Volt Tackle is a powerful electric move.


The user begins this technique by charging straight at the opponent head-on. As they gain speed, the user lets loose electricity from their entire body, completely cloaking themselves in it.

When the user gets within range of the target, the user makes one final burst/dash/lunge straight at the opponent, slamming directly into the foe. The speed at which the user moves, combined with the electricity, allows this technique to cause heavy damage to the target.

In addition, this attack can be sustained, so long as the user has enough power to continue releasing the electricity, allowing them to take another shot should they miss the opponent the first time. However, forcing electricity out of one's body at a continuous rate puts a massive strain on the user's body.

Coupled with the resulting blast from making impact with the opponent, this technique causes mild to severe damage to the user, dependent on how much electricity they were forcing out, and the power of the impact.


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