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The Volt-Tether is a lightning whip created to allow the user to reach areas they normally couldn't by jumping alone. Basically this is a grappling hook fashioned from pure electricity.


Mobian Users

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Pokemon Users


The Volt-Tether was first created by Fulgurkinetics as a way of getting around without touching solid ground, or to be more specific, to get around easier.


Pretty much any electrokinetic can use it. However they must be able to ensure that the electricity will keep its shape and be able to attach to the point the user seeks to reach.

Significant Variants

Hydro-Hook - Water Variant

Shadow-Grapple - Shadow Variant

Combat capabilities

As stated above, the Tether is essentially a grappling hook. A fulgurkinetic who knows this move can use it to pull themselves towards a foe or pull the same enemy towards themselves.

Weak Points

It can be canceled out by stronger electrokinetics, and cannot connect to water or anything that cannot conduct electricity.


This move isn't very stable and can backfire, causing it to disperse.


This move is based off of the Electric Tether move that originated from the videogame "Infamous 2"