Viridian Valley is is vast grass land that is at the center of the major locations in Ultimate Sonic. It is vast fields and hills.

While the purpose of this Adventure Field is to serve as center point to other important Adventure Fields like Hidden Palace and Central City, it's vast size and slight Action Stage like terrain is for the player to freely run through and have fun.

Major Locations

Green Hill inspired, the fields are unneccisarily large for the player to freely run over as well as hills and various cliffs to jump off. It is from this area you can reach other important Adventure Fields like Central City to the North and Chao Village to the North-West. East is where Dr. Eggman's base is located where he has the Egg Carrier, however the gate is locked (Perhaps also an EggRobo spawning point) until story progress allows access.

Directly South is the path that leads to the mountain region where Angel Island has crashed, going there will lead directly to Hidden Palace.

Map sign boards will be place that when interacted with, will allow the player to be instantly relocated to other map sign boards that are previously discovered in Viridian Valley, saving them trouble of traveling on foot.

Action Stages

South-West of Viridian Valley is a forest simular to Forest of Soleanna only a blizzard has frozen it over. However there is a place for the Ice Stone that will thaw the area and grant access to Blue Ridge.

South-East is a dark hill that leads up to the gates of Phantom Castle.

At the train station where you can access Central City is also where you will eventually be able to get to Terminal Station.

East of Viridian Valley is Eggmans base will open up and you can reach the Egg Carrier, it is through Cosmic Deck you can reach the Death Egg.


There are various people scattered around Viridian Valley. Most of them are around the Central City entrance.


  • The main inspiration for this place is Hyrule Field and Titanic Plain. Viridian Valley also serves as the rural Adventure Field like Mystic Ruins and the Forest of Soleanna. Though it's planned that all Adventure Fields will be roughly the same size.
  • The idea of a train station to Central City is homage to Sonic Adventure which also had a train station serving as entrance to the urban and rural Adventure Fields. Originally the entrance to Central City would of been a suspension bridge however there are no roads in Viridian Valley for the bridge to connect to. (However the idea is favoured and may happen as an unused road can connect Central City to Eggmans base to the East as decoration) If this will happen the entrance to the Temrinal Station will be placed randomly on the map.
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