Virulent Rain is a powerful Poison-aligned attack that draws power directly from the Elemental Realm of Poison.


The user takes time to focus their energies, and then summons several spheres of pure poison from the Elemental Realm of Poison itself to strike the foe. The spheres explode into a mixture of toxic gas and small, sharp barbs whenever they hit anything, and the resulting explosions can harm and potentially poison enemies who are too close by.

Despite the strength of this technique, it takes time for the user to focus and build a connection with the Poison Realm, leaving them vulnerable to counterattack during the charge time. It also drains a lot of stamina to use.


Pokemon Users




While this attack carries a great deal of sheer power, its long charge time, coupled with the fact that it drains a lot of the user's stamina, grants this technique an A-Rank.

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