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This is an article about Volitus the Dog, a character created by Megaphantaze on 07/4/2014.

Volitus is the strongest member of the Caliber masters, who were born from the fusion of Tohutu's and Raske's emeralds.


Volitus is a big white and dog. He has white ears and back and front hair. He also has white jacket and gloves same as Knuckles' gloves. This represents his strength (he has fingers under them). Volitius also has white pants and shoes.


Volitus is the strongest member of the Caliber masters. Although he is strong, he knows much about science and is clever. He shows respect to scientists and is interested especially of Physics.

Volitus can be sometimes stubborn, and short-tempered. He can sometimes be responsible, since he takes lots of care of his face.


Volitus is one of the Caliber masters, who was born from the fusion of the two Caliber emeralds. Volitus was born, when Tohutu and Raske met at Raske's base, when Pimedus discovered fusion karti masters. When he discovered that Tohutu and Raske can summon one of them, he arranged a meeting between these two. When they combined emeralds, Volitus, the master of the power was born.


Volitus is a powerful dog with a lot of strength. He is capable of lifting heavy objects and other heavy stuff. He also is known to have a strong body; Inside it, he has instead of water a liquid called "antinertia", which protects Volitus' body from attacks. The hit/Bullet/etc. to body will eliminate the Inertia of the weapon used to him. Volitus' body doesn't protect him from heat or cold, but the fire and ice attacks can do some damage.  He also has fists, which can pierce anything... Except Diamond and that harder material.


Volitus has a iron like body, which can take any hit. Weak spot is legs, which can be stomped. His eyes are also his weak spot.  The sensitive spot of Volitus' body is his ribs. They do are hard as metal too, but they can be tickled. But usually tickling will lead to situation, that Volitus will punch anyone, who tries to tickle him. 

General info

Volitus found a new love called Squall the Fox, an aerokinetic, who is one of the strong girls of forest of the north. Volitus has also an interest to purple objects like Amethysts. After meeting Squall, Volitus has put his mind the place, where grows fairy fruits. These fruits are known to boost up eater's abilities.

Fun Facts

Volitus is Estonia and means "power".

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