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The Void is inhabited solely by people, objects, and places forgotten by time. Due to the restrictions of the dimension itself, after the population reaches a certain amount, the dimension resets, sending all that previously existed within it's realm into the Void Orb and used to keep the dimension stable. This endless cycle can be considered unsuitable to inhabit, but the inhabitants seem to make it work, considering that most of them had previously faced inevitable death.


In truth, the Void of Memory has existed since the beginning of sentient life. It was created by the very first forgotten thought, and was originally a small, condensed room with a simple speck of a memory floating around. And then more things became forgotten over time... Quickly the room was filled with objects, lifeforms, etc. that would have no space in sentient memory, and had to quickly expand to fit this influx of new inhabitants. Those within this world would be able to create whatever they wanted out of thin air, and their thoughts would increasingly expand and develop the void into a lush, tranquil environment.

At some point, the void simply could not increase in size, and slowly became unstable. Portions of the world were completely blacking out, large shining cracks would appear all over and send the inhabitants back into reality, etc. Eventually, the Void would simply collapse in on itself, and all that was destroyed in this event was reformed into the Void Orb, which would stabilize the dimension once more and set a limit on the space of what could exist within it. Whenever the amount of objects outweighed the limit, all within the world would become part of the Void Orb, and would slightly increase the size of the void's boundaries. But as this continued, the world itself would become unstable once more. The emotional energy from all those who longed to exist once more would effectively snowball together into a massive surge of emotional energy, ripping massive holes in the space between the void and reality, and plunging huge segments of both into eachother.

A massive amount of the energy concealed within the orb was released to mend the holes between the worlds, but would greatly reduce the size of the void once more. Despite this fact, many objects and people from reality simply could not exist in the world, due to them not being fully forgotten. These beings were converted into a seperate form of energy that would simply linger throughout the Void and mend any breaches between both worlds. All was good... for a time.

One day, a powerful emperor by the name of Sartorius Vhan had been plunged into the Void, and seamlessly merged with the orb. But as if by chance, Vhan's dark power had somehow overpowered the orb, and rather than him becoming part of it, the opposite occurred. This had caused a massive disturbance in the void, shattering the stability of the world and reducing it to simple fragments of what it once was.

Notable Areas

Being an unstable, unconnected dimension, most of the void consists of empty black space for miles around. Despite this, there are many locations that can still be visited if you're lucky. These include the:

  • Memory Lane: an endless road lined with doors that store all forgotten memories, whether they belong to inhabitants of the void or beings still existing in reality. These doors can be opened and entered, allowing people to interact with the scenario contained within the memory, while their actions to not alter anything, as when one leaves the memory, it resets to its original parameters.
  • Nightmare Museum: An ever-expanding museum lined with many of the worlds most disturbing nightmares, all stored within various forms of art. Whether it be sculptures, portraits, or actual physical duplicates of the negative dreams, it will be there. It's best to only explore when the nightmares are inactive, as they will kill anything that moves while active.
  • Hall of Fame: A special variant to the Nightmare Museum, this one instead storing all information of the greatest people, ideas, and scenarious to ever be forgotten. Unlike Memory Lane, these records can only be read and observed without any input allowed, as these ones are much more frail in their connection to the void.
  • Outskirts: A land where newly forgotten objects and people form an espansive land that slowly moves towards the center as time passes and new forgotten things take their place.
  • String Carnival: On the outskirts of the Void's reach lies a magical pocket-dimension comprised of a town-sized carnival where many newcomers to the void often go to have fun, unaware that the carnival itself is a true portal to unnoticable misery.
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