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Virginia the Rabbit is a photokinetic and a former maid of Fluffy-Wuffy Manor.


Virginia has white fur, blonde hair that is about medium length, and light blue eyes. Her ears are medium length but a lot of the lower part of them is covered by her hair. Virginia normally wears a an old school style Lolita dress that is black and white with white knee-high socks and black shoes. Virginia also has a maid outfit that she often wears while cleaning. It has a black overcoat with a white apron that has a frilled trim.


Virginia is shy, sweet and is always very dutiful when it comes to her work. She will always obey her boss as long as she is not ordered to harm an innocent being. Virginia is mostly shy because of the physical abuse she endured for most of her life. She even stutters whenever she is feeling nervous as a result. Virginia is often worried about being hit whenever she makes a mistake or gets yelled at by someone. She is also afraid of male cats because every male cat in her life turned out to be abusive. While Virginia has learned to embrace the light after discovering that she is a photokinectic, she does not judge those who use the darkness and doesn't understand why many automatically shun manipulators of the darkness.


Working as a Maid

Virginia was born to Veronica the Rabbit who was a maid that worked for the black cat Fluffykins at Fluffy-Wuffy Manor. Veronica was only 25 at the time and only worked there because she had nowhere else to go. Fluffykins was a huge, black spoiled cat who provided terrible working conditions for his servants, especially those who are not cats. Naturally, Virginia was raised to become a maid as well and learned how to do chores as soon as she could walk and talk. Virginia hated the situation and her mother was the only aspect of her life that made her smile. However, Veronica disappeared shortly after Virginia turned five. Fluffykins told her that Veronica had a heart attack and died.

After her mother's supposed death, Fluffykins began to expect more from Virginia and hit her whenever she made a mistake or was too slow when doing her chores. Because of this, she learned to run faster and always put in all of her effort when she was doing her chores. Completing chores and receiving compliments did make Virginia feel better about herself, but she was still unhappy about the situation she was in. The one thing that she enjoyed was working in the kitchen with the chef Monsieur who was a white cat. Monsieur was always kind to Virginia and enjoyed having her around. However, things would change when Virginia got older.

Escaping from the Manor

When Virginia turned seventeen and a half, Fluffykins gave her a horrifying announcement. He told her that there would be a career change as soon as she turned eighteen. Virginia was to be trafficked to another cat in Fluffy-Wuffy Manor, probably Monsieur. She confronted Monsieur and asked him if this is what he really wanted. Monsieur explained that the reason he was always nice to her is because he wanted to make her feel comfortable and relaxed. He always enjoyed looking at her and knew that he wanted her one day. Virginia simply ran off crying as Fluffykins laughed at her.

Virginia ran crying to her room and decided that enough was enough. She knew that her mother would want to be happy and would not want such a thing to happen to her. Virginia packed her essentials and tried to sneak out of the manor. As she was packing, she found a peice of paper with an address on it and decided that she should head there. Virginia almost made it out undetected but was caught in the garden by none other than Monsieur. He grabbed her and attempted to drag her back inside. Virginia squirmed but couldn't shake free, so she held her hand up to Monsieur's face and emitted a bright light. This blinded him temporarily and caused him to drop her. Virginia was confused but didn't have any time to spare so she ran off and safely made it away from Fluffy-Wuffy Manor.

Ways of the Light

After Virginia managed to escape from Fluffy-Wuffy Manor, she headed towards the address that she found before leaving. It turned out to be a monastery full of photokinetic rabbits. Virginia was greeted by a male rabbit and explained to him that she found the address from her mother. The man introduced himself as Cross the Rabbit and asked if her mother is Veronica. Virginia confirmed this and explained where she came from and Veronica's supposed death. Cross explained that Veronica left the monastery a long time ago and that the family is full of photokinetics. He offered to let Virginia live with them and train in photokinesis. She accepted the offer and did not understand why her mother would run away from such a nice place.

Virginia trained at the monastery with her cousin Cross for nine months until the day she realized why her mother left. One morning, Cross and the other rabbits led Virginia out to a nearby field. A black bat approached and they ordered Virginia to cleanse the evils of darkness from the world. As she approached him, the bat was surprisingly friendly and introduced himself as Nocturnal the Bat. Virginia asked him if he was really evil and Nocturnal explained that he uses the powers of darkness but not to harm the innocent and that he has nothing against the light. However, right after he said that, the other rabbits snuck up on him from behind and killed him. They thanked Virginia for helping them set up an ambush. Virginia immediately left the monastery, having finally understood why her mother left.

Abilities and Powers

Virginia grew up as maid, and as such is an expert cleaner. She also has developed a faster than average running speed as she had to fetch things for Fluffykins the Cat who was very demanding and wanted everything right away. Virginia can also fight with objects such as a mop or a broom. Non-mobian rats would often get into the basement and she would have to take care of them. Lastly, Virginia is also a photokinetic. However, she only spent nine months in training and Cross focused only on offensive techniques.



  • Veronica the Rabbit (mother, deceased)-Virginia loved her mother very much and would always feel better when she was around her. She was very upset when her mother supposedly died.
  • Cross the Rabbit (cousin)-Virginia loved Cross and looked up to him as a mentor until she found out that he is insane. Even then, she still cares for him, but she is unable to stay around him because he is a murderer.


  • Monsieur the Cat (formerly)-Virginia loved working with Monsieur in the kitchen and he was always kind to her. However, he betrayed her by getting Fluffykins to agree to "sell" her once she turned eighteen.
  • Nocturnal the Bat (deceased)-Virginia unfortunately did not get to know Nocturnal for very long. However, he was very friendly to her and he inspired her to bring peace and understanding to the world.


  • Fluffykins the Cat-Fluffykins constantly abused Virginia throughout her life and forced her into her life as as a maid. He never treated her like a person and exploited her for his own self-gain.
  • Monsieur the Cat-Although they used to get along, Monsieur basically wanted to own her once she turned eighteen. He was just as sick as the other members of Fluffy-Wuffy Manor and did not actually care for Virginia as a living being.
  • All male cat servants at Fluffy-Wuffy Manor-All male cats of Fluffy-Wuffy Manor were abusive toward Virginia. They are the reason why she is afraid of male cats.
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