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Biographical Information
  • 21
  • None
Romantic Interests
  • single
  • None yet
Team affliction
  • None
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog, Incubus
Gender Male
  • Fur: Black
  • Hairstyle: White
  • Hair style: Slight bangs, spiked in the back.
  • Eyes: Red, pupils slit
  • Shirtless
  • Black pants
  • Black boots
  • Black gloves
Abilities and forms
  • Supernatural powers
  • High speed
  • High acceleration
  • Hand to hand combat specialist
  • Dark energy manipulation
  • Seduction
  • Energy draining
  • Fists
Super Forms
  • Max energy input.
Theme Song thumb|300px|right|Theme song.
Instrument Profession
  • Guitar
Created by

Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

Appearance (Tentative to change in the redraw)

At first glance, Vincent can be easily seen as a creature of darkness. His white spiked hair showcasing the ebony incubus horns that show his otherworldly roots that he now heralds to. The scleras of his eyes are pitch black and are accented by the crimson blood red eyes that pierce through whatever he gazes. A demon's tail and wings lined with red and influenced by an armored ebony (The former being true for the tail) continue to showcase his presence of an incubus. The whiteness of his fur lined with the armored ebony to safe guard his vital areas. For a fashion statement, the incubus enjoys his red scarf and simple shoes as well as gloves which are lined with the crimson red that his color scheme appears to be.


-Over Drive Chronicals Canon-

A former ally to Memphis the Shining Demonhog. This drunkard of a hedgehog was a huge flirt and constantly made moves on Trin the Cat, Memphis was quick to stop it with a quick punch to Vincent's gut. Things were generally routine, but all this changed when Vincent met a strange blonde cat who threw his world into utter chaos. The attractive little cat's name was Catherine and waking up next to the beauty was an easy way for Vincent to remember the name, scent and everything else about the new girl. As Vincent spent more time with Catherine he found himself being strayed farther and farther from Memphis and there little group. He went as far as getting agitated and giving Memphis a punch in his own gut. All the while Catherine watched and had a small sly smile. After those events Vincent and Catherine left and were never seen by Memphis and the group for some time.

-Nightmare saga-

Vincent with Catherine in tow began to experience horrendous nightmares whenever he feel asleep. In these nightmares he was thrown into a realm where sheep ruled. He was slow to get his bearings believing that he would simply wake up from the nightmare. But when told that he would die in this realm and the real realm if he did not complete certain things, Vincent freaked and but decided to do what was told of him. Every night for eight days it was the same thing over and over again. Things became routine for him and he was becoming renowned for his skills in that realm. Surprisingly in the waking realm he found himself becoming stronger due to all the strenuous activities that occurred to him in the nightmare realm. All the while Catherine quietly took note of Vincent's growth and always made sure to treat him to some late night fun.

-The 9th day saga-

On the ninth day when Vincent entered the Nightmare realm, he was surprised to see his lover Catherine waiting for him. At this moment she told Vincent that she was in fact the daughter of hell itself and in turn a Succubus. Vincent once again freaked but regained his composure to listen to Catherine. After a long chat Catherine with a blushing smile, exclaimed as to how proud she was of him and as to how she was surprised at his abilities in the realm that was her father's. Vincent smiled and took her hands and with nothing to lose he asked for her hand in marriage. Surprised, She was about to say something but was interrupted by the appearance of her father who was highly against the idea. Catherine much to her father's dismay, made clear that is was her choice and with another gentle prod from Vincent agreed to marrying him. After spending another night together Catherine told Vincent that she believed that he was ready to take over and become a lead Incubus in the realm due to all the power he gained. Vincent surprised, agreed and began a long and successful journey of overtaking the realm.

-Overdrive Chronicals Canon part 2-

Vincent and Catherine make their appearance again in a later chapter of the novel and this time serve as the main antagonists for Memphis and his group. On the first meeting Vincent easily overpowering Memphis, declared to him that "The chains of humanity no longer bind him anymore." Memphis asked in response why was he focusing on and attacking his group. Vincent grinned and said "You have something I want and I will not rest until I get her... my dear... Trin the Cat." Memphis with a massive frown attacked Vincent but was easily brushed aside. Following the first encounter Memphis gained power but always found himself just being a match with him. Vincent and Catherine become regular enemies down along the road and in a moment to save Memphis, Trin offered herself to Vincent and was ultimately killed by him. After the taking of trin, Vincent just decided to ignore Memphis but made more appearances to taunt Memphis.


-Pre incubus-

A drunkard and flirt of a hedgehog, he was always getting on everyone's nerve especially Memphis and Trin's nerve. However he was a great fist fighter since he got into his share of bar fights. He doesn't really care what happens to him as long as he gets a cute girl at the end of the day.


Sly, seductive, dark and manipulative, he is the antithesis of Memphis the Shining Demonhog. Never loyal to anyone except to that who would be his lover and most importantly himself. There is not much to say for this anti-villain as he looks out more for himself when it comes to those around him. Only going as far as he needs to in a situation and aiding heroes if the situation truly calls for it (The situation clearly being of self-serving benefit to himself.) and of course vice-versa as well. He still enjoys partaking in drinks, so one could find his 'mobian' form in a local dive, a testament to his drunkard days; But due to the ability of being unable to get drunk unless bingeing on heavy amounts, he tends to be there just to flirt and scout out prey.


-Pre Incubus-

Solarestro the Cosmic:

Vincent had a begrudging respect for the hero. Although he never looked eye to eye to the hedgehog and he was highly jealous of his relationship with Trin the cat.

Trin the Cat:

Vincent had a massive crush on the thief. Although this feeling was never returned to him due to Trin being in love with Memphis (AKA Solarestro now)

Catherine the Succubus -Known as Catherine the cat at the time-:

When Vincent met up with the girl for the first time he quickly feel in love with her care free and sensual spirit. That and the severely sexy looks that the girl had. He quickly began seeing her and fully enjoyed his time with her. Even if it led to some nightmarish journeys in the future.


Solarestro the Cosmic:

Vincent having all his evil natures amplified, gained a massive hatred towards the idol golden boy that was Memphis. He wants nothing more than to ruin Memphis life in any way he can.

Trin the Cat:

At this point Vincent saw Trin as a energy meal to had and all his past emotions for her have been amplified into lust for her energy.

Catherine the Succubus:

Vincent loyal only to her loves his wife with all his blackened heart. If Catherine is at risk for any injury Vincent will quickly step in and deal severe damage to the person who harmed his lover. However due to some unforeseen recent events. It appears that the two have become estranged or worse yet the succubus killed.


  • This Vincent is based on the Max Chaos outcome of Vincent from the game "Catherine"

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