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Biographical Information
  • Chronologically: 20
  • Leon/Ryan (Younger brother)
  • Lucius. (Father)
  • Sandra. (Mother, deceased)
  • Jessica. (Sister)
  • Itsuki. (Youngest brother)
  • Vinn. (By some of his male friends, mostly by Bill)
  • Vince.
  • Onii-san (By his brothers, mostly Itsuki.)
Romantic Interests
  • None as of now.
  • Demon Hunter
  • [Team] Etemad. (Leader.)
Physical Description
Species Spirit Being-Demon Fox Hybrid
Gender Male
  • Fox with grey fur.
  • Grey hair, short and could possibly cover an eye.
  • Crystal blue eyes.
  • Blue twin-tailed coat.
  • Black pants.
  • Black shoes.
  • Black fingerless gloves.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Anti-Hero
  • Aetherius (Broadsword)
  • Dusk and Dawn (Dual handguns)
  • Balrog (Fire triple nunchaks)
  • Pyrekinesis.
  • Healing factor.
Super Forms
  • Blazing Spirit Vincent.
  • Rage Mode.
Other Information
  • Electric guitar.
  • N/A
English/American V.A. Reuben Langdon
Japanese V.A. Toshiyuki Morikawa

Theme Song(s)

  • Upset/Depression: Pain
  • Swordsmanship.
  • Firearms.
  • Guitarist.
Creator User:TheJayMaster
"Most things gotta have something exciting, no matter what the case is."
Vincent Kurai.


Vincent is a young fox adult with silver-grey fur and hair, which is short and let down, and have crystal blue eyes.

He can be mostly seen in his trademark outfit: A blue twin-tailed longcoat and black pants, boots and fingerless gloves.


Vincent at first can be potrayed as a cocky and flippant person. (More is to be added.)


Early Life

Vincent was raised from his parents, Lucius and Sandra, along with his two brothers and sister. He was also once best friends with Drake Yamamoto, a hedgehog who looks like him. Around the age of 7, he, his mother, Sandra and his father, Lucius went to investigate a demon problem. But from a sudden attack, he and his mother were killed.

New Life

After a few years, Vincent has aged during his time in the overworld and was brought back to life. He then vowed to defeat every demon that killed him and his mother.

Abilities and Powers

Magical Abilities.

  • Fire Manipulation - As both a Fire Spirit Being and a Demon Fox hybrid, this power be natural to him. But as his time in the overworld, he eventually mastered this and can charge fire into his dual guns.
  • Healing Factor - A natural ability also, Vincent can heal most injuries he recieves, but the severity of the injury affects the time it takes to heal him completely. Some injuries are not healed completely and can leave battle scars.


  • Rage Mode- A dark corrupt form, where Vincent can transform into if he's truly angry, this has not been achieved yet.


  • Aetherius- Aetherius is his trademark weapon, a broadsword without a guard. This was given to Vincent as an heirloom from his father, Lucius. The power inside of it is unknown for now.
  • Dusk and Dawn- Dusk and Dawn are Vincent's trademark firearms, dual handguns. They can be charged from the power of fire.
  • Balrog- Balrog is a weapon Vincent obtained by defeating a demon with the same name. It is shown to be a triple nunchaks, that can be changed to a whip. Balrog is a fire-elemental weapon.

Friends, Rivals & Enemies


Add in if you're a friend

Leon the Demon Fox - Younger brother.

Sora "Ryan" Kurai - Younger brother, outer to Leon.

Jessica Kurai - Sister.

Itsuki Kurai - Youngest brother.


Add in if you're a rival

Lucius Kurai - Father, and rival because he attacks his brothers and sister

Drake Yamamoto - Best friend, won't hesitate to stop him from doing anything considered a threat.


Anyone who hurts his friends and family

Relationships with Other Characters

(Add what is your releationship is with me)


  • The only downfall from going into Rage Mode is that he loses his healing factor for 1 1/2 hours.
  • He is the oldest sibling of the Kurai family.
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