Volcana, the Goddess of Flames
Mt. Volcana
Dr. Nega, Luna, and Metal Blaze.
The Chaotix team, Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, and anyone else who's an enemy of Dr. Nega's.
Doing favors for Dr. Nega, hanging around the casino area, etc.
Swimming pools.
Theme Song

"Again with this 'Scorch'! You're the second person to mistake me for her today!"
Dimensional Chaos Part 1

Volcana, the Goddess of Flames, usually referred to as simply Volcana, is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic series, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. Unlike most of the other Elemental Goddesses, she is not a blood relative of Scorch, but rather her parallel dimension equivalent. Volcana has made her debut in Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos.


Being Scorch's dimensional counterpart, the major thing that Volcana has in common with her is a strong sense of loyalty. However, she does possess some personality traits that are the exact opposite of her "sister's", such as being more laid back and generally less "hot-headed". Although both Fire/Flame Goddesses care about their siblings, Volcana is a lot more open about it, as she demonstrated during her encounter with Splash (whom she mistook for Oceana).


Sometime during (or before) the fourth Elements of Power episode, Dr. Nega decides to do more research on dimensional travel, and eventually decides to rebuild and upgrade his dimensional camera (which Silvra broke during the EoP Christmas Special). After doing so, he decides to put it to a test, and ends up discovering an alternate dimension that's parallel to that of Sonic and company's.

Unaware of this fact at the time, Dr. Nega, after accidentally releasing Volcana from her prison, initially mistakes her for Scorch, but she assured him that the two of them are entirely different people, and that she's never heard of Scorch before. She then introduces herself as Volcana, the Goddess of Flames, and thanks Nega for releasing her, stating that she'll do anything to repay him for helping her. From there, Nega came to the realization that the dimension he discovered was a world that was parallel to that of Sonic and company's. Taking advantage of Volcana's offer, Dr. Nega began putting his plan into action, with the first step being to raid Dr. Robotnik's base to steal the blueprints for the EG Experiments.



Doctor Nega

"I feel as if I just can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. I am forever in your debt. If there’s anything else that you need, don’t hesitate to let me know. Regardless of what it is, I’d be more than happy to do it. Just name it, and it shall be done."
Dimensional Chaos Part 1

Volcana's relationship with Dr. Nega is almost exactly the same as the one that Scorch has with Dr. Robotnik. After Nega released Volcana from a thousand plus years of imprisonment within the gem, she's sworn eternal loyalty to him out of gratitude, doing anything that she can to repay this favor. Although the two of them seem to get along quite well, Volcana, throughout the course of the story, has begun to have second thoughts about the doctor, particularly after noticing that Dr. Nega kept Luna, Oceana, Frostina, and the PG Experiments in the dark about his true intentions.

On at least two occasions, Volcana was seen questioning the morality of what she's been doing, wondering whether or not assisting Dr. Nega was the right thing to do. Despite this moral dilemma, Volcana still feels as if she's obligated to repay the favor that Nega's done for her, and still continues to serve him.


  • Volcana's color scheme is meant to resemble that of a gas fire, which is commonly blue on stoves and grills.
  • Similar to Shock and Storm, Volcana (coincidentally) shares a name with two characters; one from the Marvel Comics franchise, and one from the DC Universe.
  • Like Scorch, Splash, and Slush, her age is a reference to the "over nine thousand" meme from Dragon Ball Z.
  • Volcana was formerly known as "the Goddess of Lava", but SolarBlaze decided to change her title, because he did not think it clicked very well.
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