Violet is Shadow's older sister. This Violet is made by Chaosemerld8.

Back story

Violet was the prototype of Shadow. When Shima when Dark for the first time her dark power made Violet go Dark a short time later and she was put in a shell call the Biolizard where she sleep for 50 years. She wakes to find the ARK falling and her father's last words ringing in her ears. She fight's Shadow and Sonic and her shell falls off the ARK and She ones more fall asleep. With the Darkness almost taking over Violet she find's Kayden, Sonic, J and many others who also can use a Dark form and give's that Dark form Body's to call their own. In the end however Shadow fight's Violet one on one and win's. It is unknown (Because I still can't think of a why this is just what I want to have happen)how but Violet's Dark and Chaos power's are lost and she become's good ones again.


Without the Chaos powers she is just the same has her brothers and sisters.

Her feelings to others

  • Sonic: In her Dark form she hate's him form "killing" her but she is a good pal with him.
  • Kayden: She sees him like a Big brother.
  • Kaia: She is very nice to her and doesn't fight with her much
  • Tails: She thinks of him like a brother
  • Claire: She thinks that her with to stop the fighting in this world will never happen and look's down on her for it. However is she thinks of her has a friend and has a good time with her.
  • Shadow: She may be older but he sometimes take's the "older one" role time to time.
  • Eggman: His Eggman everyone hate's him.
  • Black Doom: She hate's her father just like Shadow.

Cain: For kidnapping her brothers and sisters she can never forgive him.

J: In her dark form she hunt's him down for "Forcing his way into the Family" but outside she helps him to "Make up for what I (she) did"

N: Being her brother she tries to help him without trying to get in the way. She also tries to help N if he was to ever get in a fight.

Mecha Sadie: When she first's meet's Sadie she is shocked by the fact she want to still be Mecha. But she like her for doing so.

  • Starstrike: She loves him which can make her act odd around him.

I will go into more on this soon and if one of your guys know her put them down and tell what they do together.


Violet some time's comes off has cool but she cares a lot for something you have to say she just may have something else to deal with. She want to be forgiven for what her dark self did and love's her family even if they can't forgive her. She finds herself in fight's a lot and is always up for one unless she is fighting family. She likes guns and like Shadow can be seen using one now and then. As the First and oldest of her family she feel that she must keep the other's save form anything even if she must die. She can find joy in hurting ones that hurt other's and will go as far has shooting them in the foot to get them to stop (Or just have fun). At first she hates all of G.U.N but Kayden and Sonic tell her that not everyone there had something to do with the death of her father and feels less hateful. In the upcoming game made by Chaos and Shima. Violet is the is first to get a controlled dark form and won't let Shima or the other's (but she did show Ruby in hope she can fix it) see her in it until Sonic goes Dark where she lets out her full power.

Physical Description

Violet's look's change many time's but many things stay the same. Violet is of couse violet colord. Most of the time she has bule jgens and a red t-shirt. Most of the time she has rings on her hands but sometime's she has them under her gloves. She has jet under her shoes like her brother Shadow but can take them off when she doesn't need them unlike Shadow. Violet also has Emerald green eyes.

Other Information

Physical Age: 15/16

Chronological Age: 50/51

Gender: Female

Species: Mobian/Artificially Superpowerd Hedgehog/Black Arm

Fur: Violet

Eyes: Emerald Green


Weight: 32 kg

Birthplace: Space Colony ARK

Family: Shima (Step sister) Hali (Step sister) Shadow (Brother) J (Brother) Black Doom (Father) Xilax (Step father) N (Step brother) Ruby (Step mother) Unnamed mother "Dead"


Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood ending 4
Full Metal Brotherhood ending 4 sub español

Full Metal Brotherhood ending 4 sub español

Violets main theme. What there saying is on the side.

"The promise that we never made

yet again

tries to snatch our future away from us.

Why is it that we we can't rejoyice

straght from the herat

when we obtain something we always been after?

The overflowing tears aren't from feebiness or remorse.

They're fragments bone from agony.

From all are moments and destinies,

I realized one absolute certainty.

Even if things get tough and I'm at my limt

I refuse to give up.

Please, don't let go.

I can feel the warmth of your right hand

where it's tighty joined with my left.

"Supporting Me" by Everett Bradley. (Shadow vs Violet's shell)

"Live and Learn" by Crush 40. (Super Sonic and Super Shadow vs Violet's shell)

Nick names

Vio (By J's family)

Bio (Old name. She hate's it now she's good)

Biolizard (Her name in her shell)

Finalhazard (Her name when part of the ark)

Ugly Prototype (By Shadow when he was fighting her shell and didn't know that was her)

Creep (By Sonic and Shadow fighting her shell)

Vi (By Star and his team)


  • Violet is a quasi-canon character, as her backstory does not conflict with the canon.
  • Violet was made for the soul ponit of having a bad guy in her first RP and was never meet to be a good guy.
  • Violet's back story is baesed off Vamp's character Umbra.
  • Violet is the only fanon chracter that you can fight in a canon game. 3 time to be counting SATBK.
  • Chaos want'ed the Biolizard to have a beter back story and started looking on it's Sonic News Network page and found out how some fan's think it maybe a girl and that's what gave him the idea for Violet.
  • Violet was at first going to have a grug agest Ruby but Shima just wanted to play has herself. Ruby was also going to be her blood mother but the idea was killed so that her mother can be a shadow.
  • Hali at first was going to be somone Violet was clam around even in her Dark form and didn't want to hrut has bad has the others. but the idea meet it's death when Shima just want'ed to play herself in the Sonic and Kayden RP.
  • Both the Ideas just'ed staed may come back in the game remake of Violet's stroy.
  • Violet has show'ed up in 5 Sage relted Sonic porjet's. Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure 2 Batte, Sonic X, Shadow the hedgehog, and Sonic and the Black Kinght.
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