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Virgil appears as a young adult male with average complexion, a rather muscular build, unkempt, rust red hair that extends to his shoulders with three medium-length bangs over his face, one between his eyes and two on either side of his eyes, and turquoise-green eyes. He wears a long black coat zipped up along his torso, leaving two coattails behind him, long dark gray trip pants that extend to his ankles, white shoes with steel caps and a pair of black gloves with gold highights.


Virgil is snarky, smirking at every opportunity and making jabs at anything serious. He accepts anything that happens easily, making him appear heartless, as he does not mourn death. While he follows the conventions of law and justice, Virgil doesn't truly understand why they are necessary, nor does he truly understand other people. He tends to come off as rude or unfeeling, as he blatantly states that he is only out for his own enjoyment.


While he was born and raised in 'the simple life', at the age of 16, Virgil's family were visited by men in dark robes carrying swords. His parents were asked to turn him over to them, so that he could 'complete our return over the Mobians'. They argued that it was agreed he would not be used for the sake of 'Overland supremacy', but the men said that things had changed. Overhearing, Virgil stepped in, asking what it was all about. His parents tried to shield him from them, but eventually, they were struck down. Virgil stared at his parent's cooling corpses for a while, realizing he felt little. He turned to the men in robes and asked what he was to them.

Virgil was told that long ago, an ancient tribe of Overlanders fought a war with an Echidna tribe over a large green jewel, which turned out to be the Master Emerald. When the tribe tried to use it's power against the Overlanders, they were killed, and the Overlanders tried to take the Emerald, only for Chaos to kill most of them. Those that survived gained powers over Chaos Energy, and those that did not grew jealous, splitting the tribe in half. Those without Chaos Energy turned to magic to combat their brothers, creating the Blades - 10 weapons with powers over 2 elements and 1 instinct, and designed each one around the instinct. These 10 Blades defeated the Chaos Overlanders, but the wielders of these weapons could not give up their Blade, and so left the tribe to fight their own battles, not wanting to cut down more of their own people. These Blades disappeared for a long time, until the descendants of this tribe, now calling themselves The Remnant, found one. Giving it to one of their own, a man named Niyel Pavistov, the Blade was discovered as the Drying Blade of Power - a foil designed to slice, with power over Fire and Electricity, and the Hunting Instinct. Over time, his prowess in battle with the Blade was proven, but he began to sympathise with the Mobians he was cutting down with ease.

Niyel turned against The Remnant, cutting their numbers in half in a matter of minutes, though another Blade had been found and given to Vermon Garth, who fought off Niyel using the Hydronic Blade of Plasma, which had the advantage of being able to not only use Niyel's fire to speed up his creation of steam, but catch his lightning attacks and use their plasma to fight back, as well as the Strategy instinct to plan it all out, and the Blade's puncturing design to quickly immobolize his arms. While Niyel escaped with help from several Mobians, it had given Vermon a chance to test out his abilities, and to show that The Remnant was not helpless.

When asked what any of this had to do with him, Virgil was told that his parents were the ones who discovered the second Blade, and before leaving, the third. They left wanting a normal life for the child they would soon have. Recently, however, Niyel had learnt to outsmart Vermon and The Remnant by secretly finding another Blade and giving it to a Mobian. The Remnant then knew that not only would the Esperanza's be able to help them find more Blades to defeat Niyel, but their child would be the perfect person to take the third Blade and lead The Remnant to victory against Niyel's heretic group.

Virgil laughed, asking if they brought the Blade. He was immediately shown the Freezing Blade of the Air, a scythe designed to tear flesh from bone, and the Battle instinct. Virgil took it, and immediately killed all but 2 of them, claiming it was a test of the weapon. The two took him, warily, back to The Remnant, where he would begin training to master his Blade.

Through the next 5 months, Virgil grew increasingly agitated with his lack of improvement. He claimed that if the scythe had the Battle instinct, it wasn't working. The Remnant gave him a real fight - The Mobian with the Blade attacked them with a group of other Mobians. Virgil sprung into the fight, full of bloodlust and adrenaline, fighting the Mobian to a halt. Both Virgil and The Remnant knew that the Battle instinct only worked in battle - training was not enough of a challenge to bring it out. The Mobian was then killed, his platoon was massacred, and the Shielding Blade of Seals was taken by The Remnant.

The war between The Remnant and Niyel's heretics continued for the next 2 and a half years, culminating in a recent battle where Niyel revealed directly to Virgil that he had found 2 more Blades, but kept them hidden for a special occasion. That battle ended in another defeat for Niyel, and the first time Virgil and Niyel had fought. The Remnant has since increased their efforts to find the last 4 Blades.


Virgil has 2 Elemental Powers.

Wind Element

Virgil can create and control wind currents with his scythe, even to the point of gale-force and hurricanes. His control over it is such that he is even able to;

  • Lift himself and others into the air, allowing him flight, as well as increased movement speed with his own currents
  • Partially solidify the air to slow himself down when moving in any direction, or as a weak barrier

Ice Element

His ice abilities transcend his wind powers in terms of strength, extent of control and creation, and ease of use. He can control ice in any shape or form, including some water, however, only at a general macro-scopic level (Meaning only in amounts large enough to see, and only in a separate state. He cannot control moisture in people or objects unless it is separated from the body via bleeding or sweat). However, he does not require a direct source of liquid to use his ice powers, as he can simply conjure up ice forms out of air, making this power highly dependant on his wind abilities Virgil’s ice powers allow him to;

  • Create and control ice barriers, projectiles, weapons, platforms etc. at almost any moment
  • Freeze objects in large crystals of ice

Special Abilities

Virgil carries the Freezing Blade of the Air, a scythe that appears as a primarily blue and silver weapon with a thin shaft and blade with 2 long silver ribbons tied just below the base of the blade. The blade itself has many curls on both edges, giving it a gaseous look, with many ice crystal-shaped spikes that point inwards, giving it a rather vicious cutting edge, which often tears flesh. It is light and extremely durable, allowing Virgil to wield it with ease. It is cold to the touch.

Due to the Blade's power, Virgil is also naturally cold, disliking heat, while being resistant to even arctic climates. He is also unmoved by strong winds and able to breath in low-oxygen environments, even being able to survive more than an hour in the vacuum of space. It also gives him the Battle Instinct, allowing him to instictively pick out and exploit weaknesses as well as defend his own position. This means that, while he fights at the level of a master, he has no formal training and has no knowledge of fighting technique.


Devorando Vento

A wind-based attack that requires Virgil to collect air into a compressed form around his blade before swinging it at an enemy. The air bursts out of the arc of his swing, dicing almost any object.

Caco Pausa

An ice-based attack where Virgil collects ice into a compressed form around his blade. When he swings it at an enemy or target, the ice leaves his blade and freezes them instantly, allowing him to shatter it with the end of his weapon, breaking the target to pieces.

Lámina Fria

An extremely devastating move, Virgil swings his blade in a wide arc over himself before stabbing it into the ground. Ice quickly expands from the blade, freezing everything within a huge distance. The ice then shatters to snow when he removes the blade.

Aire Conxelado

Virgil’s only directed long-range attack, he swings his blade causing a wind current to form, as well as icicles which travel through it. The current continues to pin a target to a surface as the ice tears them up as much as possible, also assisting in pinning the target.


Due to his lack of formal training, and the fact all of his power stems from the Blade, Virgil is unable to fight without his scythe. He is also completely ignorant of his own weaknesses, making him cocky and arrogant, and useless in any training setting. He completely trusts his weapon's power, almost relying on it in a fight.

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