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Viola the Cat

Viola Rosario Cat is a fifteen-year old Mobian feline that was granted amazing healing powers due to her connection to the Chaos Force. She is a main supporting character during Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero. The current guardian of the Lustrous Gem, she is a devout religious feline who later ascended and became a demigod inside a certain adjacent dimension

Viola the Cat by Chamesthehero

Viola Rosario was born into the Rosario family line, a generation of felines that devoted themselves to the goddess Aurora and guarded the Lustrous Gem, a spherical crystal that allowed entrance to the Chaos Chamber, one of the most sacred places inside Mobius.

Benelovent and clumsy, this feline is an idealistic optimist that keeps a positive attitude despite all the things that happened to her. It was revealed she harbored feelings for a certain person and, through the Virtual Zone, guards the entire planet Mobius along with Aurora. 

Character © to Chamesthehero/Lolcraft98/ProLuxray. In order of the usernames on Sonic Fanon Wiki, deviantART, and Youtube, respectively.

Physical Description

Viola Rosario Cat is sandy-brown feline that has radiant cardinal red-colored eyes and is slightly shorter than females her age. She features fluffy white hands and feet; the white fur on her hands reaches until her elbows while the one of her feet reaches slightly below her knees. Viola also features numerous bangs on her head. 

This feline features a long sandy-brown hair that flows down all the way to her back, with one single strand of hair sticking out from the top, sloping backwards. While her body is covered in sandy-brown fur, from her chest-level to her waist, the middle part of her torso also features white fur. She walks with her bare feet.

Her simple attire is consisted of a prussian blue robe that is tied with a dark-brown rope on her waist-level, two shining silver rings slightly below her knees, and the necklace made of pearls which are connected to her golden medallion that features the Lustrous Gem inside.


Viola Rosario Cat is a timid, benevolent, and idealistic feline that, because of her compassion and powers, was persecuted throughout most of her teenage life. Born inside a religious community, her most apparent characteristic is her devotion to the Mobian goddess Aurora, whom she serves and admires. She has a strong sense of responsibility and is sentimental, doing her best to assist others in need.

Viola the Cat by MagicalWolf119

Unlike some religious people, Viola is against any type of discrimination, and shows grace to anyone she meets. Innocent and kind-hearted, she is a soft-spoken pacifist that took a disliking for evil and violence. However, when with Team Prinus, she learned that sometimes she needs to fight for a better world and for what she believes in.

While she is never seen frustrated, she often keeps her burdens to herself instead of sharing them with other people, and greatly respects those who are bold enough to show weakness. Flustered with ease and somewhat clumsy, one of her main quirks is seeking advice through prayer when her strength alone is not enough to solve problems. 

She tries to keep with a positive attitude despite all the hardships she faces, and can be often found smiling when around people she can trust. Mellow and curious, she uses creative ways to explain her faith and large ideals that she wishes to expose to others.

Naive to a fault, because of her isolation when she was a small child, Viola has troubles socializing with others and gathering the courage to talk to other Mobians; it is one of the reasons she befriended the animals around her community. Although this feline's loyalty and trust with the goddess cannot be described through words alone, her mundane feelings, such as those she feels for one person alone, often clash with each other, leaving her conflicted and confused about her emotions. Timid and compassionate, she guards everyone else inside the planet through the Virtual Zone as if they were her own siblings.


Viola Rosario Cat was born inside the Felis Kingdom, on the humble Everstar Town. Little did she know, her religious family composed of two parents and four older sisters hailed from the ancient Rosario line, a generation of felines that guarded the Lustrous Gem, a spherical crystal that allowed entrance to the Chaos Chamber, a sacred place within the island that was said to be where the link between this planet and a higher plane of existence was thought to be stronger.

Since she was the new-born and the last child of the couple, Viola was given the status as current guardian of the Lustrous Gem ever since she learned how to walk. While well-received around the town, her family, including sisters whom were priestesses, were harsh and had overall platonic relationships with her, though the four-year old sandy-brown feline loved them regardless. 


Ib - Title Theme (Orchestral)

The background tune that intensifies during Viola's lonely childhood...

Bearing a large amount of responsibility ever since, Viola's childhood was different from females her age. She never played with anyone else or had friends, and never found an attractive guy her age because of this isolation. Following the religious traditions of her town and their customs, the small feline's entire childhood was dedicated for the worship of the Mobian gods.

While this sandy-brown feline used to sing for the town's Aurorium when she was little, when Viola was seven-years old, she was forced to meditate and pray to a small wooden shrine, that featured a small statue of a female echidna with robes holding an emerald-shaped crystal, near a forest located outside her town everyday.

