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Viridian Jungle

Type Country/Zone

Dense jungles
Rivers and inland lakes

LocationSouthwestern area of Soumerca
Mobian Residents
Other Residents
Justified Alien Species

The Viridian Jungle is an area located in the southwestern area of the Mobian continent of Soumerca.



A large and lush stretch of jungle, the Viridian Jungle is dominated by towering tropical trees, which create a fairly thick canopy from which only about 10% of sunlight reaches the floor; in some places, the canopy is sparser, allowing for more sunlight. Many rivers run through the jungle, either running down to the Soumercan coastline, or into any of the relatively large, inland lakes that dot the jungle. Stretches of clearing can be found here and there, and the largest clearing is where the Tribe of the Solar Serpent has made their home.

Notable Areas

Unnamed Village

Located roughly in the center of the Viridian Jungle, it is a fairly large village that serves as the home of the Tribe of the Solar Serpent.

Jade Fortress Egg Base

A large base located in the southwestern area of the Viridian Jungle. It is owned by the Eggman Empire, and serves as one of the bases for the Soumerca Egg Army. This base is maintained by sub-boss Avalaine the Eagle, who answers directly to Soumerca Egg Boss Thunderbolt the Chinchilla.

Treetop HQ

A somewhat large base in the northwestern area of the jungle, built into the trees, it serves as the home of the Viridian Jungle Freedom Fighters.

Old Warehouse

Located at the southern outskirts of the Viridian Jungle, it serves as an entrance to the Silver Huntsmen Soumerca base.

Oblitus Sanctuary

An old, partially sunken temple that leads deep into the earth, it is said to lead to an alternate dimension, but almost nobody has been known to get into it, as the entrance seems to open and close at a whim...

Not only that, it is immensely difficult and even somewhat treacherous to find.

Flora and Fauna


Aquapetal Hibiscus are a type of flower seen growing quite commonly in the Viridian Jungle, taking advantage of the high moisture content and nutrition of the soil to grow in abundance; they are typically seen at the edges of the jungle's various rivers and lakes.


One of the most well-known residents, Sylphs of all kinds flourish here in the Viridian Jungle, with the abundance of trees and fruits serving as a haven for them. Most known subspecies can be found in this jungle, making it a popular spot for Sylph enthusiasts to watch them and even take pictures; unfortunately, it also makes it a popular spot for poachers.

Fluminato are another fairly common creature here, typically living at the water's edge in deeper areas of the jungle; however, given their somewhat shy and reclusive natures, they are much less likely to be seen than Sylphs are.

Tropical variants of the Forest Imp also call the Viridian Jungle their home, however, they are somewhat rare compared to Sylphs and even Fluminato; like Sylphs, they tend to live up in the trees, using their lightweight bodies and leaf-like extensions to glide short distances from branch to branch. They are secretive and shy, and are adept at camouflaging into the canopy.

The rare Quetzalcoatl are revered by the resident Tribe of the Solar Serpent, and small shrines dedicated to them can be found throughout the jungle; offerings of fruit and meat are typically left at these shrines by the Tribe themselves.

Mandrakes and Waldgeists are another rare and secretive species; the former are considered ill omens by some of the settlements of the Viridian Jungle, due to their haunting screams.

Notable Residents

Unnamed Village

Jade Fortress Egg Base

Treetop HQ

Old Warehouse/Silver Huntsmen Base

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