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"I have made a mountain of corpses for my path to ultimate power, and I can make it larger. Do not throw your life away, you foolish weakling. "

Vilis is a goat of indeterminate age. He is a potent sorcerer, with many years of practice under his belt. For this, he is a wanted outlaw in several countries for his craft. He holds a dream of creating what he sees to be a perfect world; a magocracy ruled by him.


Vilis is a cold and silent person. He prefers not to call attention to himself, as doing so would be detrimental to his plans. He speaks with perfect grammar and no accent, his voice only subtley reflecting his current emotion. This makes it difficult to pick up on emotional cues from him.

Vilis values strategy over all else, but not simply on the battlefield. He will psychologically manipulate people when he sees fit to any degree needed. Rarely, he will reveal his nature as a Sorcerer and use the threat of vaporization as a method of getting his way. He will always make sure to plan a contingency in case of plans going awry. He has very little tolerance for insubordination. Vilis will never willingly put his life at risk, prefering to send minions or summoned creatures instead. He will put his life first, ahead of any subordinates or allies.

Vilis dreams of uniting the world in a magocracy (a government where the rulers are the most powerful magi), with him at the top as a God-Emperor. He has developed megalomania, and believes himself to be destined to achieve this goal. He will casually try to destroy anyone who disagrees. He will gladly take on challenges to his self-image, barring the utterly ludicrous or obviously suicidal.

He looks down upon psionics, swordsmenship, and even lesser forms of magic to a certain degree. He believes Arcane Magic (and notably, Sorcery) as the ultimate art. He believes himself destined to be the ultimate practitioner of said art, and believes only he can weild it's intoxicating power correctly. As such, he is quick to destroy fledgeling sorcerers and oppose stronger ones.

When angered, his cold exterior crumbles away and shows his nature as a madman. At this time, he will commonly act without reason, using his powers to cause immense destruction.

In battle, Vilis will usually take a moment to apply any defensive magics he deems fit, adding in support magic like Quicken if needed. He will then usually let loose with salvos of Lightning and Fire Magic, using his metamagic to great effect. If needed, he will use magic to repel foes when they get too close or otherwise distance himself.

He will commonly spend time creating magical items, mostly ones that cast spells for him and protect him (such as his rings). He has an interest in Synchro Stones and their Paramagical applications, and possesses several. He is rumored to possess a few Powerstones.



Vilis stands at an imposing 4' 09'' in height. He has a tough muscular build, only adding to his frightening figure. His feet are black goat hooves. He is covered in light brown goat hair. Atop his head are two wickedly curved silver colored goat horns. His skin is a pale peach, and his eyes are a fluorescent emerald hue that can cause ocular pain at prolonged viewing (whether this is a magical alteration or genetic trait is unknown).


Vilis' wears a steel tiara-shaped crown with three emerald cut rubies on the spikes. Each is swirling with energy that can be seen when observed closely. He wears snakeskin and cotton gloves which hide several varying rings, each enchanted with arcane power. He wears a gold chain necklace with the symbol of a sickle on it (representing fertility). He posseses two silver bracers adorned with a marquis cut sapphire on each, both with similar energy swirls.

There is a strange sort of bone harness around his torso. From the back of this harness sprouts a billowing blue cape thats edges have been etched with several arcane symbols. The cloak has seen a few tatters over time, and the arcane formula is presumably useless, if there ever was one before. He has a belt with several small staves on them, each made out of strange wood. there is a packet full of miscellanous objects on the left of his belt.


When viewed under magic detection, Vilis is oozing a large amount of Arcane Magic, with an odd rocky blue outlining to it. This rocky blue is his mage color. The snakeskin gloves block the arcane radiation from his rings.


(Note: The credibility of this is debatable, as there are few to confirm it)

Birth and Early Life

Vilis was born in a backwater farming town in the mountains to his father. His mother unfortunately died in childbirth. Her death was incredibly painful to Vilis' father, who became cold and disconnected. As such, the newborn Vilis spent a good amount of time with neighboors and the Midwife who birthed him, Aesilaen.

Aesilaen told Vilis many stories about his mother, and how wondeful a women she was. Vilis' father was incredibly aloof over the loss of his wife.