From morning until dawn, this feline prayed to the small shrine. Bearing her pearl necklace that featured a medallion with the Lustrous Gem inside, Viola was driven by her faith and was honored to have such an important position, but strong feelings of melancholy inevitably began to harbor her heart. She strongly believed she was merely being tested by the gods to see if she would deserve a good and peaceful future.

When sleeping two weeks before her tenth birthday, Viola was suddenly within a lucid dream in which featured Aurora, the goddess she worshiped all those years, making an apparition to the feline. In this dream, the echidna congratulated the cat for being such a hard-worker and decided to reward Viola for her to help those in need, though she would have to promise the goddess that she would not use her powers for evil.

Viola Rosario promised the goddess so, and the echidna placed her palms on the sandy-brown feline's head softly as her right hand began to radiate a golden hue. As she felt felt the small radiation coming from Aurora's hands, Viola's eyes grew drowsy as the feline suddenly fell on the ground, asleep.

Soon after waking up from the dream immediately after that turn of events, although the sandy-brown feline bore no memories of her fateful encounter, Aurora's faith increased in great sizes after that night for a reason she could not remember and she was more motivated than ever. The feelings of melancholy no longer tormented her, and she continued to pray to the shrine like she always did.

When she was eleven, the compassionate Viola grew even more beautiful than she already was. While walking towards the shrine that was located near the entrance of a small forest, she saw a little male feline whom had about six years of age, running away crying from a huge ferocious Mobini bear that hunted him down. Viola followed them on instinct, even forgetting about the shrine and her duties.

Viola then witnessed the six-year old trip over a fallen branch and twist his ankle, making him incapacitated and unable to run anymore from the wild beast. When the bear roared and was about to harm the feline, Viola screamed as she extended her palms to the boy on instinct. Suddenly, the gem inside her medallion glew and a barrier made of pure Chaos energy was generated between the male feline and the bear.

Redirecting the huge bear's attention and protecting the small feline, the bear then turned to Viola. When the bear charged at the six-year old feline named Russo, Viola closed her eyes and requested assistance from Aurora through a small chant. The bear then proceeded to leap and pin Viola down to the ground; despite this, the sandy-brown feline remained serene.

Eleven-year old Viola then looked upwards towards the bear with her cardinal red-colored eyes and unexpectedly hugged it neck softly, proceeding to caress its fur; the bear, the other wild animals around, and the little boy that was watching were surprised and stunned.

Viola, through touch, began to understand the bear's conflicted emotions. The feline told it with a warm smile that everything was going to be okay since she would play with it from now on, since she knew it just wanted a partner for that purpose. The bear, satisfied with such deal, licked the feline's cheeks and fled the area. 

Viola stood and wiped off the leaves from her fallen straight sandy-brown hair and prussian-blue robes, praising the goddess. She then turned to the small child who twisted his ankle as he cried, conflicted on how to make him calm down, she started to sing a soothing religious tune that made not only the little boy but even the animals around her awestruck and speechless. 


Future World Music - A Prayer for Humanity

The tune that intensifies as Viola begins to sing for the boy!

Then, while singing, Viola's Lustrous Gem that was inside her medallion glowed once more as the sandy-brown feline extended as palms to the wounded area. Suddenly, a yellow light radiated from her palms and instantly healed the kitten's ankle. 

In turn, the boy happily exclaimed that he was completely cured and asked the eleven-year old feline if she was an angel. The female feline blushed softly, but wondered what was going on.

While Viola was incredibly surprised and did not know how to react, a flashback instantly materialized in her head as she remembered fragments of the dream she had two years prior, remembering that someone beautiful gave her amazing powers. She then came to realize that somehow she was able to heal him.

Looking at the child with her cardinal red-eyes and with a warm smile, Viola told him that she was not an angel herself but one of her humble followers that sought to bring peace to the world. The six-year old child's eyes glimmered with excitement and then he proceeded to hug her, thanking her for saving him, complimenting her awesome voice and looks, and inviting her to join her family from the capital since they were rich.

Laughing and blushing softly, Viola refused the offer, and took the child to his parents some time later. Like usual, she returned home, but told her parents about her apparent gift granted by the goddess Aurora that allowed her to heal others. And thus, after some time, the sandy-brown feline's abilities were made public. 

