Galeheart Volaris is the "super" form of Volaris the Tornadic Creeperhog, and is achieved by her coming into contact with the Gale Orb of Khazri.

Physical Description

Upon achieving transformation, Volaris grows considerably in size, now standing close to ten feet tall on her hind legs. Her arms are now transformed into large, feathered wings, while her quills grow a bit longer; some of them become wispier at the tips. The quills on her back grow into a smaller pair of wing-like extensions, although these are generally not used for flight, as her primary wings are more than enough to achieve liftoff. Her feet become more like the talons of a bird, and her tail grows longer as well, becoming much more feathery in the process. The feathered ruff on her neck grows longer, and her ears grow longer, as well.

Her fur remains silver in color, with a white muzzle, chest, and stomach, while her eyes still have teal deer irises with black scleras. Her claw-like fingers at the end of her main wings, as well as the lower, scaly parts of her legs, are gray in color.


Base Stats
SpeedGreat - on land
Godlike - flight
ReflexesGreat - on land
Godlike - flight
Other Stats

Upon transforming into her Galeheart form, Volaris' aerokinetic abilities skyrocket (no pun intended), and her mastery over the Wind element is on-par with that of Khazri's. She is now capable of true flight, and is blisteringly fast in the air, able to achieve the speed of sound if she pushes herself to the limits. Her overall physical strength, and the strength of her energy-based attacks, also increases by a considerable amount, although her overall durability and resistance doesn't increase much at all, making her a glass cannon of sorts.

With her physical strength increased, she's now surprisingly threatening in close-quarters combat, especially thanks to her high level of agility that allows her to strike fast and hard with her claws and teeth; where she shines is with her energy-based attacks, however. She also still has the ability to absorb Wind-element attacks and become stronger, up to a certain point, of course. A constant gale of wind surrounds her when when she's reached her limit of wind-absorption.


Volaris is resistant to the Elements of Poison (being able to use her aerokinesis to nullify Poison techniques) and Nature, and immune to the Element of Wind. While still not durable, she's incredibly agile, and her very keen senses makes it hard for people to get the drop on her.


Volaris is weak to the Elements of Earth and Electricity. She's probably the least durable of the Advanced Creeperhogs even when transformed, but makes up for this with her sheer speed and reflexes. As a manipulator of Wind, being physically restrained weakens her aerokinesis by a considerable amount, but her Galeheart form is too powerful to have her aerokinesis be completely nullified by physical restraint alone.

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