At the age of five, Vilis was originally going to be sent to work in the fields like most young people in his village. However, Aesilaen saw that he had above average intellegence, and suggested that he be given a "formal" education (the size and isolation of the town prevented an ideal education).

Vilis spent around the next 5 years learning. Most of his learning revolved around learning of minerals, wildlife and folklore, Vilis learned a few lines on how the practice of all magic was banned within the village. When he asked why to the elders, he was simply met with hushed whispers and fear.

Eventually, Aesilaen broke down to his requests, and told him an old legend about a mad sorcerer who caused a great famine with his powers. After said incident, magic had been banned in the village, and all its practicioners were driven out or killed outright.

The Highrock Bandits

At the age of 12, Vilis was accidently caught up with the local thief gang (actually a bunch of incompetent children). Vilis only co-operated with them on their next heist to avoid trouble. However, Vilis could clearly see that their plan wouldn't work. He intentionally withheld this knowledge from them,

Needless to say, the Highrock Bandits were caught, and Vilis was spared punishment by selling them out. While he was praised for his honesty and courage to speak up. This was not the wisest move however, as the others soon wanted vengeance on him.

The House on the Hill

The leader of the Highrock Bandits was ultimately the catalyst for what Vilis would become today. Driven mad by Vilis selling him out, he decided to kill Vilis in the way that was both simple and would leave no evidence; shove him off a cliff.

So, one day when Vilis had taken a walk around the fields, he was attacked by the scythe weilding gang leader. While the gang leader intended to chase Vilis into the forest, confuse him, and end up chasing him off a cliff.

However, Vilis knew the makeup of the mountain from his studies, and knew to run uphill based on how the rock looked. Eventually, after nearly an hour of trying to outrun the crazed gang leader, he and Vilis ended up on the treeline.

While making one last dash upon the treeline, Vilis noticed a strange house upon the hillside. As he ran towards it, his tripped over a stray rock and blacked out. Before losing conscioussness, he saw the prescence of something emerging from the rocks...

Qatsith the Sorcerer

When Vilis awoke, he found himself restrained by an animated iron chain being controlled by a strange cat figure. The figure was an elderly man who identified himself as Qatsith, a sorcerer. Vilis was given a view of magic from the other side, and was told about how its miracles could do things such as making fields of crops grow or healing even the most grievious injuries.

The old sorcerer cat told Vilis about how he offered to make all the crops in the village grow giant and help the village prosper, but was driven out. Qatsith the claimed he sent the swarm of locusts as retribution.

The old cat then explain to Vilis that he'd felt the potential to be his successor, and that the other boy had been chased off. Vilis was offered the power to change the world for the better, and accepted. At that moment, he was granted his most known identity "Vilis".


Over the next 8 years, Vilis was kept to apprenticeship by Qatsith. Most likely, his village thought he was dead anyway. He learned the secrets and methods of Arcane Magic. He learned many spells, mainly spells of fire and lightning. He also learned the specialized crafting that allowed him to make magic items, including farming tools that would last much longer than normal, or boots to allow people to jump higher.

In this time, his head filled with thoughts of what he could do with his ever increasing power. Eventually, around the age of 18, came to the conclusion that the world would be a better place only if magic was used to its full potential. His mother would have still been alive, and his village wouldn't have to farm for food via backbreaking labor.

The goat became convinced that the

When Vilis turned 20, Qatsith declared him ready. The old sorcerer cat told him to go forth and do what he wanted with his power. The old sorcerer passed away hours later. With that, Vilis decided that he would take a certain vengeance first.

Return and Fall from Power

Vilis returned to his home village. Upon his return, he found out that the Highrock Bandits had taken over the town. He decided to quickly eliminate the bandit leader (and also get his revenge, as the leader was the one who had chased him up the mountain years prior). After dispatching the gang leader with a single Flame Strike.

He effectively freed the village frm the gang's tyrannical rule, but was met by many hurled stones. The village refused to change its views about magic, and attacked Vilis. Angrily, he ordered the Highrock Bandits (as he became their rightful leader by killing the former one) to retake the village, and used the remains of the former gang leader and several villagers as "examples".

