This is an article about Violet the hedgehog(Sonsofchaos), a character created by Sonsofchaos on 04/11/2013.


Physical Appearance

She has violet fur, hence her name. She has purple eyes, two quills in the back of her head, and the rest are put down almost like an echidna's dreads.


She wears a blue t-shirt with a red and green yin-yang symbol. She also wears red jeans with blue knee caps, green boots, and black gloves with the tips being a deep blue.


Violet is very friendly. She is always willing to make a friend. But when it comes to trolls, than she is a hard-wired troll killing machine, though this could usually bring up trouble for her.


Not much is known about Violet, in fact the only ones who know are Morpheus, Streak, and herself but they refuse to talk about it.


Violet can move very fast, even though she is not as fast as Sonic, she is still pretty fast. She is also capable of disguising herself, making herself seem like anyone. She also has powers that are reminisicient of sirens. Other than those listed she has no other powers.


Whiplash: She brings out her whip and creates a tornado whirlpool with her whip being able to strike anyone who tries to come close.

Counter strike: If she is knocked down she can counter by shooting her gun at her opponent.

Martial arts: She self-taught herself how to use martial arts. She can perform it very well and prefers to use it with her swordsmanship and her marksmanship.

Sword skills: She tried to learn how to use a sword herself, but she cut a few of her quills instead, she was instead taught by Morpheus. She knows how to handle a sword well and uses a katana for quick easy kills.


Violet is incredibly agile, and can perform many acrobatic moves such as backflips, frontflips, and others.


Riders:When Violet takes a break she dons goggles, riders gloves, and new shoes to ride her Extreme board.


When Violet is on a troll hunt, she sometimes gets so caught up in her mission she can sometimes mistake any one who either was a former troll or an alternate version of others for villainous trolls. She also tends to be pretty gullible, falling for certain kinds of tricks.


Morpheus the hedgehog: Morpheus the hedgehog was Violet's Ex-boyfriend. Though they are now broken up, she still knows him and they are friends. Since that their relationship has now become almost like a sibling bond.

Streak the hedgehog: They get along really well due to the fact that they are adoptive siblings. Although they tend to butt heads when it comes to Morpheus, usually leading Streak to tease her about him. Other than that they get along pretty well.

Argentum the hedgehog: They don't exactly see eye to eye, but they do try to get along. 


Violet was actually made on the sonic character designer, and was pretty much just a purple sonic, until she got an update for this wikia.

A old concept was for her to be a forced troll, and to eventually escape and become a troll hunter as well. This was scrapped since she has never actually made contact with actual trolls so far.

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