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Cquote1 Hi, my name is Violetta DeRanca Galimiéro, but you can call me Violette the Hedgehog. I love Daniel so much that I want to marry him! And if somebody touches my baby then I will KILL THEM! GET IT? KILL'EM ALL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cquote2
Violette's mostly used quote when introducing herself so someone.

Violette the Hedgehog is one of the minor characters in FlowerOfTheWind's universe. She's an anthropomorphic 13-year old purple hedgehog and has a crazy crush for Daniel the Hedgehog.


Violette has violet fur (hence her name) and light pink skin, and wears a green outfit similar to Amy Rose's with hot pink eyes.


Violette has bipolar disorder. In the outside world, she's a soft and kind-hearted girl who wants to be together with Daniel. However, in her true form, she's a brutal, sadistic, and worthless-minded monster who would push people out of the way just to look after him. She also hates Inferno the Cat, by calling her for a "stupid cat". As in the matter of that, she's still a stable but otherwise silly person. 


Like other members of the Team Daniel, Violette doesn't have a specific history. And her mother sent her to Mobius because she thought that somebody was trying to pimp their home.

Powers, skills and abilities

Violette possesses earth manipulation, shape-shifting, superhuman strength and even her own weapons, She uses the hammer to summon plant vines from the ground to absorb the enemies.


Dark Violette

Dark Violet.

Dark Violette

One of her main transformations. In this form, her clothes and appearance have a more darker tint and has black bat-like wings coming out of her back and bears her axe. She uses them via the Dark Emeralds mixed with the Chaos Emeralds to achieve tis transformation. She often scares/threatens Inferno by it by calling her for "her worst nightmare".  


  • Violette was the first OC created by FlowerOfTheWind for the fanfiction "Daniel X" (now Sonic the Hedgehog: Crystals of Soleanna).
  • Despite being a recolour of Amy Rose.
  • The shipping between Daniel and Violette is called "Danielette".
  • Like other yanderes and tsunderes, Violette is the most radical of them.
  • Whenever Violette and Amy see each other, they will fight because how similar their personalities are.
  • Violette is Spagonian.
  • Her name may be a reference to Violetta from the 2012 Disney Channel TV series, Violetta. As both have love interests and won't decide which boy she should have. And also, both are singers as well.


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