Vilis ruled over the village for several years afterward. Under his influence, the village prospered, but they all lived in fear of the sorcerer and his underlings. Vilis' hometown becamed famed as a wretched hive ruled by theives. Naturally, this attracted the attention of adventures.

A small group of adventures infiltrated the castle, caught Vilis off guard, and quickly shook off his power base. Within a night, Vilis found himself on the run from a group of drunken dungeon crawlers with swords and ten foot poles. He was cut off from large amount of experiments and magic items that he'd worked on, which are now guarded in his home village. He has made no effort to retrieve them to this day.

Following Years

In the following few years, Vilis wandered aimlessly all over Mobius, eventually finding his way to the the more developed regions of Mobius. There, he found issues with almost everything. The way of life was more centered around technology, with magic and farming being businesses instead of a way of life. Magic was more commplace, with Water and Wind magi being the most populous in his region. 

Vilis was disgusted at the use of technology and magitek. He, however, came across a few things he did likes. Namely, Synchro Stones and their paramagical qualities. He carved out a living in secret, rarely going into society. His plan was to build up a small army of magi and form a power group as a sorcerer king. It is believed this is where his desire to create a magocracy formed. After several years of building up,an army, Vilis led an attack on Blueglass City which would go down as one of the single most tragic acts of magical terrorism in recorded history. Despite his efforts, Vilis was fought off (and nearly killed). From that day on, he was hunted as a known sorcerer. 

It is believed during this time he forged the claymore "Neartnihm", which he enchanted and coated with a special poison to sap the strength of his enemies.

Post Attack-Present Day

After the attack, Vilis travelled Mobius, attempting to lead movements in several other places. He has not, to this day, been able to keep any area of Mobius under his control for extended periods of time. Despite this, his name is never taken lightly, with several "imposters" trying to use his name to gain power.

Reports and records of him in the outlands have been rumoured to go as far as Cloistered Coast. As of recent, appearances of him have gone down in number, and a few isolated minds think he might be planning something big. Others think he is dead, and there is one persistent rumor he was killed by a group of adventurers while searching for a set of artifacts.

Whatever the reason for his lack of activity, he remains fresh in the memories of those who have survived his attacks.

Powers and Skills

Vilis is an incredibly powerful sorcerer, with a wide range of spells, a huge stockpile of mana, and great amounts of experience with elemental magic (especially Fire and Lightning), summoning magic, and flight. He also knows a large amount about crafting magical constructs and items.

