On a cold, dark night

where not many go to play

the Ensemble comes

to instill fear through dismay

The Void Ensemble are a group of forgotten beings all having once been consumed by the Void of Memory and recruited by Sartorius Vhan. They work to one day drag all of reality into their ranks, as a form of equality and as revenge for forgetting about their many great talents and feats. The Void Ensemble recruit only the most skilled and unique beings into higher ranks, but there's still a chance for pretty much anyone regardless.


Leading Maestro

Pride Jester

String Paradise



  1. Pledge your very soul to your work and make equality your only goal
  2. Equality is truth. No members may grasp at fame without all others being brought along.
  3. Those who bask in reality with no fantasy to balance it are inexcusable and must be salvaged.

Base of Operations

Being the VOID Ensemble, their main base would definitely be the Void of Memory... at least, that's what one would expect. The REAL Void is instead a meeting ground for members and introductions to new members, while Sartorius is the only one who stays their to watch over the whole dimension. Pride Jester rules over the Chaos Realm, while the String Paradise operate in the String Carnival, which lies on the outskirts of the void's outer shell, which most confuse as the void itself.


After Sartorius' revival from fusing with the Void Orb, he had begun observing the many things flowing through as well as the world he once inhabited. Outraged of how the world had forgotten his struggle for power, Sartorius began manipulating the objects around him and began making basic soldiers. It was at this time that he had encountered Mr. Strings, who was tasked with guarding the Void Orb.

At first, Mr. Strings had attacked Sartorius, seeing him as an unjust intruder on what was supposed to be HIS power, but after an extremely quick fight between the two, Sartorius had proven just why the Void Orb fused with him. Mr. Strings was forced to ally with Sartorius to survive, and had fled to his String Carnival as his base of operations. There, he would ally many performers and former entertainers as time progressed, secretly hoping one day to usurp Sartorius and claim his rightful place as god of the Void.

Eventually, Sartorius' wife would fall into the void, after having been gruesomely crushed to death by a demonic pile of oil. She would quickly regenerate, with assistance from Sartorius, back to her prime. She was then assigned to lead an area between the Void and reality, where both planes of existence clashed, creating a realm of true discord and physics were almost non-existent. There, she too had recruited a sizable number of agents, as she was able to more closely observe people being transferred to the void through that realm than Sartorius. Now, their numbers grow by sizable amounts almost daily, and are coming close to succeeding in their plans for what they believe to be "equality."

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