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Without a host, Fasins resemble dark-gray masks resembling humanoid faces locked in a formation commonly performed during despair. From the edges of these masks are flat, wavy tentacles that move with no control, being easily pushable by force of wind. While rarely visible, the back/inside of a Fasins mask is pitch-black with no light ever reaching without being swallowed by the shadow, as well as two beady white eyes in the middle.

Once one attaches to a host, A Fasin's tentacles will wrap around every visible spot of the hosts body to more easily take control. If the host is too big, a Fasin will manually crush and reconfigure the hosts body until it can fit, even if just barely. Once a Fasin has fully assimilated the host, the Fasin converts into a tall, muscular humanoid known as a FASOLDIER, with the mask now serving as the head. Excess tentacles serve as the Fasoldiers wings, often appearing wavy and asymmetrical, pluming out of the conversion point on the Fasoldiers back.


Fasins do not possess a personality of their own, but are instead controlled as a hivemind. This mentality often has them simply float around in massive numbers and organized patterns, restraining and swallowing anything that comes in range. Other behaviors of Fasins involve wandering narrow passages searching for prey or clinging onto walls and other such surfaces to remain grounded, often being mistaken for modern-day abstract art. Fasoldiers are more active, though still travel in numbers and can be considered as "puppets" of a higher entity. These units generally brutalize prey to weaken them and force them into being consumed by a Fasin. They will also protect what they are ordered to with their own bodies, as if they themselves are still pawns just like the base Fasins.


While in the Void of Memory, many beings who simply drifted about in the infinite space simply existed in a meditative state consisting of purely negative emotion, being incapable of moving or reacting. When Sartorius had merged with the Void Orb and disrupted the balance of the Void, the negative energy reacted with the emotions of those beings and took physical shape, molding overtime into basic Fasins. Throughout his reign as the god of the Void, Sartorius had created countless numbers of Fasins, which would often float about and attach to whatever they could find for sustinence. Eventually, as openings in the Void to reality briefly appeared, many Fasins were accidentally sucked in and arrived in reality. Sartorius was at first infuriated by this, but quickly realized that this could be the start of his new ambitions of assimilating reality with the Void.

The first wave of Fasins was a disasterous event to those who existed in those times. Unknown beings were consumed, some entire species had gone missing as well while these mysterious masked beings wandered the planet and laid waste to many great civilizations. With the planet dwindling on infertility from very little life, the Fasoldiers slowly died off from lack of sustenance as the remaining organics had gone into hiding deep underground. After the Fasins had starved out of existence within the bounds of reality, the planet's populace had begun to increase once more, though had taken a different evolutionary path, having gone from mostly humans to hybrids of multiple different species, whether plant or animal did not matter. The Fasins of the past only make up a small percentage of the current amount Sartorius currently has floating about in the Void, and the number only rises as the clock strikes closer to doomsday.

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While Fasins have no inherit powers of their own, Fasoldiers' powers can vary. If one consumes a being with a certain power, a Fasoldier can replicate that power, often changing form to adapt to that power and building the same resistances and weaknesses that power generally carries with it. Fasins and Fasoldiers communicate through a bizarre and obscure form of sonar, generating waves that could easily deafen those with already weak-hearing capabilities. Both Fasins and Fasoldiers can also change shape using their tentacles, though Fasins can generally create more from this as they have more open and unused tentacles. This can range from simply sharpening their tentacles to merging their tentacles together when in great number to physically imitate organic life, sometimes being even bigger than what they are imitating.


Fasins, as well as Fasoldiers, feed on the negative emotions of their host. Whether it be anger, fear, any kind of depression, etc., Fa-beings will attract to it and use that as their main food-source. The more negative energy that a being is emanating, the stronger the Fasoldier. To sustain such negative emotions for long, the Fasoldier will brainwash its host into experiencing a neverending repeat of negative emotions and thoughts to keep them in that state. When that being can no longer generate negative-energy, the Fasoldier will instead use that beings life-force to sustain itself. Fasoldiers generally consume this in great amounts, often regurgitating the lifeless husk of the host and degenerating back into a Fasin within two months max.


The weakness of the Fasins as well as the Fasoldier is exactly the same. In the backs of both will be massive holes that are used to ventilate and keep the host alive. One can actually pull out the host from this hole, as well as use ranged-attacks to damage the Fasoldier from within, often defeating it in an instant. These attacks generally leave the host unharmed, though all hosts are unconscious when first removed and can take between a minute to several days to awaken. If all energy is drained from the host, a Fasoldier will diminish back into a Fasin, which will disintegrate if 3 days pass without sustenance.

Fasins have one last major weakness, that being that if one can make the being trapped inside smile, then the mask will just break entirely. This can be caused by a number of things, such as the consumed person remembering good memories or finding a way to see positivity in the negativity that Fasins condition them into, or by a much simpler method, tickling. Fasoldiers are oddly enough very ticklish, having only been discovered by complete accident. Their most sensitive spots are in the spaces between arm and torso or behind the knee-area and the area where their tentacles connect to seal it up.

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