Known throughout the entire island because of her miraculous abilities that allowed her help other people, for many months, Viola cured and healed the ones that traveled from other towns of the Kingdom of Felis. The feline sat within the town's Aurorium day and night, helping those in need with monitoring. This also allowed the religion to spread across the entire island.

However, a terrible rule was applied to her made by the king: Viola was unable and prohibited of assisting the wounded and sick canines from the other side of island, the Kingdom of Canis, claiming that her power should be used for the benefit of the felines alone. Being constantly monitored during her healing sessions, she never got the chance to even meet the canines; that is, until one fateful evening.

When sneaking away from the Aurorium at night to pray alone, twelve-year old Viola found a brown dog on its steps, struggling to maintain consciousness as he was struck with an incredibly high amount of fever. The feline, without hesitation, tried to pull him into a dark alley where she would attempt to cure his sickness. What she did not comprehend was that she was being watched.

After ten minutes of using her powers unto the dog and curing him completely, the forty-year old canine held her hands with teary eyes and thanked the sandy-brown feline whole-heartedly. The canine then left, but a sister of Viola that was jealous of her abilities who was watching from afar, began to scream and began to alert the entire town that Viola was actually a witch who betrayed the kingdom's trust and violated the law.

Sleeping in her house, Aurora made an apparition inside thirteen-year old Viola's dream once again. The feline was delighted to meet the goddess once more, but this time the Echidna goddess brought bad news. The light-pink echidna in blue robes warned her that the townsfolk and guards from the capital would attempt to take her away and punish her because she saved that dog, and wanted her to escape before then.

Twelve-year old Viola, afraid, had tears on her eyes, and asked the goddess with her voice raised the reason she was persecuted since all she did was help someone in need and how was that such a crime.

Using much of her strength to raise her voice, the sandy-brown feline's legs wobbled as she fell, but was caught and held in a tender manner by the Echidna goddess that had angel golden wings. While Viola sobbed in her arms, Aurora began to caress the feline's head softly and tell her that everything is going to be okay.

Aurora continued by saying that Viola must remain strong and calm, since she would protect her always. The echidna then whispered in the feline's ears with a smirk that, whenever Viola felt trapped, the feline should just exclaim two simple words and imagine a scenery that she felt happy being in. When Viola was about to ask what were the two words, Aurora and the dream faded instantly.

Awakening from her dream, Viola's heart was pounding in an increased rate as she began to sweat a little; she had no time to waste. She could not remember most of her what happened inside her dream, but knew that she needed to escape from that house as soon as possible. From her window, the feline saw the light the torches from the citizen's hands radiated as the people with pitchforks called the "witch" outside in the night.

Viola began to tremble on her bed as she put her hands together and kneeled down, covering her face with her palms as the people outside got closer and closer. The feline prayed relentlessly for Aurora, wishing to disappear from that place as soon as possible and be where her Mobini friends were. Then, when the felines outside finally broke through her window with their pitchforks, two words came inside Viola's mind.

"Chaos Astral."

Exclaiming these words without a second thought, Viola began to radiate a blinding golden glow as she pictured the forest near the shrine in her head. Then, in a flash, blinding everyone else outside witnessing the scene, she disappeared instantly from her house and teleported to a small hill made of dead leaves outside the town, on the same forest she pictured in her head. The feline, however, was knocked-out cold.

Now, two years had passed ever since the feline disappeared from Everstar Town during the town's uproar. While Viola did not remember her second encounter with Aurora in her dreams, the fourteen-year old continued to use her healing powers for good for those who came inside the forest, animals and Mobians alike, and kept praying to the shrine, making her connection to the Chaos Force even greater than before.

Viola never returned to her house, and never knew what horrible fate came upon her family. Through her strong faith, she co-existed with the animals and lived inside the small forest peacefully.

Despite the circumstances, all was well... at least for some time.

One year later, the events of Dimitri Chronicles occur. 


Final Fantasy IX OST - Rose of May

Viola the Cat's theme.



Dimitri Chronicles



Strengths and Powers

Viola Rosario Cat was a religious feline that did not have much talent when it came to fighting others. Having no combat experience and having the same amount of strength a woman her age and size had, this sandy-brown cat had poor offensive and defensive capabilities. However, due to her connection to the Chaos Force and the Mobian goddess through her status as guardian of the Lustrous Gem, she was able to summon and wield the strongest type of energy inside the continuity even prior to her virtual ascension.

Despite having a connection with the Chaos Force, Viola's mastery over Chaos Energy was especially limited and used defensively. Using her strength, she was able to create barriers that shielded her and allies from opposing threats, but they were not durable and could be easily broken if attacked constantly.

