makes good use of with her trademark bladed-boomerang, the Volt Slicer. Naturally, it should go without saying that she can use both weapons with her magical prowess in conjunction, making her a dangerous fighter to tangle with.


  • Hunter Staff - Voltage's primary arm, Voltage performs majority of her spellcasting through this tool and it can be morphed into a lethal whip, allowing her to fight from a distance.
  • Volt Slicer - a weapon that can be best described as a slightly-larger-than-average bladed boomerang, it serves as Voltage's sidearm and is a fairly-effective ranged weapon.


Voltage's short temper often gets the better of her in a fight, more often than not by letting someone exploit it in one way or another. In addition, she is unfortunately lacking in her precision with spellcasting. This means that it's possible for her to wear herself out if she pushes herself too hard in a fight, especially when casting more powerful spells which naturally require a lot more mana to use.

Speaking of her spellcasting, Voltage's spells are also powered by mana, and she can only cast so many spells before requiring some time to restore her energy. Thankfully, her physical prowess can cover for her if ever she does run out of mana to cast spells with. However, her affinity to the element of Thunder renders her vulnerable to the element of Earth, and her spells are incredibly ineffective against any Hunters with an affinity for the Earth element, such as Rocky. 

Voltage also happens to have a fear of snake Mobini and gunfire, meaning it is very likely to find herself paralyzed with fear whenever she comes across the former or literally any type of firearm. The latter is one reason why Voltage doesn't like being around Ricky quite a bit, since he is known to be an incredible marksman with his twin handguns.


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  • Voltage has a very bad habit of getting her head stuck in things, such as holes, trees and even guitars. This often comes up as a Running Gag.
  • The teeth-like decorations on her hat is actually a reference to Crocodile Dundee.
  • Although she is usually very tough and serious, Voltage actually has a strange affection for "cute things".
  • She is often hilariously mistaken by others to be a weasel or wallaby, which often riles her up and is also a Running Gag.
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