Voda the Sea Foxidna is the child of Water Clan member Orina the Sea Fox and Ocean Nomad Kyle the Echidna.

Voda the Sea Foxidna

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsPending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Sea Foxidna
  • Fur: Purple, w/ white muzzle fur
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Orange t-shirt
  • Brown long-sleeve shirt
  • Black jeans
  • Blue shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Novice hydrokinesis
  • Limited hand-to-hand combat
  • Somewhat good at stealthy movement.
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Voda looks like an ordinary little Mobian child, with innocent blue eyes, red hair just past her shoulders, and purple fur, complete with white muzzle fur and white tail-tip on her bushy purple tail and the same webbed paws as all Sea Foxes.


Voda doesn't dress like most Clan children, instead wearing an orange t-shirt over a brown long-sleeve shirt, plus black jeans and blue shoes, all a gift from her father while staying with him.


Early Years

The result of a three-month relationship between Orina the Sea Fox, a Water Clan priestess, and Kyle the Echidna, an Ocean Nomad teacher and friend of Acqua, Voda's aunt, Voda was a source of joy and pleasure for both of her parents, even though Kyle was on his travels when she was born, arriving three months later. However, his regular nine-month absences and three months together grated on Orina, and she grew darker, especially when, despite being part Sea Fox, she didn't show any true signs of water manipulation at the age of two. As such, while Voda was two, when Kyle requested to take her with him next year for mutual care, Orina attacked him in front of their daughter.

It was revealed then just how dark that the priestess had gotten, especially when she started to manipulate the liquid component of Kyle's blood - a forbidden technique to all hydrokinetics. However, the attack was noticed by Acqua, who alerted the clan leader, Tsunamos the Possum. Between the soldier and clan leader, despite Orina dropping the forbidden technique before either of the other clan members noticed it's use, she had still struck Kyle and drawn blood. Tsunamos served as a judge, and pointed out that every nine months, Kyle was nomadic, before spending the final three months in Ocearia, as all of the Ocean Nomads did, waiting out the major storms. His idea was to let Voda travel with Kyle, starting from the following year, and then alternating - one year with each parent. Kyle was happy, and instantly agreed, while Orina was a lot more resentful, but due to Acqua restraining her physically, she agreed. However, Voda grew even more fearful of her mother, and of the power over water that she bore, and even though Acqua taught her the basics, the toddler barely ever showed them in use.

Traveling with Father

Soon after her third birthday, Kyle took Voda with him into the city, a rare treat. Voda loved her time with her doting father, who bought her clothes and toys, things that the over-religious and dark Orina would refuse. Acqua spent some time with the duo, confiding in Kyle her belief that Voda was afraid of her powers. The echidna agreed that it didn't seem right, and promised that he'd try to fix the issue while traveling. At the end of the three-month storm season, he introduced Voda to his traveling companions, including the three kids around her age, and with that, they set off.

While they traveled, Kyle started working with his daughter, teaching her the same basics that Acqua had gone over. However, the young hybrid still refused to show any sign of these abilities, remaining insular. Even so, after two months, Kyle noticed something - the boats had pulled up for the night in a peaceful lagoon, and everything was fine... except Voda had vanished. He followed her footprints, and found the three and a half year old girl walking on water, a technique normally taught to advanced students. What was more, she was moving completely silently, in flow with the water, not forcing it to be still as most master hydrokinetics would. This made her hard to track, but also showed that she wasn't unable to use the powers, but the complete opposite - the young girl was a natural, a prodigy. He then waded into the water and started teaching her in the moonlight, and she showed him the techniques he was expecting, the standard water jets and bubbles. Even so, the ability to manipulate surface tension was unusual, and he kept it in mind.

At the end of the nine-month trip, Voda, at Kyle's urging, showed Acqua her skill at moving on water. This drastically impressed her aunt, who she admitted felt to her like her true mother, because Orina scared her. Voda admitted she'd seen her mother manipulate Kyle's bodily fluids, and just that action had brought water to become a monster's power to her. However, Acqua admitted that there was nothing they could do about that, a year after the event, and so, the current arrangement would stay, with Voda spending a year with each parent. She also admitted that after seeing the technique, she felt that Voda was going to be an extremely talented assassin in the future.


Voda is a hydrokinetic prodigy. Learning at an extremely fast rate, while she's shown no combat techniques, due to her age, she has the master's ability to move on water, without using a master's technique of stopping and controlling the water - Voda's method is simple manipulation of the surface tension, increasing it so her lightly-built child's body wouldn't sink.

However, due to her use of water being sparing, and her age preventing her from combat training, it is uncertain what her weakness is, and how many combat attacks the four-year-old knows.


Quiet, almost to the point of being shy, Voda is a reasonably passive young girl, afraid of her mother after Orina's actions against Kyle, her father. This fear extended towards water for more than a year, before her father managed to draw her out of the shell. She is also known to act like Acqua is more of a mother to her than her actual mother.





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