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A computer program come to life

Virus the hedgehog is created by user Chrismh 01:58, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

Physical information

  • Name: Virus
  • Age: Looks to be fifteen
  • Skin: Pale gray
  • Fur: Dark Gray
  • Other: Has dark gray markings on her skin, a green arrow going down her cheek.
  • A spark plug tail
  • Status: Single
  • Eyes: Glowing green
  • Hair/quills: She has four long spiked bangs, two long quills that reach her chest, and one big Sonic shaped quil in the back of her head.


Virus' outfit is very simple and pratical. She wears a dark aqua colored spandex arm and leg-less body suit. Resembling a bathing suit. Dark aqua boots with arrows pointing up at the hell and dark gray at the top. A electric garder like object is worn around her one leg with a matching one on her arm. On her head Virus wears two seperate pieced earphones.

Weapons and personal items

Virus only uses two primary items to fight with. "Bytes" Which are small computer bugs. And her Magnet Earphones which she can hold together to do things. (Such as wrapping her arms around a tree and using this to climg up it.) She also likes to charge up static and shock others with her tail.


  • Byte Bomb: Releases a explosive "Bug"
  • Shock therapy: Hugging or wrapping her tail around the target will send a jolt through them. But can also raise speed.


  • Hacking
  • She can charge objects by plugging her tail into their plugs.
  • Is very smart


  • She cant get wet
  • needs to be plugged in for at least three hours to go on for two days.
  • Very lazy
  • Her glowing spots react like a glow in the dark toy, and as such, she is easy to find in darkness.


A very friendly computer program who was made in order to check for Viruses and other dangers on a computer. She can chat with the user and offer small tips and hints. Virus comes off rather calm and mellow reguarding life in general. But she does often wonder if she'll eventually go back inside the computer or not. And wishes to experiences everything in life before that time comes. Being a program, she is very smart, but she is also very lazy now so its hard to make her do anything unless she wants to do it. She has a habit of choking people with her tail, but she doesn't mean to do this.


  • Electronics
  • Music
  • Thunderstorms (which can help power her up if hit by lightning.)
  • Pixel artwork


  • water
  • Accidentally shocking people
  • Learning
  • Perverted people or those who judge her because of how she dresses.


Virus was born from a computer, she started as a computer program until one day a chaos emerald came in contact with the screen. Somehow it messed with the data and Virus was born! She is much like her computer program self and as such, she will do any task she is asked. Virus doesn't know so much about living as she has no organs or does she need to breath. She is filled with computer wires and circuits but can still feel and touch things. She is considered to just be a real fleshed robot. But whether or not this is true is unknown. Currently she is hanging out in the Station Square town as she doesn't want to explore by herself.



  • "Aw... don't be like that! I only wanted a hug...."'
  • "Sparky Sparky!"
  • "I cant go in the rain, otherwise I'll shock everyone!"
  • "Please don't be mad..."


  • "A hundred percent satisfaction!"
  • "Download complete!"


  • "I guess my program isn't as advanced...."
  • "Maybe next time!"


  • Whenever her power is low, the glowing green pieces on Virus will begin to fade. Whenever the color vanishes completly, she will pass out until being plugged in again.
  • Despite being named Virus, she's not a harmful computer software.
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