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All who wear the Arch-Faces exemplify the exact opposite of what sin they wear. Whether it be a tame, quiet man being overwhelmed with Wrathful rage or a normally clean and pure person inheriting Lust, the rule must apply for whatever Arch-Face they obtain. The current wearers of the masks include:

LUST: Flamefly Steam : A lustful and openminded woman cursed by the inability to touch anything without burning it. Flamefly possesses large butterfly wings of flame and wields a magic pair of sickles that burn anything they cut.

GREED: Gold N Nightbone : A wealth-obsessed creature resembling a bone-thin humanoid. Armed with a jewel-studded cannon as well as full immunity to blast-damage, this being can turn a battlefield into hundreds of smoldering craters in mere seconds.

PRIDE: Princess Overtone : R E D A C T E D

SLOTH: Immobile Felice : A lazy and constantly drowsy cat that often lazes around and moves via a wheeled board. Touting a giant Lion shield, Felice is often seen on the frontlines to build up damage and return it with an explosive counter.

ENVY: Coloa Cephalop : A once-famous squid-girl that possesses an immense amount of self-loathing over how everyone just seems to be better than her at everything, especially art, which happened to be her passion before donning the mask. Armed with an enourmous paintbrush and the ability to wield elements based on the color of paint used, Cephalop seeks to erase all that are better than her from existence until only she remains, therefore automatically being the best by default.

GLUTTONY: Monoga Clirwing : A lanky insectoid being who once fought for his people as a general but now obsesses over having the rarest objects, no matter the practical/impractical reasoning for owning it may be. Despite his selfishness, Clirwing still retains his leadership skills and can easily devise a foolproof plan that overwrites almost every possible scenario, this made easier by his extended range and his weapon of choice, a massive musical double-horn that allows him to see with the sound he creates via sonar.

WRATH: Fragmented Lymb : The final member of the Arch-Face users. Once the leader of the Void Ensemble after the death of Sartorius, he tried to fight back against his pursuers by reviving Vhan's fragments to reform based on one's desires, but was eventually pushed into a corned and donned the mask out of desperation. The only member who previously embodied the mask's sin right before wearing it, this man has brought out the true power of the Arch-Face of Wrath, though sacrificed what little remained of his soul for power.


The policies that the wearers of the masks must abide by (whether aware or not) is to follow the sin that their mask represents. The only other rule is to aid the Fasins and the remaining Void Ensemble members in taking control of the world as revenge for destroying the Void of Memory. With their varying personalities, each member otherwise follows their own rules and methods to go about things, occasionally meeting up to discuss their ideas and other unimportant bits of information.

Base of Operations

The Arch-Face wearers operate from small forts established for each one in a basic part of the planet, though their rule is extended to every instance of this landscape. These include:

LUST: Plains

GREED: Shore

PRIDE: Tombs

SLOTH: Cities

ENVY: Oceans

GLUTTONY: Mountains

WRATH: Castles/Dungeons


The uniform of each Arch-Face wearer slightly varies. While the rest of their body is covered by black clothing that keeps their identity unidentifyable, they are distinguished by which mask they wear and what weapon they carry, if any.


As people were cast out/forgotten by society and plunged into the Void of Memory, their emotions and personalities began to intertwine with one another. With their increasing numbers these amalgamations of sin began to increase in power, eventually breaking free from the void and assaulting the realm of the living with an army of depression and fear and 7 generals representing the Seven Deadly Sins; Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Lust, Sloth, Envy, and Pride. Eventually the generals were captured and cursed, turned into seven masks and locked away miles beneath the planets surface, with a magic bind preventing them from returning to the Void unless worn by someone, and thus they laid their for an uncounted amount of time.

In the present day, the masks were discovered by a weary explorer desperate for cash and were planned to be sold to a museum, but this was interrupted as the train carrying them was hijacked by bizarre creatures made up of fragments of the late Sartorius Vhan post Void-Crossing, led by another who escaped the Void. All information on the masks' whereabouts from then on are unknown, but some may say that the thief is still at-large and may use them in an upcoming plan of sorts.

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