Vladitor the Dark is a being that was sealed in the Doom Dimention for trying to take over Mobius.

Personality & Traits

Physical Traits

As a Dragon

As a dragon, Valditor is a jet black dragon with dark purple eyes.

As a Hedgehog

As a hedgehog, he is black with purple stripes and red eyes. His physical age is 19.


He is cold hearted and cruel. Ever since he has been trapped in the Doom Dimention, he has vowed he would get his revenge.

Powers & Abilities


He is known to be the lord of darkness, with power higher then the demon lord, Zant.

Soul Stealer

He has the ability to steal people's soul and create a darker and powerful version of the person. This power is limited, since he can only take the people who has darkness inside of them.


He has the ability to take control of people. You can tell if someone has or is being possesed by Vladitor, their eyes are a darker shade then their original and it has a tint of purple in their pupils.


In the Doom Dimention

He was sealed inside the Doom Dimention for trying to take over Mobius. There, he planned to get his revenge, by creating creatures. He created Renée from there so that she could unwillingly spy on the world.

Fanon: Allies and Enemies


Zant the Demon

Damon the Damon

Renée the Magician (Rarely, mostly when she's under control)


Leonidas the Magician (Main enemy)

Renée the Magician(Mostly)

X And Zero the Hedgehog

Leraku the Hedgecat

Mark the Fox

Dawn the Fox


  • "My name is Vladitor the Dark, Lord of Darkness" -When introducing himself.
  • "You are a fool to oppose me, prepare to meet your doom! -When facing Leonidas for the first time.


He is not related to Mephiles in anyway.

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