Cquote1.png Look, kid, you're never going to be better than me! Cquote2.png
Violet's usual quote to Lucy, Coco & various others she bullies

Violet the Hedgehog is a female teenage purple hedgehog and one of few residents in Station Square who isn't a

First drawing of Violet (made by me Kat Kennedy 135)

Freedom Fighter (and she's wouldn't want to become a Freedom Fighter nor would she care to). She is rich but also vain and snobby and she loves being the center of attention but when someone else tries to steal her thunder, she'll make them pay with the help of her mean girl troop, the self-proclaimed "Purple Hearts" (such a name leads Sonic and his friends to retort that Violet and her troop shouldn't be abusing such use of the name 'purple heart'). When corrected by Sonic and his friends, Violet just scoffs, sucks on another lollipop and gives Lucy, Nikki and Coco much more harassment. That is, until Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy told them to leave them alone, prompting her and the girls to take off running back into the mall. She is voiced by actress Beatrice Rosen (who voiced Dawn Stiles from 'Smallville')


Violet comes from a very wealthy family as she often claims to her friends and those she opposes. She is mean, so mean in fact that inner-city kindergardeners dub her "the most snobbiest hedgehog ever to live" (at least they say this when she is not around to boss them around). The inner-city children of Station Square (both human and mobian) fear her despite her being old enough to be their big sister, not that Violet would care to try to be such a role. Violet mentions having a younger sister who isn't residing in Station Square with her because her parents sent that younger sibling to study in London (much Violet's joy at not having her baby sister around and Sonic and his friends dismay when they see how badly she treat and talks about her sister to her friends). She is also rude and hypocritical as one time, she seen Cream and her chao Cheese snacking gleefully on donuts filled with delicious vanilla Bavarian cream. Acting out of jealousy and sneer hunger, Violet snatches the donut out of Cream's hand, reprimanding her for allowing herself and her pet to eat gleefully fatty food in front of her friends 'The Purple Hearts" who are dieting to maintain the 'perfect' weight. Then she eats the donut right in front of Cream's face, much to her shock and horror as the poor rabbit had to watch the hedgehog stuff her face with her snack! She and Cheese just could not believe it and went home crying, much to Violet's delight although she then bemoaned to her friends about having back some of the weight she lost just a few weeks ago to which her friends appease her by saying 'maybe she'll gain the weight back in the right places' causing Violet to smile and snicker evilly.

Personality and Appearance

Violet is a somewhat tall to medium height Hedgehog with purple fur, a cream stomach, muzzle and ears. She has long red-orange hair which she keeps tucked into a high pony-tail with a blue scrunchie leftover from the 80's. She wears a pink dress with matching pink go-go futuristic boots with white lines and Purple Hearts upon them to symbolize her team (cue the eyeroll from Sonic and his friends) She is also obsessed with certain obscene things as hinted when she shows up to shop at the mall one day wearing a latex purple dress. Tails blushed while embarrassed with fear and Cream and Amy just looked at her with eyeroll and disapproval. She claims that the latex in her dress makes her feel 'superior and strong' much to Tails, Amy & Cream's embarrassment and the girls had to take Tails home before Violet caused them too much trouble. Violet didn't care and just flipped her hair and checked her mani-pedi (which also was purple). She enjoys shopping at the mall with her friends and loves wearing tight clothes which may deem 'inappropriate attire' to those she encounters in conversations. She also enjoys sucking on lollipops and making others feel sorry about themselves. It unknown whether or not she truly has superpowers like the rest of Mobian civilization though Violet denies this and claims that her family is not descended from 'super-freaks', that she, like her family, is all, violet, wealthy, pure-blood and above all PERFECT (the last part made Amy, Tails & Cream shiver).

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