This feline's signature technique is Chaos Astral, which involves Viola placing her hands together. She then summons large amounts of golden-colored Chaos energy and make it surround her. With a low voice, this feline chants a small prayer and then calls out the technique's name.

Her target then glows and, bending time and space, teleports to a pictured location that Viola has seen, including places she found inside picture books and maps. Chaos Astral, although incredibly powerful and useful for transportation, makes Viola incredibly incapacitated and experience short-time amnesia after use.

Viola Rosario has numerous other passive skills. She has an incredible musical voice that she honed when performing numerous chants during her childhood. This feline is also good at taking care of children and knowing the complex feelings of wild animals through touch. Because of her passion of stargazing, this feline is capable of guiding herself and pinpointing her location just by looking at them as well.

Healing Powers

Viola's main trump card and most memorable skill, that was granted by Aurora herself, is the ability to heal wounds and the incurable sickness of other creatures and herself. Using this strength, she was able to heal hundreds of sick and hurt people from all over the island that came to her during her childhood. All of her healing techniques, including Chaos-based abilities, make the Lustrous Gem glow inside her medallion.

Her miraculous skill involves Viola being close to her target and placing her hands few centimeters away from a wound, whether it being external or internal. Then, a yellow light radiates from her palms and completely heals the wounded area within few seconds, without leaving scars. Healing incurable and standard sickness is more complicated as the feline requires physical contact with the target in ten full minutes to fully treat him.

Transcendent Ascension

When entering the Chaos Chamber, a sacred place that was said to be the link between the Virtual Zone and Mobius, Viola ascended into a higher plane of existence, and was granted virtual godhood, gaining powers comparable to Aurora. Becoming one with the Chaos Force, this feline's magical powers are undoubtedly vast, and her mastery over Chaos Energy is almost incomparable and completely beyond mortality.

Boasting an unlimited power as a goddess, Viola cannot leave her dimension, though making brief apparitions to those around the Inuko Rainforest is not particularly hard. Because of this inconvenience, she occasionally appears inside people's dreams in a similar appearance prior to her ascension; she often interacts with Dimitri, whom she gets along very well, and guides him to have a better connection with the Chaos Force.

Along with mastery of Chaos energy, Viola's healing powers were also boosted; through the prayers of people who genuinely believe in her existence and powers, she is able to ease their current struggles and bless them through numerous different methods. She was shown capable of boosting people's powers, giving them temporary invulnerability, and even boost a huge crowd of people's morale through a white aura.

Even though invulnerable and powerful, Viola Rosario still has a plethora of things to learn from Aurora, such as using her powers correctly to assist others in-need. This feline still have not explored her capabilities, but dedicates her strength to keep Mobius stable and safe from disasters. Despite being granted with godhood, she, at some point, was even surpassed by a certain hedgehog herself.

Creation and Development

This character was created in an attempt to create a fourth definitive member of Team Prinus to make it seem more like a four-man band, with her being the brains of the team. With this concept in mind, a delicate name like Viola came into mind and became hers to keep. Viola's powers, from the start, were healing powers. Healing powers made Team Prinus' activeness throughout the series more plausible since they occasionally took on numerous fights and then recovered in incredibly fast speeds.

However, when decided that Team Prinus' formation would not be altered, the character soon became the remastered version of a concept of mine that would be introduced inside the fan-fiction, namely Miracles. To be honest, the concept never satisfied me that much, so Viola would then be introduced instead.

Most of this character was the manifestation of my religious view and the desire to create a religious character, since it seemed fun. The most fun part to write about her was her personality; admittedly, I am a huge sucker for moe characters. When it was discovered that a character like that was not inside my cast, my wish-fulfillment tendencies took hold of me; it would be so much fun to make one! And then, she developed more from there. Inside my cast of characters, she is such a breath of fresh air.

Relationships with Other Characters


The Rosario Family



Dimitri Prinus the Echidna

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Luther Paleteus the Cat

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The Canis Kingdom (formerly)

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Fun Facts

  • This feline's first name (Viola) was based on the thirteen-year old protagonist of the same name from a horror game called The Witch's House, while her second name (Rosario) means rosary in Spanish.
  • Viola's favorite season is Spring.
  • Viola the Cat's character concept took great inspiration from Haruka Komi and Asia Argento from the Rail Wars! anime and the High School DxD franchise, respectively.
  • This feline's entire concept is the remastered version of Miracles.
  • Viola's healing powers were based on the similar abilities of various religious figures.
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