Arcane Magic

  • Spellcasting Effect: Whenever Vilis casts a spell, he generates a variety of effects. These effects are integral to his spells, they cannot be turned off. They are derived from Vilis' thoughts, dreams, and personality. Anyone might end up catching the effects, making use of Vilis' arcane powers where he can be found dangerous. With his training, however, he can alter his spellcasting to supress the style. This is difficult, and impractical in combat.
Spellcasting Effect
Reality of Effect Visual/Aural Olfactory/Gust Tactile Add
Weak Reflected Sunglight/Bagpipes  Swampy Air/Cheese None None
Medium Pulse of lavender energy from hands/Loud Screech Various Rotting Vegetables/Corn Severe Cold Swirl of Energy
Strong Misty Field/Sirocco of Wind Coal fires/Sugar Brief Burning Sensation All Nonmagical Noises are muted/Banshee Scream
  • Detect Magic/Psionics: Vilis can alter his eyesight to see magic and psionic energy fields. He can seethe intensity of these fields, along with the type of energy and if they are fallout or not. He can also identify magic being used on others, but he cannot determine magical energy in another's supply.
  • Mage Barrier: Vilis creates a barrier of pure force around himself  that deflects material attacks away from him, bolstering his defenses. It can be destroyed by powerful magics, and will not stop energy attacks. He can, at the time of casting opt to make the barrier invisible or a field of shimmering gold force. The spell lasts long enough that it only need be cast once a day.
    • Shield: Vilis creates a shield of arcane energy that further bolsters his defense in addition to what is given by Mage Barrier. The shield also defends against Magic Missile Spells, although a strong enough mage could theoretically break through the barrier with Magic Missile.
  • Magic Missile: Vilis Generates a burst of seven yellowish-purple energy bolts that home in on a target at unavoidable velocity. The individual missiles are rather weak, but they add up to a moderate amount. They are stopped by the Shield Spell.
  • Mage Grasp: Vilis creates five lines of force with the ability to manipulate small objects. Commonly used as a utility spell.
  • Quicken: Vilis imbues himself with incredible speed, allowing him to move at thrice his normal speed. This does not affect his spellcasting, but it allows him to make precise dodges when needed. In addition. Vilis' weapon speed increases by a good portion, allowing him to strike quickly.
    • Hyperspeed: Essentially a much more powerful Quicken with a higher mana cost.
  • Counterspell: Vilis may use a charge of Arcane Energy to counter a spell cast by other spellcasters. This usually requires him to expend energy equal to the spell(s) being cast. He also can counter multiple spells, but doing so requires more energy.
    • Dispel Magic: Vilis whips up a current of magical energy around his hand and any magical effect. If the efect is not outright dispelled, its duration is shortened greatly.
  • Fly: Vilis imbues himself with the ability to fly at notable speeds. This allows him to move in the heat of battle, and escape adversaries. Upon the casting of this spell, Vilis can create illusory white, feathery wings at will.
  • Invisibility: Vilis bends light around himself to become completely transparent and undetectable by mundane visual abilities. The spell last for several minutes, and does not hide sound, scent, or effects caused by moving. If at any point Vilis casts a spell, the magic sustaining his invisibility fades.
  • Agitation: Vilis creates a lot of heat centered on a small point to heat an object up. Metal becomes red hot and might melt, paper catches fire, ice turns to water which then boils, and so on. The spell takes a moment to come to full affect, and can only be used on nonliving objects (but living ones can be hurt by contact with fire).
  • Flame Jet: Vilis fires a stream of gas-blue flames at his opponents. This spell is similar to a flamethrower.
    • Flame Strike: Vilis creates a vertical column of bluish flame around the feet of his target(s) in an attempt to cook them alive.
    • Infliction: Immensely Stronger and faster version of Flame Strike, and costs more mana. The spell also siphons a bit of life energy from Vilis to fuel its destructive flames.
  • Fireball: Vilis shoots forth a gas-flame-blue sphere of fire that is two inches in diameter that expands to a 20 foot blast upon reaching its target. While the pressure of the blast varies, it is still a devastating spell to be caught in.
  • Wall of Flame: Vilis creates a wall of flames in a 15 by 70 feet in size. The wall is an inch thick. Vilis' version is made out of glowing blue and green flames that smell like burning wood.
  • Flare Burner: Vilis fires a beam of pure heat at one target he chooses. The beam is near invisible, only visibile via heat shimmers it causes and a bright blue outline, along with Vilis' spellcasting effect.
    • Scorching Veil: Vilis creates a veil of very hot, goldish flames with a bluish tint around him, damaging everything in a large radius. The spell has a long charge of time, but the raw heat of the flames will leave severe burns.
  • Lightning Bolt: Vilis fires a light blue bolt of lightning that arcs in a straight line. It will either arc off or smash through walls at Vilis' discretion.
    • Lightning Wave: Vilis creates a wave of lightning in an expanding 120 Degrees blast, hitting foes with electricity. Weaker than Lightning Bolt, but has a much larger area of effect.
    • Chain Lightning: Vilis fires a bolt of sparkling blue lightning that arcs into multiple other bolts of lightning, hitting targets in a wide field of effect. The spell is cast at such speeds that it is nearly impossible for a group to dodge, and it is rarely implemented against single beings.
