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Vine Whip is a rather basic Nature move.


The user forms two slender vines, typically from the wrists but on occasion from the user's back, ankles, or nature-energy 'hot-spot', such as a seed or bulb, and strikes the opponent with them. Higher-level users can form greater amounts of vines, granting them greater combat potential. However, due to the thin nature of the vines, the strikes are compared to a stinging motion, rather than a source of pain.

Some users have been known to use this technique to restrain the opponent's movement, but unlike most entrapment moves, this technique does not provide continuous damage. However, some more powerful users have been known to add a layer of thorns to the vines for added power.


Pokemon Users

  • Bud the Ivysaur
  • Venusaur(character)
  • Liam the Chesnaught
  • Deacon the Meganium
  • Gavin the Bayleef


Technique Rank

Due to it's lack of power, the technique bears a D-rank.

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