Vixen's Kiss is a close-range Scorch-elemental assassination technique, used primarily by those who entrance and seduce their targets.


Upon getting within range of the target, either through gaining their trust, seducing them, or restraining them, the user kisses the target on the lips. While kissing the target, the user drains the target's body of moisture, killing them upon completion. This technique requires great stealth and deception to get within range of using this technique, or capabilities in restraining the target. In order for this technique to work, it must be completed from beginning to end, or up to a point when the target is incapacitated. Using chemicals or aphrodesiac to daze the target and mask the effects of this attack make it all the more effective. However, this attack involves getting very close to the target, putting the user within range of virtually any attack, should the target be not properly distracted or restrained.




Due to being used solely for assassination and murder, and being a risky close-range attack, this technique is an A-Rank attack.

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