Virals are a royal family from their home dimension, the Chaos Zone. Their one of the most powerful groups in their dimensions, having conquered most of their dimension, leaving few planets with unscathed. They were originally from Mobius, but (along with most of the stronger groups) were transported to the Chaos Dimension where the first Viral king decided to conquer their companions. Eventually their technology and power grew, along with their understanding of elemental stones, making them the strongest force in their dimension.

Physical appearance

Virals are Mobian lynxes, but their time in the Chaos Dimension altered their appearances and capabilities for their adaption to the zone. As a result, their color-schemes changed significantly, giving them strange color schemes, such as Rayla's pink fur with white-colored hair, muzzle/front, and eyelids. They can extend their claws into lethal weapons, making them Chelokinetics. They also have heterochromia, making their right eyes often red (especially in first-borns), while the left is the mother's. The only know first-born male Viral not to have heterochromia is Rayla's little brother (6 years of age), Dusk Viral. Very few Viral heirs mate with females not their species. When their second power reaches a certain level, their color-scheme is permanently altered. This is shown that after Rayla trained on the Isle of Dragons, her fur turned purple, her right eye became green, while the other yellow, hair turned black with green endings, and her eyelids turned green.


Virals like to be treated like royalty, being pampered and owning expensive items, giving them a sense of power and wealth. They also like a throne and (sometimes) crown. Kittens are very cheerful and playful, but the cruel treatment of the parents turns them into insane, brutal killers. They are also predatory by nature, giving them a instictive advantage.

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