    • Lightning Spear: Vilis fires a large, pale blue cone of lightning at and intented target, striking them for high damage. The attack also hits foes on all sides of the target, doing lesser damage to them. In it's wake, it leaves deafening roar of thunder.
  • Lightning Orb: Vilis conjures a baseball-sized orb of pure electricity and hurls it at his foe. The orb explodes leaving numbing electricity all over the body, possibly paralyzing the target for a short amount of time.
  • Water Spray: Vilis conjures a spray of non-magical water. It can be used to extinguish fire, water plants, and many other uses.
    • Aqua Blast: Vilis shoots a high-pressure jet of water that hits like a very strong wave. The spell can easily be stopped by electric barriers, and will likely not extinguish large fires due to concentration. It eventually dips upon losing momentum.
    • Hydro-Sphere: Vilis creates a massive circle of water which quickly breaks apart, creating a devastating omnidirectional wave. It has a very specific weakness of being a conductor for electricity, putting the user at risk. Additionally, it becomes a great target for an Electrolysis based tactics.
  • Water Healing: Vilis charges the water in his cells in order to artifically speed up natural healing. It can be used on himself or others.
  • Aqua Barrier: Vilis creates a bubble like barrier around him, but it actually seems to be made of flowing water upon closer inspection. The barrier protects against projectiles with great efficiency, especially bullets and rocks. It is very weak towards lightning, ice, and fire attacks.
    • Tidal Shield: A strong wall off water rises around Vilis, creating a hard to pass barrier. Tidal Shield is meant to block against single, powerful methods of attacks, and accels at doing so. Multiple attacks, however, will quickly erode the spell, and break through.
  • Summon Fire Elemental: Vilis summons a human sized fire elemental. It obeys Vilis' every command, barring self destructive commands and anything that could weaken the influence of its element. The Fire elemental will leave after a few minutes.
  • Contract Summon: Stone Golem: Vilis summons a Stone Golem he made himself via a contract summon. Since he made the Golem, it listens to him entirely and he does not require payment. The spell requires no specific components, but costs a lot of mana.
  • Beam Cannon: Vilis fires a beam of concentrated energy at one specific target, doing massive damage. The beam itself is akin to a heatless laser beam; it applies severe concussive force and energy to its target. It usually ignores magical defenses, but high levels of physical toughness defintely help defend against the attack.
    • Havoc Beam: Vilis fires a brilliant blue beam of energy at his intended foe. Very much a supercharged Beam Cannon.
  • Snuff: Vilis can snuff a certain amount of mundane fire via necrotic magic. The flame stops burning instantly, leaving behind only smoldering ashes.
  • Undead Repulsion: Vilis gives out a cone of light that damages undead, and makes non-intellegent undead recoil as if in pain, if not outright run. Intellegent undead are unaffected by the pain effect.
  • Rust: Causes quick rust in mundane, low quality metals, usually used against enemy metal armor and weapons. Magically protected metals do not rust, and high grade metals (or non rusting/rust resistant ones, like gold) do not rust under this spell.
  • Wither: Vilis creates a translucent black tendril of energy with a blue outline. It stretches out to reach its target, draining a portion of their life force if it hits, making the target weaker. It will work on a similar principle with undead, but not on golems or robots.
  • Charm: Vilis states a suggestion to the target, using magic to make the suggestion sound highy reasonable, even if it would normally be absurd in context. The spell cannot force someone to do anything; it just makes it seem more reasonable.
  • Illusory Image: Vilis creates a temporary illusion. The illusion is not solid, but convincing. The illusion can not be anything overly complex, and it cannot affect its environment in any way. When touched, it will appear intangible, and if struck, will disappear. Illusions possess no special abilities.
    • Solid Illusory Image: Same as Illusory Image, but the spell now conjures a solid and audible illusion. The illusion is just as complex as normal images.
    • Greater Illusory Image: Image is solid, audible, tangilbe, and looks just like the desired object. The illusion can also be altered with concentration from the spellcaster if needed, and allow for specific glamour effects if desired.

Synchro Stones

Vilis contains a box of synchro stones of varying colors and power. What purpose he has for them is not clear, but he might end up giving them to his minions followers.


  • Neartnihm: A silver claymore blade enchanted to be incredibly sharp and more durable. It glows with the light  The blade is also coated in a deadly synthetic poison that quickly weakens the muscles of the victim. Ther blade was made not as a combat option, but for appearance use and a last resort.


Vilis' sorcerous powers hold strengths that match its weaknesses. The most notable of these weaknesses is him being a wanted criminal completely untrusted. Second, is that he possesses no elemental or physical resistances without use of magic. Third, an most notably, he is not a close range fighter; if someone gets to close, the best he can do is retreat or attempt to beat them back with a spell. Neartnihm was meant not for combat, but for last resorts.

Naturally, he must be able to gather mana for his spells. If he runs out of mana, he is defenseless. Since he has no element or specific magical affiliation, he will regain mana at a static rate, where his foe might be at an advantage.

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