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Vivian Daraku
Vivian Daraka.png
Black Mage
Power to use black magic


Vivian was once a human who studied magic as an ordinary magician. But soon became power hungry and tried creating spells that require enourmous amount of mana that she cannot obtain. Soon she started using the power of the eath, draining its life energy, this is called black magic. Black magic is forbiden for it corrupts the body and mind of whoever uses it. After draining the earth's life energy so much, her body has become deformed as a side effect from using it. She soon went demon after taking in so much, and became a threat for her mind became as corrupt as her body. Mia soon sealed her away into the Southern Border while putting a sleeping spell on her. Around 100 years go by and the spell soon faded away from her. She then went about killing the demons there, until she heard something about a princess of the Southern Border while killing a royal soldier. It is said that the princess is the strongest demon in the Southern Border. Wanting more power, she sent out a message to the adivsor to the princess by killing the royal guards. This caught the attention of the princess who was Mariko, a young witch with the power of a thousand magicians. After getting defeated by Mariko, she grew agressive and started killing innocent demons that serve under Minori, a noble demon. Later Mariko searched for a way to alter the mind of Vivian so that she would no longer be power hungry. Mariko tried to get help by Henry, a fellow wizard, however he refused to enter the Southern Border, with no one else to turn to, Mariko found Minori who was rather upset by Vivian's behavior on her servants. By combining Mariko's magic and Minori's mind manipulation abilities, they successfully placed a curse on Vivian making her less agressive and power hungry, and soon the powerful want to kill Mariko became nothing but mere jealousy of her.


A demonic, inhumane, powerful black mage. Whoever uses the powers of black magic turn into Black mages after being altered so much from it. Vivian lives in the Southern Border's forest, constantly making plans to take down Mariko, however most of them is mere childish ideas and so no one takes her seriously about her plans. Vivian once was a blood thirsty killer till she was cursed by Mariko and Minori, the curse mark being the triangular symbol on her right bottom cheek. She now has become a jealous rival of Mariko with a child's mind. She is always visiting Catharina's mansion looking for weak demons to play with or trying to get them to join her to over throw Mariko.

Vivian in Mana Monster mode

Mana Monster Mode!

Since her body is so heavily consumed by black magic, it makes her more sensative to mana then the average witch or magician. When the full moon comes out, that's when a aura of mana is released to replenish the earth therefore creating fresh mana that spreads across the world. However this makes the earth's lifeforce temporaly stronger making her fully corrupt. She turns into a Black Demon, one of the worst of all creatures! This only lasts during the two full moons however, but when she becomes this, the curse on her breaks off till she reverts back, turning her back into her blood thirsty self. Those who have not taken serious of her are number one targets that she will kill without hesitation. Those who know this cycle never go into the forest of the full moon, while the foolish ones who are careless of this are killed and never seen again. Vivian doesn't like this transformation despite her love of black magic, it may be the curse talking...

Fun Facts

  • Her names means "Lively Corruption"
  • Due to her corruption of her body, she has inhanced strength and speed
  • She laughs alot
  • She can be considered insane
  • Even though Vivian appears to be 10 she's over 100 years old
  • When ever she drains black magic, the plants around her die
  • Catharina tends to dislike Vivian's visits and quicks her out most of the time
  • Vivan was self taught in magic
  • Her body is so corrupt, it cannot be treated